Autumn without a cold


Autumn, as a rule, is associated with overwork and many stresses: school, kindergarten, change of the day regimen, increase in emotional and mental stress. All these factors deplete the immune system and can weaken the body's defense against bacteria and viruses.

But I don’t want to get sick at all, because I’ll have to skip classes, clubs, sections, and some parents will need to take a day off from work.

COLD- this is nothing but an exacerbation of chronic bacterial infections that live in our nasopharynx, amid a weakening of our own immunity. Bacterial infections act locally. The child has a sore throat, purulent congestions, a grayish film on the tonsils, or a runny nose.


To help your body and your child’s body be more resistant to the common cold, it’s worth taking some steps:

  • Dress for the weatherTry to avoid hypothermia.
  • Drink vitamins(lack of vitamins and trace elements can also cause a weakening of body resistance).Autumn without a cold - image №1
  • Flush nose with seawater. It is known that most bacteria and viruses enter the body through the nose. To prevent the disease - daily rinse it with natural sea water, preferably seawater with propolis. Sea water will cleanse the nose of mucus, allergens, flush off pathogenic bacteria and moisturize the mucosa, and propolis, which has bactericidal properties, will help strengthen local immunity.Constant moisturizing of the nasal mucous membranes dramatically reduces the likelihood of viral infection.For flushing the nose, it is best to use Atomer Propolis - this is the only nasal spray in Ukraine that contains natural undiluted seawater and hypoallergenic extract of propolis. Atomomer Propolis can be used by children from the 1st year, it has a special nozzle that provides gentle irrigation of the mucous membrane - what is needed for small children.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.Water removes toxins and helps cleanse the body.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle:full sleep, at least 8 hours; healthy nutrition and physical activity.
  • Walk in the fresh air and regularly air in the apartment.Fresh air is essential for good health. In addition, if the room is rarely ventilated, the concentration of pathogenic bacteria increases.


If you are still sick, it is important to recognize the first symptoms of the disease in time and take action. Since the common cold is a bacterial infection, its aggravation is manifested in the form of local inflammation. Gradually multiplying, bacteria can affect neighboring tissues, for example, sore throat, can go to bronchitis or pneumonia, in the absence of adequate treatment, butit all starts locally.

If the disease develops rapidly and with a full set of clinical symptoms(weakness, fever, inflammation of the nasopharynx) immediately a few days after infection -This is a viral infection.

Sore and sore throatthe most common manifestation of bacterial infection. Also can be observed pershenie, discomfort, tonsillitis can form purulent plugs on tonsils, with angina - a gray film or plaque. Bacterial infections can affect the entire nasopharynx, so inflammation of the nasal mucosa (rhinitis, sinusitis) is not an exception. Also, small children often have otitis.

Temperaturewith a bacterial infection increases gradually, at the onset of the disease, it may either be completely absent, or be at a level of 37 ° C. In the process of illness, when bacteria multiply - intoxication increases, and the temperature can rise.

Allergy symptomsoften similar to the symptoms of colds, which is why they are easily confused. Dust, animal hair, fish food and parrot feathers (in the spring and summer - pollen) can cause swelling of the nose, mucous discharge, sore throat, coughing and sneezing. In this regard, general practitioners and pediatricians often prescribe antihistamines in combination with the main treatment in order to eliminate the allergic component.


Efficiency is the key to success. With the first symptoms of a cold, use the rectal suppository. They contain human recombinant interferon a2b, which is produced in the human body to fight infection and the virus, and is the "key attacker" of the unspecific immune system. Also in its composition there are powerful antioxidants (vitamins C and E), prolonging the action of interferon.

Using a drug containing interferon, during a cold, you help the child's body to quickly overcome the infection, introduce "extra troops" to help your own forces,to protect against pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Due to the fact that the drug is produced in the form of rectal suppositories, it does not adversely affect the child's gastrointestinal tract and acts faster than oral medications (tablets).

The use of candles VIFERON - feron during a cold:

  • Autumn without a cold - image №2Stop the multiplication of the virusif present, it will create protection for still healthy cells.
  • Reduce the intensitycough, runny nose, normalizes temperature.
  • Shorten by 2-3 daysmanifestations of cold, the child will recover faster.
  • Will reduceprobability of developing a chronic form of the disease.
  • Will reducethe probability of complications is 2 times.
  • Will increaseduration of remission and restore immunity. Your child will be sick less often.

When using Viferon in the first hours of a cold, your child may not get sick at all!


Autumn without a cold - image №3Trust your child's health only with safe and reliable medicines. It is such a drug isVIFERON-feron, he has passed many clinical studies confirming its effectiveness and safety for children from the first day of life.Contains exclusively natural components (human recombinant interferon a2b, vitamins C and E, and hypoallergenic cocoa butter).

VIFERON-ferondoes not cause allergies, has no side effects and due to the unique composition provides the metered intake of interferon in the blood and its prolonged action (unlike cheaper analogues).

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