Actress Irina Feofanova: biography, personal life. Best roles

Irina Feofanova is a talented actress, about which the audience learned thanks to the films “Son for Father”, “Russian Business”, “It is not recommended to offend women”, “Sagittarius restless”. The peak of its popularity came in the 90s. Now Irina Vyacheslavovna is rarely seen in movies and TV shows. The main business of her life is a theater studio, to which the star devotes most of her time.

Irina Feofanova: childhood

The future actress was born in Penza, it happened in April 1966. Irina Feofanova comes from a simple family, her parents worked in the construction industry. The first years of the girl's life were spent in Penza, then the mother and father transported Irina and her older brother to Moscow, where the head of the family was offered a job.

Irina Feofanova

Interest in the world of cinema Feofanova began to show in childhood. However, hardly anyone could have imagined that the shy girl would become a famous actress.It was shyness that made her, after graduating from school, go to the IISS, not to the theatrical institute.

Road to dream

In the IISS, Irina Feofanova did not study for long, as she soon became convinced that the chosen specialty was not for her. She began the path to her dream with a visit to the Studio Theater “On Usachevka”. The teachers believed in the talent of the girl and helped her get rid of her shyness. Irina combined her studies with the performance of small roles in the theater, several times she happened to perform on the stage of the Maly Theater.

Irina Feofanova actress

Of course, the first theatrical roles did not help Feofanova to become famous, however, thanks to these small achievements, she was convinced of the correctness of her life choices. Irina from the first attempt managed to become a student of the Schepkinsky school. Student years, the actress almost did not remember, since the schedule of classes was very tight, there was little free time. It is known that during this period she also managed to work as a waitress and a postman.

First roles

Irina Feofanova - actress, whose romance with the movie began in his student years. For the first time she was on the set in 1986.She played a small role in the criminal drama "Without a statute of limitations" Edgar Hojikyan. Then Irina embodied the image of one of the main characters in the film “Male portraits”. Drama talks about the problems of a talented teacher who, by the will of fate, has become a vocational school teacher.

Irina Feofanova personal life

It is necessary to note the adventure picture “I have the honor”, ​​in which Feofanova played one of the minor roles. The film is dedicated to the events that preceded the revolution in our country.

Irina Feofanova began to play early in the theater, but she did not achieve much success in this area. For about two years, the movie star worked at the Moscow Regional Drama Theater, settling there after graduating from the Shchepkin School. She played in several well-known performances, including the performances “Night Fun”, “My wife is a liar”, “She is in the absence of love and death”. The reasons that prompted Feofanov to leave the theater remained a mystery.

Star role

“Private Detective, or Operation“ Cooperation ”- the picture, thanks to which Irina Feofanova woke up famous. In the crime comedy of Leonid Gaidai, the actress played a major role.Her character is a journalist with an amazing gift to get into comic situations.

Feofanova Irina Vyacheslavovna

Not to mention one of the most spectacular episodes of this film, in the filming of which Irina took part. We are talking about the scene in which the heroine Feofanova was forced to portray an alcoholic lady, for which the appropriate makeup was applied. The actress is still laughingly recalls how the real homeless, who saw her in the image, tried to meet her.

What else to see

"Private Detective, or Operation" Cooperation "- the picture, thanks to which Irina Feofanova gained a lot of fans. Films with the participation of the actress began to be in great demand. It is not surprising that for some time the directors actively offered her new roles.

Irina Feofanova movies

After the comedy, Gaidai Irina played in Sagittarius the Restless, the fantastic thriller also appealed to the audience. The main character of the tape is an emigrant who returns to his homeland in order to say goodbye to his dying grandfather. In the hands of the character gets a mysterious device that can change the world around us. The emigrant is trying to make money on it, but the situation quickly gets out of control.

“Black Corridor”, “Son for Father”, “Groom from Miami”, “Comedy about Lysistrata” are other famous paintings with the participation of the actress. "Garages" - the last current series in which she starred. In this TV show, Irina embodied the image of Olga Buzeeva.

Unhappy love

Irina Feofanova - an actress who has no luck in her personal life. An attractive girl always had a lot of fans, but she found true love only at 23 years old. Irina's choice became a young entrepreneur who charmed her with her impeccable manners. Feofanova was going to marry this man, but fate decreed otherwise. Groom actress died in a car accident.

Married Irina Feofanova, whose personal life and work are discussed in this article, still visited. Leaving the director Vladimir Fatyanov soon after the wedding was forced by the jealousy of the second half. The bad experience made the movie star give up his thoughts about marriage and focus on his career. She did not give birth to a child.

What now

What is Irina Feofanova doing now? Personal life is a field in which the actress has no luck, but her professional achievements are impressive.The main activity of the star in recent years has become its own theater studio, in which talented children are engaged.

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