Artichoke: instructions for use, indications, reviews. Artichoke Extract

The combination of the healing power of plants and modern pharmacology is capable of producing colossal results for human health. For example, artichoke extract is an excellent tool for improving the functional state of the digestive tract.

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But it is not necessary to look for a plant on its own in order to eat it and try its healing powers. There is a tableted artichoke - a medicine to which it is worth paying attention to every person who is not indifferent to their health.

What is artichoke?

Artichoke is a herbaceous plant growing in the Mediterranean; it is very popular in the United States, France and Spain. It is used not only as a medicine, but also as an additive to food - its core can be cut into salads to give a soft nutty flavor.

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The use of its extract in the form of a biological supplement began long ago, however, this dietary supplement was not distributed in Russia. But today, its relevance and effectiveness against the background of safety have been evaluated in our country, and the drug Artichoke has appeared on the shelves of pharmacies, the instructions for use of which reveal all the information about substances contained in one tablet and their effects on the body.

Uses of a plant in pharmacology

For pharmacology, plant leaves are used which contain:

  • Pectin - improves intestinal motility and relieves inflammation.
  • Inulin - speeds up the metabolism and reduces cholesterol.
  • Chlorogenic acid - contributes to the normalization of weight.
  • Tannin - normalizes digestion, eliminates fermentation processes.
  • Mineral salts - normalize the water-salt metabolism.
  • Caffeic acid - reduces inflammation in the body.
  • Tsinarin - improves cerebral circulation.
  • Vitamins - have a comprehensive strengthening effect on all systems.

Thus, an artichoke extract from Vietnam, Europe or America, where the plant grows, has a beneficial effect on the entire body.Taking the drug according to the course described in the instructions, you can significantly improve your body, improve health and vitality.

Indications for use

The drug is sold in a pharmacy without a prescription, so you can buy it even without first consulting with a therapist. Of course, it is important to study the insert instruction in order to make sure that there are no contraindications to use.

The tool can be used for symptomatic treatment and for the treatment of disease. So, artichoke extract is used for the following phenomena:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • belching;
  • heaviness in the stomach.

The described phenomena are often found in pathologies such as:

  • hepatitis;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • renal failure.

The principle of the drug is the detoxification, choleretic and diuretic actions, which has an artichoke. Instructions for use indicates that the drug removes decomposition products, urea, toxins, excess cholesterol from the body. The tool provokes the outflow of bile and protects the liver cells from destruction.

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If the above diseases have been diagnosed long ago,and the person has been prescribed medical preparations for complete treatment, it is important to consult with your doctor. The fact is that the drugs tend to conflict with each other. Even if one of the drugs - herbal extract.

The effectiveness of therapy depends largely on the correct combination of the drug: a person can take dozens of different drugs, but do not feel any therapeutic effect, because the active ingredients of drugs level off the actions of each other. While another treatment regimen consisting of only two drugs that enhance the therapeutic effect of each other and reduce the severity of side effects, quickly contributes to recovery.


Patients usually tolerate the drug well, but it is important to consider the possibility of an allergic reaction that the artichoke can cause. Instructions for use does not recommend taking it with the pathological activity of the immune system, obstruction of the biliary tract, end-stage renal failure, aged up to 12 years.

If after taking the drug is marked intolerance, such as an allergic reaction in the form of a rash on the skin, you should immediately stop taking it. And after - drink any enterosorbent (activated carbon, "Polyphepan", "Enterosgel").

If after these measures, improvement of well-being has not come, there is a reason to consult a doctor.

Side effect

In very rare cases, it may cause urticaria. But studies show that side effects occur with violations of the dosages of the active substance artichoke. Instructions for use does not recommend to exceed the specified dosage and the number of days of the course.

The composition of the drug

Tablets have a simple one-component composition. In one tablet, in addition to excipients, contains only artichoke extract. The drug acts solely due to the healing properties of the plant substance, which has been known for a long time.

Preparation of raw materials for the preparation of the extract occurs in the autumn season, when the leaves and rhizomes of the plant ripen. Flowers are collected during the entire flowering period, and the flower is considered suitable for harvesting only 48 hours after it has blossomed.

Before the collected raw materials are sent for drying in special bags into ventilated rooms, juice is extracted from the leaves and flowers - an extract. It is very important to do this immediately after cutting the plant, when all the beneficial substances are contained in it in maximum concentration.

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The collected juice is sent to pharmaceutical factories, where it is converted into an extract that retains all the useful properties. Given all the above, it is very important to purchase the drug only from a reliable manufacturer who cooperates with reliable suppliers of raw materials to ensure the correct collection, processing and storage of useful plants.

How to take the drug?

The course of taking the drug is exactly one month. If the therapeutic effect was not fully achieved, you can repeat the course after a time period of at least 10 days. With the achieved therapeutic effect, the repeated course should be conducted not earlier than in one month.

The daily dose is 4 tablets divided into two doses. The drug should be taken with food and water.

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Children over 12 years old can take 1 tablet 3 times a day.


Artichoke is a medicine that nature itself provides. Therefore, its extract can not have positive feedback. Especially positive is the effect of the drug on the liver and gallbladder. In acute conditions, tablets relieve symptoms well, in chronic pathologies - they support the disease in remission, avoiding exacerbations.

In addition, artichoke extract is a plant-based pill that is an excellent way to quickly eliminate diarrhea. The drug instantly alleviates the condition, normalizes stool, restores water balance.

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For people for whom taking many pharmacological drugs is contraindicated, the extract from the artichoke from Vietnam or any other country where it grows is a real find.


The drug has absolute analogs, there are also drugs on the pharmaceutical industry market that have the same pharmacological effect with a different composition. Thus, it is possible to consider analogs similar to “Artichoke Extract”:

  • "Artikhol";
  • "Bilikur";
  • Gepabel;
  • Gepar-Pos;
  • Hepacinar;
  • Rafaholin;
  • "Holiver";
  • "Tsinarix Forte";
  • "Tsinakholin".

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There are also drugs with other active substances, but acting on the body in the same way:

  • "Allohol" - based on bile and garlic.
  • "Hepatophil" - based on a mixture of medicinal herbs.
  • "Corianra fruits" - based on coriander.
  • "PM Sirin" - based on milk thistle.
  • Salvat is based on various healing herbs.
  • "Phytohepatol" - a collection of medicinal plants.
  • "Holagol" - based on celandine.
  • "Cholenim" - based on bile, pancreas and small intestine.

All the preparations described operate on the basis of natural components, but the pharmaceutical industry can offer consumers a lot of products with a chemical pharmaceutical composition.

Thus, each person will be able to find a drug that suits him for the price and other parameters, which normalizes the bile outflow, speeds up the metabolism and improves digestion.

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