Hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt", Moscow: description, photo, address, reviews

Hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt" in Moscow is one of the most luxurious and expensive places to relax in the whole city. It is often stopped by tourists who come to get acquainted with local attractions. In addition, the hotel is popular among residents of the city and nearby settlements.

Park Hyatt hotels can be found in various parts of the world, and they are all designed so that people living in them are very comfortable to be. The staff here is engaged in the individual and impeccable service of each guest. The hotel rooms are all decorated at the highest level.Hotel Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Neglinnaya Street


"Ararat Park Hyatt" (Moscow) is located in the heart of the city. Nearby are such capital sights as the Kremlin, the State Duma building and the Bolshoi Academic Theater. Also from here you can even walk on foot to the Central Department Store, GUM and to the business center of Moscow.

brief information

The Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel in Moscow (Neglinnaya Street) was founded in 2003 and has become incredibly popular since its inception. In 2012, a major overhaul was carried out in its premises, after which everything inside became even more modern and comfortable. Due to the conditions of superior comfort, the hotel belongs to the category of five-star.

The hotel is located in the eleven-floor building and has a number of rooms, consisting of 208 comfortable rooms, which are divided into several categories: "standard", "deluxe" and "luxury".


Standard class rooms are divided into two types: single and double. Each of them covers an area of ​​35 to 40 square meters. m, which allows guests to enjoy the space. The interior of these rooms, like many others, was designed by a talented designer Tony Chi in his characteristic style, which perfectly combines luxury and comfort.

hotel ararat park hyatt moscow suite

In such rooms of the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel (Moscow) a smart home system is installed, which allows you to control the electronics without human intervention. Guests can enjoy free internet access, and watch satellite channels on plasma televisions.

As for the furniture, it is very expensive here, stylish and high-quality, made mostly of wood. There is a bed, an armchair, a desk, a chair, and a closet for storing personal items. Guests can add their valuables to an existing safe. Each room of the "standard" class is equipped with a telephone with the possibility of loud broadcasting and a high-quality air-conditioning system, the presence of which allows you to maintain the desired air temperature in any season of the year. From the technology in the "standard" is represented by a DVD-player, a coffee machine with a huge selection of coffee, as well as a kettle and a mini-bar. The room rate includes mineral water.

Guests of the hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt" (Moscow) can use adjacent to the rooms lavatories, in which there is a good shower and a bath. Also here is a complete set of bath accessories, towels, bathrobe and slippers. This room also has an expensive finish: everywhere you can see mirrors, interior elements made of waterproof wood. Also here is a heated floor.hotel ararat park hyatt moscow prices

The cost of living in a room of this category starts from 30 680 rubles,which is very expensive even by Moscow standards, but this is the case when the price justifies the level of services and living conditions.


The interior decoration of deluxe rooms conquers with its luxury. The style of their interior can be assessed by viewing the photo "Ararat Park Hyatt" in Moscow. They clearly show that the designers who were engaged in their development, have thought of everything up to the last details in order to make the guests stay as comfortable as possible.

Each such room occupies an area of ​​45-50 square meters. The whole set of expensive furniture made of precious wood, limestone, glass and leather is located on such a territory. The apartment also has a "cozy home" system and air conditioning system installed. Every morning a fresh issue of information publications is brought to the room, which allows hotel guests to always be up to date with world events. From electronics here there is the same set of it, as in the rooms of the class "standard".

Numbers of this type are often chosen by business people who come not only for leisure, but also to do work and solve business problems.The minimum cost of living in this room is 36,580 rubles.Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Restaurant


Deluxe rooms at the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel are located on the territory of 65-74 square meters. m, which allows guests to feel at home here, do not hesitate to anything. In total, the hotel has 29 rooms of this type.

hotel ararat park hyatt moscow room

This type of room has a very interesting layout - it is divided by a special partition into two zones: the working and the one that is intended for recreation. In the photo of the rooms of the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel (Moscow), it is easy to see that when designing such a room, the designers placed great emphasis on the use of the interior details of marble, dark wood, leather and durable glass. In the interior of the rooms you can easily notice the unique decorative details.

Guests here can listen to their favorite tunes on the original iPod music substation. Anyone can take advantage of a coffee machine and an electric kettle, as well as prepare a favorite drink for themselves, using tea and coffee from the range presented here.

In addition to the standard set of furniture, which is available in the rooms described above, guests living in the deluxe class can use the large library, which contains collections of famous world writers.Also, instead of one TV set there are two: one - in the bedroom, and the second - in the work area.Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow photos

The cost of living in this room is 48 000 rubles per day. The hotel also has a suite with a terrace, a business suite with a winter garden.

If necessary, a cot can be installed in any room of the hotel, which allows you to stay here with whole families.

For business

The hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt" often stops business. It is for them that a large business center was created on the second floor of the hotel, in which each guest, if necessary, can take advantage of modern computer equipment and the services of a secretary or translator. There is also an organizational equipment necessary for doing business (printers, scanners). You can work here any day of the week from 7 am to 11 pm.Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

There are a dozen conference rooms on the territory of the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel in Moscow, which are intended for holding various business events, presentations and business negotiations. These rooms can also be used for banquets and receptions - to organize such an event will always help a team of professional managers.

Each hall is equipped with the most modern lighting and sound equipment.

SPA center and health club "Quantum"

There is a SPA center at the hotel, which employs great professionals in the field of cosmetology and massage. At this center, there are also several courses where yoga and pilates are taught.

In the health club "Quantum" clients are offered a wide range of services. In particular, here the professionals carry out mineral wrapping, offer various types of massage and other complexes of wellness and rejuvenating procedures. On the territory of the center there is a Russian and Turkish bath - guests of the hotel can also visit them, if desired, even in the company of professional bath attendants, who will tell you how to improve their health in the steam room.

After the bath, everyone can engage in water procedures in a huge pool, which is also available in the complex (15x4.5 m.). In the pool area there are many lounge chairs designed for relaxation. There is also a separate large bar where guests can enjoy delicious refreshments and cocktails.Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow how to get

Fitness club "Quantum"

For lovers of sports and regular training in the hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt" in Moscow there is a huge fitness club,where guests can play sports under the guidance of professional trainers or alone - at will. It is here that there is a unique Kinesis simulator, where gymnasts are engaged - it allows you to perform about 250 types of exercises.

All employees of the hall are professional athletes and coaches. Individually for each guest, they can draw up a personalized training program based on the characteristics of the body and overall health.Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow rooftop restaurant

Where do hotel guests eat

All those who rest in the hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt" have the opportunity to eat in good places in which professional chefs with vast experience can surprise with dishes from different countries of the world. There are two cafes, one bar, a prestigious restaurant and a sushi bar serving Japanese cuisine. From the windows of these institutions offers a beautiful panoramic view of the main attractions of the city.Hotel Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

Cafe "Ararat"

In this place, any of the guests can be surprised by the excellently prepared dishes of Armenian cuisine. A restaurant of this type was popular in the 60s of the last century and was located here on Neglinnaya Street.There is a cafe on the first floor of the hotel.

Before a visit here, it is necessary to reserve a table by calling the phone number listed on its official website. Also in the cafe-restaurant "Ararat" there is a dress code - guests who come here must be dressed in smart casual style.

The establishment is open daily from noon to midnight.Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow address

Sushi bar "Enoki"

This place is very popular among hotel guests, as it is the best of its kind in all of Moscow. It is small in size and is designed for only 23 visitors.

Alexey Lyugai, the chef of this sushi bar, personally came up with the menu that is available here. Dishes prepared according to his recipe are full of rich flavor bouquet. Especially famous among visitors is his signature dish - “Poka”, which is often ordered both for lunch and for dinner.

The restaurant is located in the hotel lobby and is open to the public from noon to midnight, on any given day.

Cafe "Neglinka"

This cafe is also located in the hotel lobby and is named after the street where it is located.

In the "Neglinka", according to the guests, you can enjoy the most delicious coffee prepared by professionals according to a unique recipe from carefully selected grains of the best varieties.In addition, a wide variety of teas, cocktails and, of course, snacks are served here.

The interior of the cafe is very cozy and reminds, rather, a calm homely atmosphere. The staff here is very polite and attentive.

The establishment is open daily from 8 am to midnight, but you can order food here starting at noon.

Bar "Conservatory"

The unique bar-restaurant in the "Ararat Park Hyatt" (Moscow) called "Conservatory" is located on the 10th floor of the hotel. It has a small terrace from which you can admire the beauty of the city from a bird's eye view - about 50 meters.

Professional and talented bartenders of the "Conservatory" can offer visitors deliciously prepared cocktails, including a lot of authors. There is also a wide selection of coffee, tea and soft drinks. The menu offers dishes of Russian cuisine, among which the most popular are pancakes with caviar, borscht and Kamchatka crab prepared according to the company's recipe.

For everyone, a business lunch or an unforgettable breakfast on the terrace can be organized here.Moscow Neglinnaya 4 Hotel Ararat Park Hyatt

Restaurant "Park"

This restaurant is located on the roof.In "Ararat Park Hyatt" (Moscow), it was not for nothing that they chose such a place to place it. This provided the institution with great popularity, since it is from here that guests can observe many of the beauties of the capital of Russia.

Restaurant chefs can surprise guests with European dishes prepared according to traditional international recipes. According to the guests, very tasty salads are served here, as well as magnificent "Tartar" and "Carpaccio" in several variations.

Every morning, from 6:30 to 10 o'clock, breakfasts are held here for hotel guests. The establishment is open until midnight.Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Restaurant


Hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt" in Moscow is a place that does not leave indifferent any guest. Despite high prices for accommodation, for a long time it remains one of the most popular in Moscow. A huge number of positive reviews about him suggests that he is really worthy of attention.

The guests of the hotel note that it is mandatory to book rooms here before arrival. This can be done online on the official website of the hotel or by calling the telephone number listed there.hotel ararat park hyatt moscow reviews

Guests of "Ararat Park Hyatt" often share comments that highlight the level of service here. So, according to them, the hotel has exclusively professional staff, who knows not only the correct standards of communication, but also two foreign languages, which is very comfortable for foreign tourists.

Special attention in the reviews is paid to the business center, which is located on the second floor of the hotel. This, in the opinion of holidaymakers, is a very interesting and successful solution, which is in the hands of businessmen. Also, the guests note with positive comments the work of the conference rooms, which, according to them, are provided with everything necessary not only for holding negotiations and meetings, but also for solemn banquets designed for any number of invited guests.

Special attention of the guests of this hotel deserves the possibility of renting vehicles and ordering babysitter services without leaving the hotel building.Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Hotel photo

How to get to "Ararat Park Hyatt" (Moscow)

Being located in the central part of the capital of Russia provides easy access to the hotel from all parts of the city by all means of transport. For those,Who comes by private car there is a paid guarded parking.

Also close by are the large railway stations - Kursky and Leningradsky. From Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo International Airports you can also get here using any type of transport or by ordering a transfer directly to the hotel - this service is also available here at Ararat Park Hyatt (Moscow).Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Hotel

Hotel address

The location of the hotel with the location on the map is indicated on its official website. There you can also find a telephone reception service.

Address of the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel: Moscow, Neglinnaya, 4.

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