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Avksentiy meaning of the name and the interpretation of the nameAuxentius: growing (Greek).

Name Day Avksentiya: February 7 (January 25) - The Holy Martyr Avksenty for his confession of the Christian faith, after death, was beheaded in Constantinople in 1720.
25 (12) Nurse - Rev. Avksentiy of Vologda, founder of the Pepper Desert, near Vologda, at the end of the 15th – beginning of the 16th centuries.
Mystery named Avksentiy: On June 25, at Avksentia, the sun shortens the course, and a month goes to profit. Large dew falls out.
Zodiac name - Taurus. Planet - the moon. The color of the name is yellow. Auspicious tree is jasmine. The cherished plant is lily of the valley. The patron of the name is an owl. Stone mascot - bi-ryuza.
Diminutive form: Avksentyushka, Avksyuta, Avksyusha, Senya, Aksenka, Aksyuta, Aksyusha.
Patronymic: Avksentiyevich, Avksentyevich, Avksentievna, Avksentyevna; razg. Axentich
Characteristic name Avksentiy: Avksenti is very peaceful and patient. The need for harmony makes him put up with many things, but it's terrible when patience comes to an end! It is rather cautious on the dishwasher than an effective nature. The humble workman is his most accurate definition.
Name Avksentiy in history: Avksentii - formerly a nickname of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, since 1834 - rector of the Kiev Desert of the Nicholas Monastery. His pen belongs to the textbook "Primary Exercises in the Preaching of the Word of God Under the Guidance of Mentors" and "The Word" on the day of the celebration of Michael the Archangel.

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