Black Swordsman in "Skyrim"

Black Swordsman in the famous role-playing game "Skyrim"became a legendary personality due to the fact that one modification added an incredibly beautiful armor type with this name. Not all players know where the name came from, and why this type of equipment was created. These facts are worth remembering, as they can encourage the creation of new interesting additions for the fans.

Description of the game

The role-playing game "Skyrim" is famous not only for those,that in her there are characters with the style of "black swordsman". In 2012, it was recognized as the best project, because it gave users an incredible number of opportunities. The world with more than a dozen large cities, dragon legends and insurgent fire-breathing lizards has enthralled millions of people around the world. The incredible system of pumping the hero's classes along with the professions harmoniously combines with thousands of created tasks in the open northern province of Tamriel. Join the struggle of the Nords for freedom or to the Empire for the sake of suppressing the mutiny!black swordsman anime

The essence of the modification

The addition has only one function - appearsin the game "Skyrim" the armor of the Black sword is complete. Unfortunately, it does not suit everyone and has limitations. It can be worn only by heavily armed soldiers with axes or two-handed swords. Mages, archers and robbers will have to look for another mod, in order to get the same beautiful armor. The installation of files occurs by unzipping and replacing the data in the Data folder. For additional certainty it is necessary to restart the computer, and then the equipment in the complete set will appear in the game. According to the characteristics, it fully corresponds to ebonite armor, which also has a thick dark color. When downloading files, users should monitor what is added. Some additions provide only a recipe, and the player will have to look for ingredients and forging by Swordsman


The black swordsman is not really going to be some kind ofa fighter of dark forces in Skyrim. On the armor itself, there is a part of the skin brown, although the front part is predominantly black. The main remarkable detail, which immediately catches your eye, is the presence of a black glove only on your left hand. The right palm to the elbow remains naked. Boots are finished with metal only from the front, the sole and back are made of strong leather. In addition, the same material served to create cross-shaped scabbards for throwing knives, a dagger and a shoulder bag on the side. In all other respects, black metal with projections and spikes is used everywhere. It is worth noting that for a more beautiful effect, the armor is not completely closed. Thus, the Black Swordsman in the fighting stance looks more belligerent and attractive.

skyrim armor of a black swordsman


The first look at the armor of the supplement pushesto the idea that this is not an original design. Too thought out details, and no one would have agreed to develop such a game for the game itself. This idea is correct, because in the screens of one narrative the Black Swordsman was already appearing. Anime "Berserker" gave the audience an image of an incredible fighter named Gats, and his armor was taken as a basis for modeling this game equipment. This guy is not only characterized by unyielding character and purposefulness. He always carries a sword of the same height as he. For enemies, this is a deadly weapon that can cut the enemy in half. Here there is a reference to the left arm, which was encased in the armor, because in this place Gatsa has a prosthesis. Also, he does not have one eye, but this does not stop him from constantly hunting for enemies and showing real berserker rage.

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