250 rubles. Many or few?

Probably many have their own “expensive-cheap” scale.
I almost never use this concept. What is expensive today, tomorrow, suddenly, once and in a miraculous way, it is normal;) And well, if not vice versa.
But, people are comparative creatures. So looking at the prices, I compare it.
Compare with food and tickets.
Here, for example, 250 rubles. Why 250? Because I do not buy pork. Something out of love ..
And then I wanted to, I didn’t bother with the market and just went into a hyper, there the packaging of “langet” cost 250 rubles. There are 4 pieces for 4 dinners. And so, not knowing how much it usually costs ... I hung up, thinking ...
250 rubles:
-2 medium cappuccino is not very good or one is tasty or even if this airport is not enough
- 6 kg tomato
- 1 glass of beer in a good pub
- 1 day for accommodation in Asia
So, for the fullness of life, 250 rubles can even improve the situation;)
And now, for example, 60,000 rubles
- plane ticket to anywhere in the world
- tooth implant
And so, there are 250 rubles. and 60 000 rub are associations?
How do the amounts compare (determine) on the subject of expensive?
And the picture. The picture is just like that.

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