Biography of Yuri Luzhkov

Yury Mikhailovich Luzhkov - ex-mayor of Moscow. He held this post for 18 years: from 1992 to 2010. He was prematurely removed from office with the wording “due to loss of confidence” by order of President Dmitry Medvedev.
Former Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov (1992 - 2010)Former Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov (1992 - 2010)
The period of the mayor’s office of Luzhkov can be debated for hours. But it must be admitted that during his administration, the capital gained prestige on a federal and global scale, Moscow became the financial center of Russia, and the mayor’s town-planning scope struck the imagination - on his initiative, the city acquired a monorail road, the Moscow Ring Road and the Third Ring; , emergency five-story buildings were settled, the Manezh, the Bolshoi Theater, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior were restored - and this is only a small part of Luzhkov's ambitious projects.

Early years. Education Luzhkov

Yury Luzhkov was born in the family of the joiner on September 21, 1936. Shortly before his birth, his father, fleeing from hunger, moved from the village of Young Tud, near Tver, to Moscow, where he got a job at an oil depot.His mother, a native of the Bashkortostan village of Kalegino, was a laborer at the plant.
Yuri spent his childhood with his grandmother in the city of Konotop, graduated seven years there and returned to his parents in 1953. I finished 8-10 classes already in Moscow, at school No. 529 (now No. 1259). Enrolling in the Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry. Gubkin, he began to earn money independently. He worked as a porter at the station, a janitor.
Yuri Luzhkov in his youthYuri Luzhkov in his youth
He didn’t shine in his studies, but he was a zealous and hard-working Komsomol member, also had the reputation of being a skillful organizer of mass events. In 1954, together with one of the first student groups, he went to explore the virgin lands in Kazakhstan.

Scientific and political career

Yury Luzhkov began his career as a junior research assistant at the Research Institute of Plastics, where he began work in 1958. For five years at the Institute, he has grown to the deputy head of the laboratory for the automation of technological processes. The young scientist was noticed at the State Committee on Chemistry, and in 1964 Luzhkov headed his department for automation of management.
Yury Luzhkov (left) - student of the Gubkinsky InstituteYury Luzhkov (left) - student of the Gubkinsky Institute
In 1971, Yuri Mikhailovich already headed a similar department in the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR. Taking off on the career ladder, Luzhkov did not forget about the Komsomol duty: in 1968 he joined the Communist Party, in 1975 he became a people's deputy of the Council of the Babushkinsky District, in 1977 - a deputy of the Moscow Council.
As a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR of the XI convocation from 1987 to 1990, Yury Mikhailovich was among the “fresh cadres” whom Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, First Secretary of the CPSU MGK, included in his team. Thus, in 1987, 51-year-old Luzhkov was appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Executive Committee. At the same time he headed the city commission of cooperative and individual activities, took the post of chairman of the Moscow Agrarian Committee.
“New Russian sensations”: “Luzhkov. Chronicles of retirement "
In 1990, on the recommendation of Yeltsin, the chairman of the Moscow Soviet, Gavriil Popov, the future first mayor of Moscow, nominated Luzhkov to the post of chairman of the City Executive Committee. In 1991, the post of vice-mayor of Moscow was elected, and Yuri Mikhailovich was elected to her post in June of the same year.In July, he became prime minister of the government, a new executive body, replacing the Moscow City Governor Committee.
Yuri Luzhkov in the position of Vice Mayor of MoscowYuri Luzhkov in the position of Vice Mayor of Moscow
The events of August 1991 put Yuri Luzhkov and his pregnant wife in the ranks of the defense of the Government House: they took an active part in all the activities and activities of that landmark event.

Yuri Luzhkov - Mayor of Moscow

In 1992, spontaneous interruptions in foodstuffs began in Moscow, coupons were introduced, the population was indignant. Acting Mayor Gabriel Popov resigned. On June 6, 1992, Yury Mikhailovich Luzhkov was appointed by the Decree of the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin as the new mayor of the capital.
Yury Luzhkov and Boris YeltsinYury Luzhkov and Boris Yeltsin
This event became a landmark in his fate, because the next 18 years he spent at the head of the capital, re-elected 3 times (in June 1996, in December 1999, from 69% and December 2003 with 74% of the vote) always with a large margin from competitors. The mayor always led political games on the side of Yeltsin: he supported him in 1993 during the dispersal of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation and the Congress of People's Deputies, and in 1996 during the presidential campaign; openly endorsed military actions in Chechnya, participated in the creation of the party Our Home is Russia, in 1995 promoted it in the Duma elections.
18 years old Yuri Luzhkov was at the helm of Moscow18 years old Yuri Luzhkov was at the helm of Moscow
But 1999 led to the split of a strong tandem. Yuri Mikhailovich, together with Yevgeny Primakov, was at the helm of the political party "Fatherland". Unexpected was his criticism of the current president, calls for his early resignation. Career mayor at the same time did not suffer. On the contrary, becoming a member of the Federation Council, as the head of the subject of the federation, Luzhkov held significant positions - he was a member of the committee on budget, currency regulation, tax policy, and banking.
Yury Luzhkov inspects the reconstruction of the Moscow Ring Road (1995)Yury Luzhkov inspects the reconstruction of the Moscow Ring Road (1995)
In 2001, Yuri Mikhailovich was elected co-chairman of the United Russia party, and all his activities were aimed at supporting Vladimir Putin. After the cancellation of the selectivity of the post of mayor of Moscow in June 2007, President Vladimir Putin presented the deputies of the Moscow City Duma Luzhkov as a candidate, and the deputies vested him with the powers of the mayor for another four years.
Luzhkov was a loyal companion of PutinLuzhkov was a loyal companion of Putin

Sevastopol question

Yuriy Mikhailovich always expressed himself without a proper diplomacy. On May 11, 2008, during a visit to the celebrations of the 225th anniversary of the Black Sea Fleet in the city of Sevastopol, Luzhkov did not forget to remind the audience from the rostrum that the issue of the city’s ownership had not yet been resolved,that Russia has all state rights to its territory.
Yury Luzhkov about Sevastopol
In addition, criticism was voiced of the "legalization" of UPA-UNSO soldiers and integration into NATO. And finally, he threatened to raise the issue of revising the friendship treaty between the countries before the Russian government.
"Honey festivals" Yuri Luzhkov"Honey festivals" Yuri Luzhkov
On May 12, the SBU declared Luzhkov a persona non grata, proceeding to clarify the circumstances of "provocative statements of a political nature." And only when Viktor Yanukovych took the office of President of Ukraine, this status was removed from Luzhkov.


September 2010 was fatal for Luzhkov. Russian central television channels launched a number of documentaries, where they criticized the mayor’s activities in a tough manner. Business, money, communications of Luzhkov himself and all members of his family were publicly discussed. “Lawlessness. Moscow, which we lost ”,“ Case in a Cap ”- with a ruthless roller crushed trust and undermined the authority of Yuri Mikhailovich.
2010: Yury Luzhkov dismissed from the post of mayor of Moscow
In response to a letter to the president dated September 27, 2010, in which the mayor expressed indignation at the criticism made on his television, Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree “On the early termination of the powers of the mayor of Moscow”.The reason for this decision was the “loss of confidence of the president of the Russian Federation.”
Experts in an instant dubbed Luzhkov a victim of backstage intrigues of Putin. Announcing threats against his family, the ex-mayor moved to live in London. Most of Luzhkov’s comrades-in-arms were removed from their posts by the new mayor Sergei Sobyanin, and criticism of the “Luzhkov policy” did not leave the pages of the press, Internet media and television screens for a long time.

Personal life of Yuri Luzhkov

With the first wife, his classmate Marina Bashilova, Yuri Luzhkov, he formed a relationship in the fifth year of the institute. The girl came from a wealthy family; her father was the deputy minister of the petrochemical industry of the USSR
Yury Luzhkov with his sons from his first marriageYury Luzhkov with his sons from his first marriage
They had two sons, Michael (born in 1959) and Alexander (born in 1973). In 1988, Luzhkov became a widow - Marina Bashilova died of liver cancer.
Yuri Luzhkov's first wife died in 1988Yuri Luzhkov's first wife died in 1988
The second wife, Elena Baturina, - a businessman, has repeatedly headed the "Forbes" female rating.
Yury Luzhkov and Elena BaturinaYury Luzhkov and Elena Baturina
Gave him two daughters - Elena and Olga.
Daughters of Yuri Luzhkov from marriage with Elena BaturinaDaughters of Yuri Luzhkov from marriage with Elena Baturina

Yuri Luzhkov now

In 2016, Yury Luzhkov, one of the main symbols of post-Soviet Russia, celebrated his 80th birthday. To this significant date, Vladimir Putin awarded him the Order for Services to the Fatherland, 4th degree.
Yury Luzhkov himself celebrated his anniversary on SaturdayYury Luzhkov himself celebrated his anniversary on Saturday
After retirement, the politician took up agriculture, especially the cultivation of buckwheat. He said that he provides the Red Banner Baltic Fleet with grain.
In 2016, Yuri Luzhkov "returned from timelessness"In 2016, Yuri Luzhkov "returned from timelessness"
On December 23, 2016, the media reported on the emergency hospitalization of Yuri Luzhkov. He fainted in the library of Moscow State University. The mayor was taken immediately to the intensive care unit.
In 2017, the ex-mayor wrote an autobiography in which he honestly told about the reasons for his resignation. According to him, he was fired when he refused to support Dmitry Medvedev, who intended to run for a second term.
The real reason was one: my refusal to support Medvedev in his claims for a second term in Russia.

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