14 interesting TV shows of the last two years, of which very few people know

26-12-2017, 12:08
The world film industry releases such a huge number of TV shows that very few people can keep track of all the new items, and against the background of high-profile premieres, some interesting projects may not even come into view.
We have collected for you less well-known, but no less worthy TV series that you might have missed.
In a better world
The good place

The main character Eleanor has never been an angel in the flesh. She lived her life to the fullest, having fun and using other people. And according to all the rules of divine distribution, the girl had to go after her death to a place where it was rather hot and unpleasant, but because of a bureaucratic mistake in the celestial office, the heroine was in the “best place”.
The gifted

In the center of the plot of the series “The Gifted” are absolutely ordinary parents who could not even imagine that their children had extraordinary, supernatural abilities.What could seem a gift turned into serious problems, because the government is negatively disposed towards those who differ from the majority. Being in fear for the lives of their children, the heroes join the underground organization, which consists of supermen.
The punisher

The quiet life of the protagonist Frank Castl turned upside down after the tragic death of his family. And then Frank promises himself that he will take revenge on all the gangsters of New York. Coolly destroying his enemies and fighting crime, in the eyes of people he becomes a Punisher. The dynamic and brutal project of Netflix and Marvel takes us to another universe where superheroes do not need superpowers to fight evil.
Medici: Lords of Florence
Medici: Masters of Florence

The historical drama takes viewers to the Renaissance Italy, showing the path of formation of the Medici family from ordinary merchants to the most influential and powerful clan of Italy. Often neglecting the laws of morality and acquiring numerous enemies, the family has a significant impact on the spiritual, economic and cultural prosperity of Florence.
In bold
The bold type

Melodramatic comedy will be interesting to fans of "Sex and the City" and "The Devil Wears Prada". In the center of the plot are the lives of three close friends who work in a fashionable glossy publishing house for women. The main characters look for themselves, build a career, explore their sexuality, learn to defend their interests, combine work and personal life and do not forget to support each other on this sometimes difficult path.
Trial and error
Trial & error

Comedy of the absurd about the arrest and trial of a handsome professor of literature from a small town in Southern California. All beloved to this day character is accused of the brutal murder of his wife. The innocence of the professor is taken to prove the novice lawyer Josh Seagal. But neither the client himself, nor the absurd team that the lawyer got, does not seem to help at all.
Like my wife

In the center of the comedy drama is a charming girl with whom all men fall in love at first sight. The heroine earns a living by deceiving her chosen ones, disappearing after the wedding with money. But one day, another deceived husband begins to gather information about his fatal "wife" and finds other similar losers.As a result, the three victims of the girl join forces to find the fraudster and make her pay the bills.

18-year-old Sam suffers from an autism spectrum disorder. Before him are the usual problems for a guy of his age: to arrange a personal life, to find his vocation and become independent. But his frustration creates additional difficulties, because the surrounding behavior of Sam may seem strange. As long as the main character tries to figure it out, there are no fewer problems, and often a close guy has to solve them.

Jim Brockmair knows everything: he is a famous commentator on games of the main baseball league. But having learned about his wife’s numerous betrayals, he flies off the coils on the air, at the time of destroying his brilliant career. After 10 years of spree and attempts to forget himself in numerous booze, the main character tries to reanimate his career and is arranged as a commentator in the lowest baseball league in a tiny provincial town.

The protagonist of the crime drama - Marty Bird, financial consultant. He hunts by finding money laundering loopholes for the drug cartel, but after his partner steals money from the boss, Marty faces retribution.To save his family, he offers to launder a large sum of money for Baron and, in order to realize this, he moves to a small, picturesque city near the Lake of Ozark.
The oa

The mystical story of the return of a young girl home after the disappearance of 7 years ago. During this time, the heroine who suffered from congenital blindness somehow gained sight, and mysterious scars appeared on her body. She refuses to tell the family and the FBI agents what happened to her all this time, but she reveals the soul to the 5 chosen ones.
The orville

Witty comedy parody of the cult Star Trek takes viewers 400 years ahead. In the center of the plot is a young crew commander, forced to work not only with a motley team, but also with an ex-wife who broke his heart, changing with an alien.
Hunting the Unabomber
Manhunt: Unabomber

The exciting documentary project of the Discovery channel tells the real story of the hunt for the terrorist Theodor Kaczynski, nicknamed Unabomber, who sent homemade bombs by mail. FBI linguistics specialist Jim Fitzgerald, thanks to his advanced techniques, was able to catch the criminal after 20 years of searching.
The Incredible Mrs. Mazel
The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel

The new series from the producer and screenwriter of “Girls Gilmore” takes us to the end of the 50s, the time where the main criterion of women's success is the presence of a husband. The ideal life of an exemplary wife and housewife, Miriam Meisel, collapses at one moment, when her husband announces that he is leaving for his secretary. Having gotten drunk hard, the desperate Mrs. Mazel comes to the club, where she gives out such a witty stand-up, which many male comedians never even dreamed of.

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