A brief analysis of the poems in prose of Turgenev

The themes of Turgenev's prose poems are completely different. They reflect social problems, relate to moral categories and affect universal values. Periodically it is useful to re-read these texts, to mark something important and significant for them. That is why they are still relevant in our time. Analysis of Turgenev's prose poems allows for a deeper understanding of the problems of his works, imbued with touching texts that teach goodness, justice, and responsibility.

analysis of the poem in prose Turgenev

When you get to know them, there is a feeling of light sadness. One of the most interesting and memorable are the short notes of Turgenev. The prose poem genre has appeared since the creation of these amazing mini-stories. Ivan Sergeevich became its founder. Let us consider the individual texts in more detail

"Two rich men"

Here the author compares with each other examples of soul bounty.One person, wealthy in all respects, donates huge sums of money to help the sick and disadvantaged. The other - the poor peasant - denies himself the essentials. His main goal is to take care of an orphan niece. He does not spare money for another child and does not even think about how much he has to sacrifice. Turgenev emphasizes the idea that true good always comes from compassion, the ability to give up something important in the name of the well-being of another.


This work presents the argument about the noble impulse of a bird, to which the author became a witness. He admires the sincere dedication of an adult sparrow, who rushed to protect the chick. Here involuntarily passes a comparison with human destinies and needs. Turgenev's "Sparrow" is aimed at the disclosure of moral values: the ability to sacrifice themselves, to take responsibility for what is happening.

turgenev dog prose poem

After all, each threatening situation has its own solution. It is only necessary to thoroughly search for it within yourself, to discover your internal resources. In many cases, Turgenev's Sparrow is remembered more than other texts.It is included in the school curriculum, quoted, they are admired even by those who have no relation to literature.


Very touching story that makes an impression. The author shows the feelings of a simple peasant woman - a widow, whose only son died. An elderly woman barely keeps from grief, however, she is confronted with a misunderstanding of a lady: that one seems to be experiencing insufficiently strong feelings. The “coarse feelings” of the peasant women actually hide the need to take care of their daily bread every day. While the lady easily got any benefits. That is why she could allow herself to grieve for a long time, refusing not only food, but also any other pleasures. “Shchi” is an indicative story that everyone has different values, and what is difficult for one, the other gets easily.

"Russian language"

Remarkable text that you want to periodically read and reread. The author praises his native speech, considering it the standard of beauty and grace. The poem in the prose of Turgenev “The Russian Language” makes one think about many things: the choice of one’s individual path, about where you can always find support and support.The author feels the consonance of his soul with his native speech, sincerely admires it. The poem in the prose of Turgenev "Russian language" is filled with unprecedented tenderness, imbued with intimate feelings. This text awakens good memories in the heart.

"Enemy and Friend"

The theme of this work is quite ambiguous, not allowing you to immediately understand what is its timeless meaning. And a friend can accidentally kill, and the enemy at some point tell the truth. The author emphasizes the diversity of the problem itself.


Awesome life-affirming work that helps to feel how great the diversity of life. It is filled with unimaginable love for all things, and this is different from other poems in Turgenev's prose. “Pigeons” is a true hymn to life. The work helps to understand how we are sometimes mistaken about some manifestations of reality. According to the author, the most important thing in life is love and compassion.

poem in prose Turgenev Russian language

Watching the behavior of birds, the writer admires their selfless manifestations, their desire to help and be needed by each other.He probably compares this picture with human relationships that are not always so harmonious and beautiful.

"What will I think"

The work, covered with a gloomy mood before the inevitable proximity of death. The writer feels that the end of his life will soon come and therefore suffers greatly.

turgenev sparrow

He is afraid of the unknown, as well as the prospect that life is not lived in the best way. It seems that the front does not expect anything good, and the heart slowly fills longing. “What will I think?” Is one big question that cannot be answered without diving into details, without considering specific circumstances. An analysis of Turgenev's prose poems emphasizes how much a person himself, being in old age, can ask serious questions, thereby depriving himself of peace of mind and confidence.

Themes of Turgenev's prose poems

Summing up, you can not just miss a lot, but also evaluate biased.


The work, which bears in itself the sorrow for a uselessly lived life. The author in each sentence claims that every moment is priceless, but we spend time on sheer nonsense! In fact, people live it as if they have no other possibilities and alternatives.The transience of each individual path complicates the understanding of the meaning of their destination.

"Writer and critic"

Here we are talking about what real talent in life means and how it is measured. The writer sees the meaning of life in genuine dedication and the greatest desire to convey to readers some bright idea that has an enduring value. The critic reveals something unworthy in such an existence, but he can only reason and evaluate himself. The author shows that the real writer and critic live in each of us. One is obsessed with the dream of creativity, the other is constantly scolding him, returning to the harsh unsightly reality. Their dispute may continue until one person yields to the other and gives up their own positions.


In this work, the author tries to comprehend the intrinsic value of life. The animal’s gaze seems to reflect its own fears, which have become intolerable and overly intrusive. A poem in Turgenev's prose “The Dog” shows the connection between the pet’s life and the thoughts and feelings of its owner.

poem in prose pigeons turgenev

If a person is not very positive mood, then the animal begins to behave in a similar way: worried, looking plaintively into the eyes.In all this the interrelation of close souls is traced. The poem in Turgenev's prose “The Dog” is aimed at revealing the feelings that a man hid from himself, fearing new disappointments.

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow!"

A work that makes you think about the meaning of life. People tend to approach tomorrow, make plans, but miss the present moment. Even the one who took place in life, was able to fully express his talent, no doubt, before his death, regrets about unrealized opportunities.

genre poems in prose Turgenev

Thus, the analysis of the poems in Turgenev's prose shows that the author thought a lot about the essence and value of his being. His own life seemed to him a deliberately lost game. The writer's individual experiences are embodied in exquisite and concise stories that are easy to read. An analysis of Turgenev's prose poems shows how difficult the last years of Ivan Sergeevich were. He constantly refers to his memories and does not find comfort in them. In many individual works, the idea of ​​the meaninglessness of later life can be traced; the subject of disappointment sounds like a hysterical note.The prose poems themselves are quite capacious, filled with wisdom, although they are not very optimistic.

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