Best Care - Castor Oil for Eyelashes

Long cilia are the dream of many girls. It looks beautiful, bewitching, extraordinary and mysterious. But not always and not everyone can boast of such a treasure. Some have enough mascara for beautiful, long eyelashes, and some are forced to turn to professionals who specialize in extensions. But this method is not always the best. Every girl since youth should be able to properly care for her eyelashes, and not salon, but home methods help to cope with this. What could be better than the gifts of nature? Castor oil for eyelashes - this is the tool that will make them not only thicker, but also longer.

castor oil for eyelashesOil benefits

Castor oil for the growth of eyelashes - the best tool. Although there are a lot of products on the shelves of shops and pharmacies, it is this oil that is indispensable if nature has not rewarded you with beautiful and thick eyelashes. Daily, constant use of this substance can actually work wonders.Thus, they will become longer, stronger, thicker. Castor oil for eyelashes will give a beautiful bend and improve their structure. It will strengthen the cilia not only externally but also from the inside, which will favorably affect their appearance.

castor oil for eyelashes reviewsHow to use the oil correctly

Of course, among women, castor oil for eyelashes is gaining positive feedback. There are many forums where the fair sex admire the result, but the main thing is its constant use. Buy eyelash oil at any pharmacy. It is usually sold in glass bottles. It is best to pour it into a convenient container, for example, in a clean jar from an old mascara. It is better to distribute castor oil for eyelashes with a brush, as it will evenly spread it over the entire length. You can also use a cotton swab. Moisten it thoroughly with oil and gently moisten the eyelashes. Do not forget to do a century massage. It will stimulate the skin and bring the best effect. Be careful when applying, as the oil can easily get into the eye. It will not pinch, but you will have a "film" before your eyes, and they will begin to water.It is best to use it before bedtime in several layers. Thus, the tool during the night will nourish the fine hairs and protect them. But it happens that in the morning for some women swollen, sour eyelid. This is a negative reaction. Therefore, in such cases, you can apply oil a few hours before bedtime, and then wash.

castor oil for eyelash growthOil use period

The main thing is not to overdo it. Take a course of power cilia for about a month. After that, for two weeks to take a break. At this time, you can use olive or grape oil. Remember that before using the oil, you must remove the makeup and dry the face and eyelashes with a towel. In addition, castor oil can be used for eyebrows and their growth.

Oil with vitamins for your cilia

Castor oil for eyelashes in pharmacies is sold with vitamins and already prepared brush. But you can make such a tool yourself. Just buy in vitamins A, E, C in pharmacies. Add them according to the instructions in castor oil and strengthen eyelashes with this means. But do not forget about security measures. Your cilia will thank you for this care!

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