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Aidan Gillen (Aidan Gillen) - Irish actor, star of the television series "Game of Thrones", "Close Friends", "Wiretap", "Identification", "Sharp Visors." Awarded the Milan and Edinburgh Film Festivals, the National Academy of Film and Television (IFTA), the National Academy of Video Games (NAVGTR), the Empire Hero Award of Honor for the British film magazine Imperia.
Actor Aidan GillenActor Aidan Gillen
According to experts, he has a quality that is inherent only to the best representatives of the acting profession - unpredictability. His actions intrigue, they are ambiguous, and his views are full of hidden implications. The viewer never knows what he really thinks about, but he cannot take his eyes off him. His soft Irish accent, charisma and integrity always fascinate.


The future actor was born on April 24, 1968 in the capital of Ireland, Dublin. His father was an architect, his mother worked as a nurse. The family had four children.Subsequently, one of his sisters, Patricia, became a teacher, the second — Fionnuala — the actress, and brother John Paul — the playwright.
Aidan Gillen in his youthAidan Gillen in his youth
Aidan's birth name is Murphy, but since the actor was already an actor with that name, he took the mother's maiden name, Gillen, as a stage name.
Secondary education Aidan received in the Catholic School of St. Vincent's C.B.S. for boys. Handsome and slender, but very shy young man became interested in acting, as a teenager, and began performing in the youth theater.
Aidan Gillen's height - 178 cmAidan Gillen's height - 178 cm
His debut took place at the age of 16 in a play by Shakespeare's comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Center for the Arts, located in the underground premises of Dublin Castle. Critics noted that on the stage he spoke in a voice “hardly louder than falling snow”.


In high school, the young man already clearly understood that he did not want to go to college and sit from nine to five in any office. He wanted to achieve the realization of their abilities in the field of art. To this end, after graduation, he moved to London. This city fascinated him and attracted to the fact that, in his opinion, the best TV projects were created there, guaranteeing the public many surprises and unexpected plot twists.
Aidan Gillen and his films
In 1985, he appeared in the role of a young guy in the short film “The Drip” (“Drop”). In 1987 - in the episode in the film "Judith Hearn's Lonely Passion" with the famous Maggie Smith in the guise of an old maid. In addition, he was engaged in productions of the Royal National Theater, Hampstead Theaters, Bush, Almeida, Royal Court.
Soon he began to receive offers to participate in new films, where he starred, gaining experience and adding to his filmography. For example, in 1993 he could be seen in the famous detective series “Pure English Murder”. In 1995, the picture “Circle of Friends” was published, where he played in the company of such stars as Chris O'Donnell, Colin Firth, Minnie Driver.
Aidan Gillen in the series "Close Friends"Aidan Gillen in the series "Close Friends"
One of the most notable works of the actor, which is considered a breakthrough in his career, was the role of the handsome Alan Jones in the sensational TV series “Close Friends” - about the life and love relationships of the representatives of the gay community of Manchester. The tape, full of drama and passionate sex, produced in 1999 the effect of a bombshell and became an absolute hit of the air. The actor gained popularity, his game was recognized by experts - he was nominated for the BAFTA TV Award-2000 and won the Best British Newcomer category at the Edinburgh Film Festival.
In the same period, he began his fruitful collaboration with director Jamie Trevis, who invited him to play the main role - the depressive dreamer Frank - in the drama Down to the End (later the actor got the role of a key character in the same director Trickle Jr.).
Young Aidan Gillen. Moments
A year later, in 2001, the “Lorna Dun” tape was released for hire based on the work of the same name by Richard Blackmore, where Aidan was also entrusted to implement one of the leading roles, Cover Dong. In 2002, he was invited to appear in the comedy “Shanghai Knights” with Jackie Chan, Aaron Johnson and Owen Wilson.
Aidan Gillen in the film "Shanghai Knights"Aidan Gillen in the film "Shanghai Knights"
Then the actor conquered the United States - began to play on the stage of New York, in particular, in the play by the English playwright Harold Pinter "The Caretaker" ("The Watchman"). Superb embodying on the stage the author's concept of atypical and unpredictable development of events and dialogues between the characters, in 2003 the actor was nominated for an award for excellence in the American theater "Tony".
The talented artist was noticed, and he got a role in the rating American TV series “The Overheard,” where for three seasons (2004-2008) he played the ambitious city councilor Tommy Carzetti, who decided to fight for the post of mayor of Baltimore.This role brought him in 2009 the award of the Irish Academy of Film and Television IFTA and the status of a cult movie star in his homeland.
Aidan Gillen in the TV series "Interception"Aidan Gillen in the TV series "Interception"
In 2009, fans of the actor could see his idol as the dangerous criminal Jackson in the 12-round criminal action movie, where he starred with WWE wrestling member John Sina, who played detective Fisher. According to the story during the detention of a gangster, his girlfriend died, and he intends to avenge her death. Having stolen the beloved police officer, he forces him to undergo difficult and dangerous tests to save her.
In 2010, the British released a detective series with the participation of Aidan's "Identification" on the disclosure of crimes involving theft and manipulation of personal data. In the same year, he appeared in one of the key roles in the drama "Thorn", where Natasha MacKhallone, Eddie Marsan, David Morrissey worked on the same platform with him.
Aidan Gillen in the movie "Thorn"Aidan Gillen in the movie "Thorn"
At the same time, the actor was approved for the role of one of the central characters in the popular fantasy series “The Game of Thrones”, created on the basis of a series of works by American science fiction writer George Martin “The Song of Ice and Fire”. Events in it unfolded in the Seven Kingdoms, where everyone rushed to power.The hero of Gillen, Petr "The Little Finger" Baylish is a clever and sophisticated intriguer. The artist emphasized in an interview that he did not consider him purely a villain, but rather a "brilliant strategist." For seven years he was part of the life of an actor, but in 2017 he was overtaken by death.
Aidan Gillen and Sophie Turner in the series Game of Thrones
Despite the intense schedule of filming this super popular television series, which took place in such remote corners of the world as Valletta in Malta, Belfast in Northern Ireland, Snayfellsjokul glacier in Iceland, Dun Castle in Scotland, Dubrovnik in Croatia, the artist found an opportunity to participate in parallel from 2010 to 2013 in the Irish gangster drama Love / Hate.
He embodied the image of John Bolya, the boss of the underworld of his native city. For this role in his creative piggy bank another award from the Irish Film and Television Academy in the category “Best Actor on TV” has appeared. In 2011, he was also in the cast of the crime-free thriller “Without Compromise,” working in a campaign with Jason Statham and David Morrissey.
"Game of Thrones": Aidan Gillen in the role of Peter Beilish, Pinky"Game of Thrones": Aidan Gillen in the role of Peter Beilish, Pinky
In 2012, he played in the spy thriller about the IRA "The Secret Player", where he worked with such well-known colleagues in the shop as Clive Owen, Gillian Anderson, Andrea Raizboro. To impress his children (according to Aidan), he also agreed to take part in the final part of the Batman's The Dark Knight: Revival of the Legend stories, adding to the star acting ensemble that included Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman. The actor played a CIA agent.
Aidan Gillen on the set of the film "The Dark Knight"Aidan Gillen on the set of the film "The Dark Knight"
For three seasons (from 2013 to 2015), he hosted the Other Voices music program (“Other Voices”), which invited many well-known performers - Snow Patrol, Ray Davis, The Blue Nile. Her filming took place in December in the Irish city of Dingle, County Kerry, during the eponymous festival of alternative music.
Aidan Gillen in the film "The Maze Runner. Fire test "
In 2015, he appeared in the sequel "The Maze Runner: Trial by Fire", in the TV series "Citizen Charlie", having received the third IFTA award for participating in it. A year later, he acted as one of the main characters of the computer game "Quantum Rift". His hero Paul Cyrin, the head of the Monarch corporation, had the ability to see various options for future events.

Aidan Gillen's personal life

Since 2001, Aidan’s legal wife was Olivia O'Flanagan, whom he met at the age of 15 and lived in a civil marriage for a long time. Together with the children - the daughter of Bury, born in 1997, and the son of Joe, born in 2000 - they lived in Dingle, on the west coast of Ireland.

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