Best mistresses: surprising, but true

I have a friend - a young guy, a little over twenty. So, he always openly says that he would prefer a married woman unmarried, the one with a child - childless, and an adult - young. When I asked him why this was the choice, he answered without thinking: they are the best lovers.
For a long time I did not understand why this is so, although, from a rational point of view, everything should be quite the opposite. Marriage is a problem, children are a problem. Age is a burden of problems. I continued to ask what was the difference, and why such a choice. And he said amazing things.
He said, for example, that most free women are not interested in anything but themselves. Or how to attach your ass in the heat. They wanted to spit on the personality of the man who is next to them, and see in him only a set of functions - protect, bring money, admire.
And married women who have all this - they, on the contrary, are beginning to be interested in them. Appears interest in his personality.They ask how he is doing and sincerely want to know it. They don't care how much money he brought today. They never sawn over nothing. They are relaxed and harmonious.
Or, say, young girls. They are a priori determined that men MUST. They lie, sprawled, as New Year's gifts, and await the enthusiasm. Like, here, what happiness in your hands fell. And an adult woman always wants to understand: is he good? And what can I do for him?
Or there are those that without children. They are all thinking about how to get children out of a man. First, get married, then attach to three jobs, then knock out a mortgage from it. Then load it with examinations, then diapers, diapers.
And a woman with a big child ready ... Well, she doesn't need anything. She baldeyt from him next to his smell. He is happy, holding his hand. Chatting something of their own, chirps. Enjoys.
And I thought, why everything is so amazing. And then I understood.
Do you know how people behave differently at work, and when did they come to relax in the cinema or in the theater? At work, they are evil, focused, demanding.
And on vacation - my dear people.
Because it is necessary to work at work, to show the result.
And on vacation you need to enjoy.
In family life or planning it, a woman often literally knocks the result out of a man. There is no time for relaxation. And spontaneity, pleasure and relaxation - this is precisely the guarantee of being a good lover.
And this is not why I say that I am adult, married and with a child. I say that because it's true.

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