Actor Andreev Vadim: biography, personal life, filmography

Actor Andreev Vadim starred in more than 150 motion pictures, and also voiced many cartoons and feature films. His biography, creativity and interests thousands of people in our country. You too Then we suggest right now to read our article from the first to the last paragraph.Actor Andreev Vadim

short biography

Andreev Vadim Yuryevich was born in Moscow in 1958 (March 30). He has Jewish roots. Mother and father were not related to the acting profession.

Our hero grew up a modest and notorious child. But despite this, he wanted to become a famous artist. From an early age, Vadik begged his parents to go to a play at the Maly Theater and the Moscow Art Theater. And they always fulfilled the request of the son.


During his school years, the boy went in for sports, attended a group of aeromodelling. In the middle grades, he enrolled in a theater studio created at the Palace of Pioneers. It was within the walls of this institution that Vadik overcame constraint and excitement.He confidently stayed on the stage, memorized great texts and masterfully transformed into literary characters.


Where did Vadim Andreev go after graduation? The biography indicates that the guy got a fitter in the Moscow Puppet Theater. This work brought a small income. But the young Muscovite was able to watch for free all the rehearsals and performances.

Then he decided to get an acting education. Vadik filed documents in VGIK. He managed to cope with the entrance tests. The talented guy was enrolled in a course headed by L. Kulidzhanov and T. Lioznova.

For five years he studied the basics of acting. On the student scene, Andreev performed the first theatrical roles. T. Lioznova called him a gutta-percha boy. Indeed, from Vadim it was possible to “mold” any image. He unquestioningly performed the tasks of his teachers and mentors.

Acquaintance with the cinema

In 1979, Vadim Andreev received a diploma from VGIK. "Balamut" - the so-called first motion picture, which starred a young actor. She appeared on the screens in 1978, when our hero studied at the 4th year.Andreev's character is Petya Gorokhov, a handsome country boy. In Moscow, he came to go to college. Peter did not think that he would meet his love in the capital.Vadim Andreev films

Vadim Andreev was lucky. After all, not every young actor manages to start a movie career with a leading role. The painting "Balamut" was a resounding success. In a short time, it was watched by millions of Soviet citizens. The image created by Andreev was remembered and loved by the audience.

Before the end of VGIK, he managed to play in another tape. We are talking about the Soviet-Bulgarian drama "With love in half." He got the role of Drozdetsky.

Vadim Andreev: films with his participation

In 1979, our hero went to the army. His service took place in the near suburbs. The leadership of the military unit knew that he was a popular artist. Vadim was regularly released to the set.

During these two years, the young man completed his filmography with five film works. He got one of the key roles in the musical comedy "Sailors have no questions." Actor Andreev Vadim successfully reincarnated in Sanya Fokina. Cute and smiling sailor immediately won the sympathy of Soviet spectators aged 15 to 40 years.

Upon returning to the citizen Vadik continued acting. The permanent place of his work was the famous film studio them. Gorky.

Many researchers and critics agree that the 1980s were the golden time in V. Andreev’s career. And with them it is impossible to argue. Indeed, during this period more than 20 new films with his participation appeared on the screens. Among them are the tapes "Married Bachelor", "Fathers and Grandfathers", "Katya" and others.

Difficult 1990s

After the collapse of the USSR, many artists were out of work. Our hero was no exception. For 5 years, he waited for calls from directors. If you think that all this time Vadim Yuryevich was sitting idle, then you are greatly mistaken. He found an occupation he liked, which also brought him a steady income. Andreeva strongly rescued channel "2x2". His guide offered a well-known artist to voice commercials and foreign soap operas. vadim andreev biography

He duplicated about 10,000 episodes in total. Vadim visited the studio a couple of times a week. The rest of the time our hero spent in the country, growing vegetables and berries.

New stage in the film career

After a 5-year break, Vadim Andreev returned to the screens.Series appeared in his life in the early 2000s. He got the occasional and minor roles. For example, in the third season of the TV series Next, he played Babkin Nikolai Anisimovich. And in the melodrama "Ondine" successfully got used to the image of Vladimir Egorov.

This success brought Andreev to the Kadetstvo series, which premiered in 2006 on STS. He had to try on the role of Major Pal Palych Vasilyuk, the tutor of the 3rd platoon.Vadim Andreev family

Vadim was able to create a bright and realistic image. He became friends with many young actors who played the cadets. The guys often call him on the phone, congratulations on various holidays.

The project has shown quite high ratings. As a result, the directors and producers decided to withdraw the sequel of the series. Fans of Cadistry could see season 2 and 3. Pal Palich Vasilyuk continue to be one of the key characters. In the 3rd season, he was promoted to the rank of "lieutenant colonel".

Also, Vadim Yuryevich "lit up" in the youth series "Ranetki" (2008-2010). His colleagues on the set were beautiful and talented girls (Lera Kozlova, Rudneva Anya, Tretyakova Lena).

In 2011, Andreeva was approved for one of the main roles in the melodrama “Love and Separation”. It is impossible not to note the work of Vadim in the crime-adventure series “Coast Guard” (2012).It turned out an excellent captain of the 1st rank.

Further career development in cinema

Actor Andreev Vadim regularly receives offers of cooperation from major producers and famous directors. In recent years, he has played primarily businessmen, politicians and police officers.

Below are the most interesting of his film works for 2013-2017:

  • the crime series “Queen of the Bandits” (2013) - Natasha's father;
  • The pianoforte "Happiness" (2013) - the owner of the farm;
  • musical picture “Courage” (2014) - Nikolay Sizov, director of Mosfilm;
  • detective drama tape "The Executioner" (2014) - police colonel Sablin;
  • spy film “Where the Motherland Begins” (2014) - Major General Margelov;
  • criminal romance “Love is wanted” (2015) - businessman Ilyushin;
  • Russian comedy “Bet on Love” (2015) - Skvortsov, Colonel FSC;
  • 8-part melodrama "To marry Pushkin" (2016) - Head of Security;
  • adventure action "Golden Transit" (2016) - Boris Astakhov (one of the main characters);
  • Criminal Detective Series “Cuba” (2016) - Mayor of the city;
  • “Another Major Sokolov” (2016) - Colonel Ladygin.

Vadim Andreev: personal life

With his future wife, Galina, the actor met in early 1978.Their meeting took place at a birthday party with a relative Vadim. Our hero then studied in a theater school. And Galya was a student at the Food Institute.

Vadik immediately fell in love with a sweet and talkative girl. In a short time he managed to win her heart. Within 4 months from the date of dating, the couple entered into an official marriage.

Ribbon "Balamut" not only opened our way to the hero of the world of cinema, but also allowed him to play the wedding in 1978. The entire fee received for shooting in this picture, Vadim invested in organizing the celebration. He then studied at the 3rd year of VGIK, received an increased scholarship. The young man bought wedding rings and a brand new imported suit. Andreev also paid for a banquet in one of the metropolitan restaurants.

Happy father and grandfather

A few months after the wedding, the wife presented the first-born actor - a tiny son. The boy was named Andrey. Young parents surrounded the baby with care and attention. Our hero took up any work to ensure a decent life for his wife and son. Late in the evening, coming home from rehearsals and filming, he sang to the baby lullabies.vadim andreev series

Andrei Andreev (son of Vadim Andreev) has long grown.He did not follow in the footsteps of a famous father, but became an entrepreneur. At the same time, the specific scope of its activities has not been disclosed. A few years ago, Andrew married his beloved girl Lily. In 2013, they had a joint child - daughter Sofia.

Guest marriage

More than 35 years he lived with his wife Galina Vadim Andreev. He always had a family in the first place. However, over time, the feelings of both spouses faded noticeably. Their relationship is now more like communication brother and sister. They are not going to divorce. Spouses are quite satisfied with guest marriage.

Actor Andreev Vadim lives in a rented apartment in Moscow. He continues to appear on the screens. He had no time to clean and cook food, so V. Andreev hired a housekeeper. And his wife has long settled in their country cottage. During the year, spouses are seen 1-2 times. And this option suits everyone.Vadim Andreev personal life

Despite the presence of higher education, Galina did not work for the rest of her life. She devoted her time to housework and raising her only son. A few years ago, a woman became a pensioner. Now she is engaged in a garden and a kitchen garden. The son often comes to visit her, brings her granddaughter Sofia.

Interesting Facts

The property of the Andreev family has properties in Bulgaria. And Galina, and Vadim, and their son and their family can go there to rest at any time of the year.

Our hero voiced over 20 cartoons. All the male characters in The Simpsons (1989-1990), The Donkey from Shrek, Megavolt and Likvigad from Black Cloak and so on spoke in his voice.Andreev Vadim Yurievich

Actor and longtime friend Maxim Schegolev introduced him to Orthodoxy. Now they are both servants of the altar in one of the temples located in the Moscow region.

Vadim Yuryevich tried not to use his name for personal purposes, but in the 1990s he had to make an exception. His son, Andrew, got into trouble. The young man was just starting a commercial activity. The closest competitors fabricated a case against him. To save his son, Andreev (senior) was forced to go to the police.

He calls himself a lazy workaholic. When you have to work for 10 months and seven days a week, Vadim Yuryevich is ready to give up everything and go away from the city rush. But as soon as he has a weekly pause, the artist begins to go crazy.

Feigelman is the surname that our hero received at birth.And he became Andreev after he registered with his beloved woman Galina. He took her last name for a reason. After all, it was not at all easy to make a successful career in the USSR for a person with Jewish roots. And having become Andreev, he intelligently hid his origin.

In 1987, the actor almost got into a terrible accident. Vadim was driving along the Moscow Ring Road on his G8. On the road there was ice. Suddenly, a truck flew from the curb in front of Andreev's car. At that moment, the whole life flashed before his eyes. Our hero was lucky - he got off with a slight fright.


We talked about how Vadim Andreev lined up his personal life and film career. Films with his participation regularly broadcast Russian TV channels. What to wish such a talented and purposeful person? Unless bogatyr health and spiritual harmony!

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