15 incredibly huge animals that actually exist

People tend to experience an inexplicable delight at the sight of everything huge. Animals are no exception: elephants, whales and other giants of the fauna world invariably attract our attention and fascinate. But it’s not about them, but about the most prominent representatives of the world of animals belonging to species that are usually not associated with particularly impressive sizes. So outstanding that it’s hard to believe in the real existence of some of them on our planet.

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1. Bird spider goliath. What do we know about spiders? These are small, sometimes poisonous creatures with 8 legs, weaving cobwebs. They eat flies, and they, in turn, are eaten by lizards and birds. But not always ... In front of you is the Goliath birdworm (or Therafosa Blond) - the largest spider in the world. He lives in the Amazonian jungle and hunts frogs, toads, lizards, mice and even small snakes.It can weigh 175 grams with a limb span of up to 28 cm. But the birds, despite their name, do not eat.

2. Zeus is the tallest dog in the world, according to the 2013 Guinness Book of Records. If Zeus got up on his hind legs, his height was more than 2 meters. The masters of the Great Dane called him a gentle giant and said that they were often asked if they were sure that it was a dog, not a horse. Zeus was a certified therapist dog and loved to sit on his knees with his “patients” to make them smile. True, because of the weight of 70 kg, these smiles sometimes turned into grimaces. Unfortunately, Zeus is no longer with us, he did not live only 3 days before his sixth birthday.

3. Giant African snail. It is easy to assume that the giant African snail should be big. No wonder she is called giant. But so much? .. This huge palm-sized hulk lives not only in Africa, and, with its spontaneous appetite and high reproduction rate, is a serious threat to agriculture.

4. Darius - the largest rabbit in the world. This, if I may say so, bunny weighs 22.5 kg and exceeds 130 cm in length. By the way, he has a son named Jeff, who is still growing, but his father is catching up in size.The content of this couple costs their good-hearted mistress, 63-year-old Annette Edwards, £ 5,000 per year.

5. Chinese giant salamander. This thing is the largest modern amphibian, its length together with the tail can reach 180 cm. Despite its eerie appearance, the Chinese eat their giant salamanders with pleasure, so how much they still have is unknown. But do not despair, because there is also a Japanese giant salamander, a little smaller.

6. Ludo - the longest cat in the world. Maine coons are known as very large and fluffy cats. But Ludo is not the usual average Maine Coon. Already at 17 months, he weighed more than 11 kg and exceeded 110 cm in length. At the same time, according to his owners, who themselves are shocked by the size of their pet, he eats even less than the rest of their cats. It is believed that the Maine Coons are very friendly. Would you dare to pet a cat the size of a dog?

7. Goliath frog. If you are afraid of frogs, you better stay away from Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea - the habitat of this monster. Goliath - the largest of the modern frogs. The length of her body can reach 30 cm, and with the legs extended - even more.Otherwise, it differs little from the most common frogs, its tadpoles at birth do not have outstanding size. They just grow very actively.

8. Big Jake is the biggest horse in the world. Horses, in principle, it is difficult to call small animals, but among them come across particularly prominent individuals. The official height of this Belgian gelding is 210.2 cm, and it weighs more than a ton. Already at birth, he weighed over 100 kg - much more than the average foals of his breed. Big Jake lives on a farm in Wisconsin, works in harness and has a lot of fans.

9. Ligre Hercules. The liger is a hybrid of a male lion and a tigress. And it not only exists, but sometimes reaches enormous proportions. Hercules was registered in the 2006 Guinness Book of Records as the largest representative of the feline living on earth. The height of Hercules standing on its hind legs is 3.7 meters, and its weight is more than 400 kg. Born at the Institute for Endangered and Rare Species in Miami, Florida, he lives in the Florida interactive theme park Jungle Island and participates every day in The Tiger's Tale.

10. Japanese spider crab.The place of this giant, reaching 19 kg in weight and 5.5 meters in scope with claws, is not on a gourmet plate, but on the set of a horror film, you might think that you will be wrong. In Japan, it is considered a delicacy and is actively caught, which leads to a sharp reduction in the population. Currently, measures are being taken to preserve the largest arthropod on earth.

11. Blossom is the tallest cow in the world. Blossom was lucky to get into the Guinness Book of Records twice. In 2015, she was recognized as the tallest living cow, but, unfortunately, she did not live long after that. This sad event upset the representatives of the Book of Records so much that the next year they decided to bring it in again, already as the highest cow in history. The growth of this beauty Holstein breed was 190 cm, and the weight was approaching a ton.

12. Skate-tail. This hulk was caught by an American star of the Jeff Corwin Wildlife TV Show in the Mai Klong River in Thailand. The slope, weighing more than 360 kg, was recognized as the largest stingray, and possibly the largest freshwater fish ever caught in the world.

13.Medusa - the longest snake in the world, another owner of the record in the Guinness Book. The length of the reticulated python named Madame Medusa is more than 7.5 meters. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, belongs to the show group Full Moon Productions and regularly participates in shows for fans of tickling his nerves. Madame's menu consists of rabbits and piglets, and every 2 weeks she is served for dinner a whole deer. When Medusa is in a good mood, she purrs like a cat. But if it starts to hiss, it is better to take the legs away, Madame is angry.

14. Lolong - the world's largest saltwater crocodile. Unlike other good-natured giants on this list, Lolong had not only impressive size, but also an aggressive disposition. In September 2011, a huge crocodile suspect was attacked in the vicinity of the city of Bunavan in the province of Agusan del Sur in the Philippines. This required the joint efforts of the authorities, the local population and the crocodile hunters, three weeks of continuous hunting and 100 people to pull the animal ashore. What they managed to catch as a result turned out to be a 50-year-old crested crocodile with a length of 6.17 meters and a weight of a little more than a ton.Lolong was settled in an ecopark 8 km from Bunavan, where he became a local celebrity and brought a good income until he died two years later, according to one version, from pneumonia, burdened with stress.

15. Big Bill is the biggest pig in the world. Big Bill set his record back in 1933. But since then, no pig has been able to come close to the impressive performance of this giant from the state of Tennessee - weight 1157.5 kg, height 150 cm and length 275 cm.

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