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I started writing a series of posts with a comparison of LED bulbs tested on lamptest.ru. Supposed to make posts for different types of lamps, for example, "frosted pears - replacement of an incandescent lamp 60 W", "Pearl lamps-pears", "Candles - replacement 40 W", "Spot GU10" and so on.
He killed on the preparation of data and writing the first such post for two days entirely (yesterday and the day before) and reached a dead end.

The idea was to compare the lamps by seven parameters (luminous flux, ripple level, color rendering index, driver type, operation with a switch having an indicator, warranty period, price) and display the overall rating. It turned out that not the best lamps come out in the first lines, and good lamps are in the tail because of the high price.
Another problem - there are manufacturers who have some good lamps, while others are bad. Looking at the results of good lamps, people will assume that other lamps from this manufacturer are good, and this is not so.
And a very big problem with the price - it changes all the time and it is not known where to get the current one? There are light bulbs that cost 250 rubles in Auchan, and 79 in online stores. What price should they put?
What do you think, in what format is it better to do this cycle of posts? Maybe instead of comparing to make just posts with my recommendations? Or even make posts on brands with an analysis of what is good and what is bad. But there are a lot of brands - there are already more than 30 big ones. Or maybe something completely different?
In what form would you personally be comfortable with comparative reviews of lamps and are they needed?
The main theme of my blog is technology in a person’s life. I write reviews, share experiences, talk about all sorts of interesting things. And I also make reports from interesting places and talk about interesting events.
Add me as a friend here. Remember the short addresses of my blog: Blog1.rf and Blog1rf.ru.
My second project is lamptest.ru. I am testing LED lamps and helping to figure out which ones are good and which ones are not.

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