Aksyuta Tatyana Vladimirovna: biography, personal life, films

Some actors achieve fame over the years, others become famous for their first roles. Tatiana Aksyuta gained fame after the release of the film “You never even dreamed of ...”. In this picture, she played a schoolgirl, Katya Shevchenko, who falls in love with her classmate. What is the story of a star?

Tatyana Aksyuta: biography, childhood

The heroine of this article was born in March 1957. Moscow is the city where she was born and grew up. Tatiana Aksyuta comes from a family that is far from the world of cinema and theater. Her maiden name is Golubyatnikov.

Tatiana Aksyuta in the movie "You never dreamed ..."

As a child, Tanya dreamed of becoming a famous actress. Cinema caused the girl associations with magic. She grew up an active child, was pleased to participate in school skirts, engaged in dancing and singing. Tatiana liked to perform on stage, she enjoyed the applause of the audience, then a few.


After leaving school, Tatiana Aksyuta attempted to become a student at the Moscow Pedagogical Institute, but did not pass the competition. The situation repeated the following year. The girl didn’t take a third attempt, she chose to take the documents to GITIS. Unexpectedly for everyone, and above all for herself, she entered this university.

Back in student years Aksyuta first hit the set. She played a young bride named Lena in the film “Before exams”. The first role did not bring Tatiana fame, but a start was made.

From obscurity to glory

Thanks to the melodrama “You never dreamed”, Tatyana Aksyuta became a star. The picture, the plot of which was borrowed from the work of Galina Shcherbakova of the same name, tells a beautiful and touching story of first love. The actress in this picture embodied the image of schoolgirl Katya, who falls in love with her classmate Roman.

Tatyana Aksyuta in the cinema

The image of the novel embodied the 16-year-old actor Nikita Mikhailovsky. The very same Tatiana at that time was already 23 years old. She managed not only to finish the theatrical university, but also to get married. All this did not prevent the actress convincingly to play a naive and touching schoolgirl.Director Ilya Fraz was not mistaken when he entrusted this role to her.

The film "You never dreamed of ..." was an incredible success with the audience. The film won the prize at the Film Festival in Vilnius. Fame acquired all the performers of key roles, and Tatiana was no exception. Fans wrote letters to the actress, waited for her on the streets, met at the theater.

"Tale of wandering"

“The Tale of Wanderings” is another famous film in which Tatiana Aksyuta starred. In this fantastic picture of Alexander Mitta, the actress embodied the image of a girl named Martha. Two villains kidnap her brother May, who is endowed with a magical gift. The boy has the ability to find gold. Martha for many years trying to find his beloved brother, is deprived. In the end, she finds him, but her troubles do not end there.

Tatiana Aksyuta in "The Tale of Wanderings"

Tatiana's colleagues on the set were many stars, for example, Andrei Mironov, Lev Durov, Veniamin Smehov. The actress really enjoyed shooting in this tape. The only thing that upset her was that the stuntmen performed most of the tricks for her. Tatyana wanted to take it all on herself, but the director did not allow her to.

Aksyuta also regrets that many interesting shots have been lost. It was originally planned to remove the two series, so too much material was prepared.


The film “You never dreamed of ...” presented the actress with not only fame and fans. Aksyuta Tatiana Vladimirovna also acquired a peculiar role. Directors have seen her only in the roles of little girls. Of course, the moment came when she could no longer play them.

In the mid-eighties, Tatiana's career began to slowly fade. In the movie, she was still being filmed. However, first, the actress began to offer minor roles, and then completely episodic. Not a trace remains from former popularity. In the end, Aksyuta decided to leave the cinema. She concentrated on her theatrical roles.


What movie and television projects have Tatiana Aksyuta starred in? Films and series with her participation are listed below.

Tatiana Aksyuta in the film "Tropinin"
  • "Before the exam".
  • "You never dreamed ...".
  • "Long days, short weeks ...".
  • "Soul".
  • "Tropinin".
  • "There, on unknown paths ...".
  • "The tale of wandering."
  • "Blizzard".
  • "Before parting."
  • "Field Guard Mozzhukhina".
  • Savraska.
  • "Day of death is better than birthday."

The last film with the participation of Tatiana was presented to the audience court in 1991. In the fantastic film “The Dream with the Continuation,” she played a key role. Her heroine was the girl Lyuba, who in a dream meets a wooden doll Nutcracker. From the new friend she learns the tragic history of the country of Dzhokonda, which was captured by the Mouse King. Of course, Lyuba is taken to help the Nutcracker in the fight against the evil monster.


Aksyuta Tatyana Vladimirovna calmly reacted to the fact that her fame was fleeting. When the wave of popularity began to subside, and the directors stopped offering her roles, she concentrated on the theater. Tatyana considers herself to be a theater actress. The movie in her life was a mere coincidence.

Tatyana Aksyuta in her youth

For about 25 years, Tatyana Vladimirovna collaborated with the Russian Academic Youth Theater. She managed to get rid of the role of "little girl". The range of her theatrical images was very wide. Then the star of the picture "You never dreamed ..." voluntarily retired. It happened in 2002.

Big love

Fans, of course, are interested not only in creative achievements, but also in Tatiana Aksyuty’s personal life. The talented girl met her love in the walls of GITIS.Her chosen one was Yuri Aksyuta. A young man came to Moscow from Estonia, dreamed about acting career. He also liked the fragile student.

Meet Yuri and Tatiana began in the first year. Lovers looked together very unusual: a miniature girl and a tall guy. In the classroom stage the teacher lined up a group of growth. Yuri was always the first, and Tatiana was the last. When the teacher asked to close the circle, the lovers were near.


Roman Yuri and Tatiana developed rapidly. Lovers already in the second year of the wedding. They were not going to start a family so early. However, in those days without registration it was very difficult to even occupy one hotel room. Tatiana and Yuri decided to design a relationship primarily for convenience. The actress took the name of her husband, under which she became famous.

Tatyana and Yuri Aksyuta

Tatiana and Yuri have managed to seriously quarrel on the eve of registration. The young man did not like the suit that they sewed for him. Finding a new suit that would suit such a tall guy was problematic. Yuri said that he would go to the registry office in a vest and jeans.Of course, this decision angered Tatyana, who was going to wear a wedding dress. She also promised to wear jeans and a sweater.

As a result, young people painted in traditional wedding dresses. However, they began to talk to each other only after the first sip of champagne. Yuri was not released from the rehearsal, so he was forced to go to the theater immediately after the marriage ceremony. Tatiana went there with him and wandered around the theater in a wedding dress, until the rehearsal was over.

A family

Actress Tatyana Aksyuta is proud of her husband. Yuri graduated from the acting department of GITIS, but preferred to link his life with television. For a while he served as general producer of "Hit FM", then began to cooperate with the "First Channel", headed the Directorate of music broadcasting. It is difficult to list all the famous TV projects that came out under his leadership. This list includes "Star Factory", "Voice", "Major League", "Two Stars", "Property of the Republic." In 2009, he became executive director of the Eurovision project.

For many years, the marriage of Yuri and Tatiana was considered ideal. In 1984 a daughter was born in the family, the girl was named Polina.In the parent's feet, she did not go. Polina graduated from a French special school, entered the Sorbonne. This educational institution she left after the second year. The girl returned to Moscow and entered the Literary Institute.

Officially, Tatiana and Yuri are still married. However, for several years now they have not lived together. It is known that Yuri has a relationship with Svetlana Karaeva, an employee of Channel One.

What now

From Tatiana Aksyuta’s biography it follows that after her retirement she traveled the first time. Then the actress got bored without work.

photo of Tatiana Aksyuta

At the moment she is in charge of the drama club at the Sokolniki Park Capital House of Art. Tatyana Vladimirovna shares the secrets of acting skills with children.

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