30 laws of life that govern us

14-02-2017, 10:45
The law of meanness and its 29 "brothers".
“If any trouble can happen, it happens,” this Murphy law, a foreign analogue of the Russian “law of meanness,” is perhaps the most well-known pattern of life, the effect of which each of us managed to test for ourselves. But if everything ended there, life would be boring and uninteresting.
The law, thanks to the strength of mind and sense of humor of scientists and engineers, who are able to notice the slightest interrelationships between phenomena, has been overgrown with many effects and variations. We chose the most ironic of them and share them with you.
1. The next line is always moving faster.
(Observation Ettore)
2. If nothing else helps, finally read the instructions!
(Axiom Kahn and Orben)
3. Start the search should be with the most inappropriate places.
(Law of Search)
4. There is always not enough time to do the work as it should, but time is needed to redo it.
(Mesquiman's Law)
five.Assign a lazy employee to the solution of a complex task - he will find an easier way.
(The Law of the Hleyd)
6. Those who love sausage and respect the law should not see how both are done.
(Sausage principle)
7. Teamwork is very important. It allows you to blame the other.
(The eighth rule of Fingale)
8. You will always lack either time or money.
(Corollary Lerman)
9. The first 90% of the work takes 10% of the time, and the last 10% - the remaining 90% of the time.
(The rule of the project timeline)
10. The need has come to knock on wood - you discover that the world consists of aluminum and plastic.
(Flags Law)
11. Any work is easy for a person who should not do it.
(Holt's Law)
12. Who can - does. Who can not - teaches. Supplement students: who can not teach - teaches how to teach.
(George Bernard Shaw's Law)
13. Any order that may be misunderstood is misunderstood.
(Army Axiom)
14. People agree to do the work of any complexity, when the need for this has already disappeared.
(The law of voluntary labor Zimergi)
15. Expert - any person not from our city.
(Rule of Mars)
16. Experience grows in direct proportion to the equipment out of service.
(Postulate Horner)
17. Never manages to do one thing.
(Hardin's Law)
18. The most interesting exhibit does not have a nameplate.
(The Law of Jones Zoos and Museums)
19. No talent can overcome the attachment to detail.
(Eighth Levi's Law)
20. A person who has one watch knows what time it is. A person who has several hours is not sure of anything.
(The Law of Segal)
21. What you keep long enough can be discarded. As soon as you throw something away, you will need it.
(Richard Interdependence Rule)
22. You always find the lost in the last pocket.
(Buba's Law)
23. It is impossible in advance to correctly determine which side of the sandwich to smear with oil.
(The law of the willfulness of nature)
24. Government corruption is always reported in the past tense.
(Watergate principle)
25. Most highly moral are usually those who are farthest from solving problems.
(Alinsky principle)
26. Among economists, the real world is often considered a special case.
(Observation of Hongren)
27. For every action there is an equal opposing critic.
(Postulate of Harrisson)
28. Who pays the least, most complains.
(The law of professional practice drew)

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