360 ° Astronomical Landscapes

In photographs, the world looks better than in reality. This is especially true of astronomy, where working hours can be spent on one final photo, but as a result, the starry sky will manifest itself in an abundance that has not been dreamed of to the naked eye. And, thanks to technical progress, we can now watch these fabulous photos at 360 °, almost moving to the place of shooting.
Fragment of the panorama "Moonlight night in Patagonia" by the user Citizen of the Universe Astroforum
I usually illustrate my publications about astronomy with photos from the Astroforum. There are many very beautiful landscapes, and you can find something themed. By the Monday material about the length of the day and spring, nothing was found there, but then I discovered an interesting topic. Since 2011, astronomical photography enthusiasts have been making spherical panoramas, and recent work is simply amazing. The original topic of the link, there are 13 pages with discussions, and I selected the most, in my opinion, beautiful panoramas.
Technical moment: Many sites on which panoramas are stored provide an opportunity to watch them with virtual reality glasses. If you have them, you should try to see it, the effect of immersion will be more. But if nothing really happens, do not be discouraged, the technology and compatibility are still not completely run-in, for example, on my Gear VR the panoramas in glasses looked much worse than on the desktop. But what if some models have a great picture?
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Moonlight night in patagonia

Author: Citizen of the Universe.
The mountains, the river, the night and the stars set up a little detached mode. For the unaided eye, the Moon would have lit up the whole sky, but, thanks to photographic equipment, we see a surreal landscape of a bright night with stars. Patagonia is South America, so there is a completely different sky. The blurred spots of the Magellan Clouds are visible to the left of the bright Moon. To their right is the Southern Cross (three blue stars and yellow below), still to the right of Hadar (blue) and Alpha Centauri (white). A very bright object below and to the left of the moon is Venus.

Khibiny intersection

Author: Citizen of the Universe.
Moving to the Murmansk region.Pines close the view, but this is not important, because right above his head burns a panel of northern lights.

Night in Crimea

Posted by: Yuri_18
And here the panorama is built on another software, it has a sound (the author with humor, even the snoring of a fellow astronomer added), and many objects in the sky are signed. September is a great time to observe, you can see a lot of beautiful things. The panorama is very noticeable Orion and the Pleiades, but it will be more difficult to find the Andromeda nebula. By the way, the "indicator of finds" on the right-bottom of the panorama window is not just like that :)

Petroglyphs of the Atakameno Tribe

Author: Citizen of the Universe
The Atacama Desert (Chile) is one of the driest places on earth. Height of 3,500 meters above sea level. And then, 5000 years before the Egyptians began to build their pyramids, there were people who left drawings on the wall of the cave. Ancient images and the eternal sky - the breath of the millennia is felt wherever you look.

Star Trek Panorama

Posted by: Sergeich
If you put the camera on a long exposure, then the tracks of stars that revolve around Polaris due to the rotation of the Earth will appear.

Lake elton

Author: Citizen of the Universe
The shallow and salty Elton Lake in the Volgograd region becomes completely surreal at night, reflecting the stars in ripples on the water.Low above the horizon is the Andromeda nebula and the two “eyes” of Hee and Ash Perseus.

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