Blub: art can swim

"L'Arte Sa Nuotare", art can swim - it is with this motto that the local artist creates and puts up his posters on the streets of Florence under the pseudonym Blub. Characters from the Renaissance paintings and famous personalities in his drawings wear diving masks.
William Shakespeare. Many posters do not live for a long time, and they are not trying to tear them off because of dislike for the ironic subtext of Blub's work.
2.  Blub
Dante Alighieri
3.  Blub
"Mona Lisa", Leonardo da Vinci
4.  Blub
"The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli
5.  Blub
"David", Michelangelo.
6.  Blub
"Girl with a Pearl Earring", Jan Vermeer
7.  Blub
"Sistine Madonna", Rafael Santi, one of the little angels
8.  Blub
"Lady with an Ermine", Leonardo da Vinci
9.  Blub
Pablo Picasso
Leonardo Da Vinci
"Portrait of the Duchess of Battista Sforza", Piero della Francesca. Half diptych, the original of which can be seen in Florence in the Uffizi Gallery.
Street artist Klet "Clet" Abraham, who has actively worked on local road signs with his stickers.
Gabriel Batistuta, legend of the football club "Fiorentina" from Florence
"Despaired (self-portrait)", Gustave Courbet
"Untouchables", the work is dedicated to the World Children's Day, celebrated on November 20, the day when the UN adopted a declaration on the rights of children.
Salvador Dali
More posters on the streets of Florence have not met me anymore. How do you like street art?
If you are interested in what other people and characters tried on the masks with Blub's light hand, look for an artist in instagram under the name Lartesanuotare or by the tag #lartesanuotare. Keep it locked!
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