Announcement of walks this week.

Friends! This week we start regular walks on weekdays. Follow the schedule. Already tonight we will go to study Bulgakov Moscow. But on Saturday and Sunday you are waiting for our excursions. The lanes between Myasnitskaya and Pokrovka, the neighborhood of Povarskaya and the amazing Moscow of the 1920s.
1.Excursion "In the footsteps of the heroes of the novel" The Master and Margarita ""
Meeting point: Mayakovskaya metro station (access to Triumfalnaya Square and the Satire Theater), near the monument to V.V. Mayakovsky
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!
Moscow of the novel The Master and Margarita is a special, exciting esoteric and mystical world conquering the imagination of the inhabitants of the city. The places described in the novel are the fate and history of not only the characters, but also the author himself. In the footsteps of Bulgakov's heroes, one can walk endlessly and every time discover something new. Knowing the detailed topography of the novel, one can take a different look at the very immortal work of MA.Bulgakov. And then in your imagination the pages of "The Master and Margarita" will begin to revive. You will notice on the Patriarch's ponds of the imposing Woland, calmly talking with Berlioz and Bezdomny, you will see the handsome Hippo and the intellectual Koroviev. You will visit the garden "Aquarium", where the famous Variety. Before you will open its doors "bad apartment" and the house of Griboedov with MASSOLIT.
On the tour you will learn:
• which restaurant burned Koroviev and Kot Begemot;
• where the garden "Aquarium" was located, in which Woland gave black magic sessions;
• why Bulgakov chose the Patriarch's Ponds as a meeting place for Woland with Berlioz and Homeless;
• the way the poet Homeless pursued Woland and his retinue;
• which mansion became the home of Margaret;
• what was the fate of the “bad apartment” number 50 in Bolshaya Sadovaya, house 10 (in the novel it is house 302 bis)?
2. Excursion "Povarskaya street lanes"
Meeting point: Arbatskaya metro station Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (dark blue) line, near the exit of the metro to Arbat and Novy Arbat streets
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!
The locality in the vicinity of Povarskaya Street was settled in the XVI century by the royal servants. This is indicated by the names of the local lanes: the dining room, Skatertny, Hlebniy. Chef's suburb was abolished by Peter the Great, and in a short time the street became the nest of the old, homelike, wealthy nobility. In the XIX century, the Povarskaya quarters were considered the most fashionable. Before the revolution of 1917, the Zubovs, the Olsufyevs, the Sollogubs, the Samarins and other noble families lived here. Of course, the memory of the chefs of the XVI – XVII centuries today is kept only by the names of the lanes, but the former noble polish of Povarskaya Street has not lost even today. A calm and uncrowded Povarskaya still keeps a special imprint of the old Moscow nobility.
On the tour you will learn
• what secrets are kept by stone lions in Malaya Molchanovka;
• where the first Russian “Cinderella” got married;
• In which building in Soviet times did they plan to place the “palace of penal servitude and exile”;
• from which house on Povarskaya almost every day wonderful music is played;
• where the church stood “on chicken legs”;
• which houses are connected with the fates of A. Dumas, M.Yu. Lermontov, I.A. Bunin and M.I. Tsvetaeva?
3. Excursion "Walk in Moscow 1920s.Route number 1 "
Meeting point: metro station Krasnye Vorota, near the exit of the metro to Myasnitskaya Street
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!

The era of the NEP is still one of the most controversial milestones in the history of our country. However, Moscow was probably never as colorful as in the 1920s! On the Moscow tour of the time of the NEP and the first five-year plan there is an occasion to talk about economics and politics, architecture and literature, everyday life and entertainment of Moscow of that unique era. You will spin in the whirlpool of the bright events of the 1920s: the housing problem, the emergence of the Commissariat and the Trusts, the construction of the first metro stations, the literary and journal boom. Moscow, the time of the NEP and the first five-year plan was decorated with masterpieces of the Soviet avant-garde Le Corbusier, N.А. Ladovsogo, I.A. Golosova, A.V. Schuseva and other masters. Moscow of the 1920s is the city of V.V. Mayakovsky, Ilf and Petrov, S.A. Yesenin, M.A. Bulgakov and M.M. Zoshchenko. The first route through the capital of the 1920s will run from the Red Gate to the Pokrovskys along Novaya Basmannaya, Kalanchevka, Myasnitskaya, as well as through the famous courtyards of Chistye Prudy.
On the tour you will learn: Walk around Moscow in the 1920s. Route number 1
• how the Moscow metro was designed and built;
• where the thieves and ladies of easy virtue lived in Moscow in the 1920s;
• on the roof of a large organization, employees were often engaged in physical exercise;
• what is “Moscow beer stage” and “cork collection”;
• where in Moscow were the most “monetary” people's commissariats;
• what building did V.V. Mayakovsky?
4. Excursion "Alley from Myasnitskaya to Pokrovka"
Meeting place: m. Lubyanka (exit in the direction of Biblioglobus), a group gathering at the entrance to the Mayakovsky Museum (at the monument to Mayakovsky)
Cost: 400 rubles.

Moscow lanes harbor a lot of interesting things, on our excursion we walk along the Butcher, Krivokolenny, Arkhangelsky, Devyatkinu, Pokrovka, Potapovsky. Let’s look into the well-yards, find ancient chambers, empire mansions and good-quality apartment buildings. We'll take note of the amazing details: branded bricks, Luxfer grilles, pre-revolutionary insurance policies, entertaining flag holders and much more. As always, our walk will be accompanied by old photos and amazing tales and legends about life in this area of ​​the capital over the past centuries.

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