BESTlivejournal Float on the Groove

"Float" on the Groove Photos 1980 D. Gates. View from the Small Stone Bridge Near the Small Stone Bridge, in the mainstream of the Vodootvodnoy Canal, for many years the floating landing stage was swaying on the water. Remember where Sharapov detained Manka Bond?.

Gift certificates for men

Gift certificates for men Increasingly, we are now thinking about the choice of gifts for men. What holiday do not take to congratulate a man, be it a birthday, a New Year, a defender's day or a professional holiday, and a whole big problem..

9 things to remember future parents

9 things to remember future parents I want to be a mom Contrary to sugar advertisements and ladies' novels, let's say: giving birth is far from easy. Romantic young ladies need to know in advance that preparation, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, daily and hourly care..

How cheap to relax on the sea

How cheap to relax on the sea? There are several proven methods, but I’ll immediately say that they will work only for those who are really ready to use new tools and techniques. Those who want a travel agent from a stall near the..

Cut scenes from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Conclusion

Cut scenes from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." Conclusion When mounting any film, part of the footage is rejected by the director. Something in his opinion delays the plot, but something on the contrary reveals its secrets too soon. I bring to your attention the..

Favorite characters of the Soviet cinema

Favorite characters of the Soviet cinema Yesterday, in the story about the customs officer Vereshchagin from the movie "White Sun of the Desert", I gave a hint about the list of favorite characters of Soviet cinema. Each viewer probably has such a list. Not..

The Mandela Effect in Soviet Cinema

The Mandela Effect in Soviet Cinema I think you've heard of the Mandela effect. If not, then this is a coincidence in a few people of memories that contradict the real story and the current state of affairs. A sort of massive false memory..

Why Afghans fought against the USSR

Why Afghans fought against the USSR. Having beenin AfghanistanI couldn’t help but study the question of why exactly the Afghans fought againstthe USSRin the war of 1979-1989 and who exactly went to fight in the ranks of the Afghan resistance. After talking with the..

Sale of conveyors (conveyors) 24Warez.Ru

24 Warez Ru Information to the news Views: 120 Author: Date: Yesterday, 23:10 Sale of conveyors (conveyors) Category: Home / Articles Regardless of what your company produces, moves or manages, the company Kaprom offers conveyor systems and chevron conveyor belts that you can use..

On the set, the Meeting Place cannot be changed

On the set of "The meeting can not be changed" Forgive Stanislav Sergeevich ... 14.06.18 Stanislav Sergeevich Govorukhin passed away. A talented director, screenwriter, actor. He has 23 directorial works, including brilliant "Meeting Place Continuation of the film "The meeting place can not be..