Biography of Marat Musin

Marat Mazitovich Musin - the luminary of national economic science, the developer of unique management methods and research of shadow economic activity, political scientist, professor at Moscow State University, a specialist in management with a view to social and economic recovery of the economy Libya and Syria.
Marat Mazitovich MusinMarat Mazitovich Musin
The Economist is a member of a group of experts offering alternative advanced methods for Russia’s recovery from the crisis. Musin is also the creator of the Ariadna software product intended for use in business intelligence and economic management and control systems. After analyzing with his help the activities of state structures and domestic enterprises, he declared that more than half of them violate the current legislation. According to him, after the collapse of the USSR, the commercial structures of the Russian Federation illegally appropriated about ten federal budgets.

Childhood and family of Marat Musin

The future economic analyst was born February 16, 1959. His school years were spent first in the Siberian oil and gas capital - Tyumen (which was the reason for publishing on the Network reports of allegedly linking his father to Siberia as an accomplice of the fascists), and then in Moscow. He studied at the secondary school №57, which occupied the leading positions in the ranking of the best domestic schools with a mathematical bias.
Marat Musin graduated from Moscow State UniversityMarat Musin graduated from Moscow State University
In 1975, the gifted young man entered the Moscow State University. After graduating from it in 1980, he continued to raise the level of education in the graduate school of the university. In 1987 he defended his qualification work for the award of a scientific degree of a candidate of science.
Marat has a brother, 4-year-old Kamil, the president of the Russian Federation of one of the classic Japanese styles of karate - karatedo Shukokai, the 1992 world champion among veterans, who was awarded a “golden card” providing for permanent membership in the KOI International Combat Karate Federation.

Career Marat Musin

Since 1990, the young man has been involved in the implementation of the country's first telecommunication online shopping sites, creating innovative mechanisms for concluding transactions with highly reliable control systems for their execution.
Young Marat MusinYoung Marat Musin
Since 1992, Marat Mazitovich led the infrastructure reform and organization of the concept of an electronic stock exchange based on the Transnistrian national bank, developing models for the provision of financial services, multi-level systems.
In 1993, he headed the creation of an information protection system and the security of the functioning of the structures of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation, participated in measures to safeguard the information resources of the Central Bank, prevent data leakage and unauthorized access to them, and build defenses against counterfeit payment documents.
Analyst Marat MusinAnalyst Marat Musin
Since 1997, he has led the Inkombank business center, studying the competitive environment and gathering information to make effective management decisions. In 1999, an experienced analyst took the post of general director of RFM-Finance, graduated from the Graduate School of Business at Moscow State University, having mastered the scientific approach to management and receiving the appropriate qualification MBA degree in management.
Since 2003, Marat Mazitovich has been a consultant to the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, specializing in calculating the optimal sales strategy in various business situations. In 2004-2005He continued his work in the field of economic analysis, headed the department at the Russian University of Trade and Economics, worked on his thesis and received his Ph.D.
Marat Musin about Dmitry Medvedev's past
In 2005, Musin became the head of the Basic Element Industrial Group, a risk assessment service due to unfavorable circumstances in the economy, and also became a certified lawyer, having graduated from the relevant university at the Ministry of Justice. From 2007 to 2009, he was an expert on anti-crisis measures, minimizing the threat of loss, risk assessment, and also was the head of the anti-corruption unit.
Marat Mazitovich was the head of the department at the Faculty of Management of RGTEU, a professor, lecturer and lecturer at Moscow State University, the author of original methods of research of shadow economic activity and his own methods of management costs.
Marat Musin for the Anna News channel on the chemical attack of ISIS
In 2012, his book Business in the Style of Cutting was published. Where are the riches of the motherland. ” In the same year, at a lecture at the Museum of History of the University of Kazan, he introduced the public to the developed software package.“Ariadna-finance” also told about the scale of economic crimes revealed with its help and the shocking facts of the size of criminal incomes. In particular, in the Russian Federation, about 439 thousand firms were discovered that “laundered” a total of 9.7 trillion rubles obtained by criminal means.
Journalist Marat MusinJournalist Marat Musin
In addition, the economist is a well-known war correspondent, journalist, founder and head of the ANNA-news news agency, publishing reports from hot spots, including eastern Ukraine and Syria. In addition to positive feedback on the activities of the head of the agency, he was also called on the Internet as an unprincipled and greedy author of slanderous information and outright lies (so said Pskovite Dmitry Ershov, who went to Syria, accused of pedophilia professor).
Interview with Marat Mussin on Putin's reshuffle
In 2016, the Internet portal of this news agency, the founder of which is the author of computer programs for experts in the field of protection of economic information, underwent a successful hacker attack of the Ukrainian high-class groups FalconsFlame and Trinity. The hacking operation was carried out by them, allegedly as part of a project to clean up cyberspace from agents of Russian propaganda,designed to distort and hide the truthful information about the war crimes of the Russian Federation on the territory of a neighboring state.


On May 5, 2018, the media reported on the death of 59-year-old Marat Musin. This was told by the military correspondent of the ANNA-news agency Oleg Blokhin. According to him, the cause of death Musin became a severed blood clot.

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