Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky Reserve: Description

On the territory of Russia there are a large number of interesting places, including reserves. Each of them has its own history and stunningly beautiful natural objects. Such is the Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky reserve.

History of creation

The Bogdinsko-Baskunchak Reserve was founded in 1997 with the aim of protecting the ecosystems of the Astrakhan region on Lake Baskunchak and on Bolshoye Bogdo Mountain. The uniqueness of the reservoir lies in the fact that it is closed and salty. The mountain is the only one in the region of the Caspian lowland. Every year the Big Bogda grows in height. This is due to the fact that inside it is the salt dome, which increases by one millimeter during the year.

How to get to the reserve?

Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky reserve is quite removed from civilization. It is located in the Astrakhan region, in the Akhtuba district, not far from the border with Kazakhstan. From the big cities you can get by train to the Upper Baskunchak station.Bogdinsko Baskunchak Reserve

But from the station you need to drive ten kilometers by taxi or by minibus. If you decide to go on a trip by your own car, then you will have to leave it not far from the protected area.

Rules of attendance

Bogdinsko-Baskunchak Reserve is a semi-closed territory. In order to visit it, it is necessary a week before the scheduled date to leave a request to the administration of the institution. In the application it is necessary to specify the date and number of the group, as well as the route that you would like to go.

Once in the protected area, it is necessary to strictly follow the planned path. Deviate from the route does not recommend the staff of the reserve. It is also not allowed to tear flowers, chop branches or trees, and make fires.

Mountain Big Bogda

On the territory of the Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky Reserve (the photo is given in the article) there are many interesting sites, one of which is a mountain that brought to us the remains of the Mesozoic era. In the cliffs of the mountains is the marine Triassic with fossils of animals that lived here 200-250 million years ago.Scientists call Big Bogda a real haven for geological research. It is worth noting that this mountain is the only one in Europe where sedimentary rocks rich in fossils and remains come to the surface.Bogdinsko Baskunchak Reserve photo

In addition, it has underground and surface karst reliefs in the form of beams, grottoes, caves and craters. In the vicinity of the mountains and lakes there are about thirty caves. The largest of them - Baskunchanskaya, its length is one and a half kilometers.

Interesting facts about the Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky Reserve (Astrakhan region)

Big Bogdo has an unusual color. One of the sides is red, which is explained by the high level of concentration of all kinds of metals.

The mountain is called sacred or singing. This is due to the fact that in the presence of wind on the slopes there are some sounds that resemble muttering. The mountain itself looks like a figure of an animal, which lay down to rest near the lake. An interesting fact is that Bogda changes its color depending on the time of day and weather. Locals are wondering why this is happening, and therefore consider the mountain holy.Bogdinsko Baskunchak Reserve Astrakhan Region

It is quite difficult to climb to its top, so you should not go on a journey alone.Brave travelers who have reached the top, say that from there opens a stunning view of the lakes, vegetation and salt caves.

Lake Baskunchak

Bogdinsko-Baskuchansky reserve in the Astrakhan region is known for the lake Baskunchak, which is called the Russian Dead Sea. When looking at the pond from afar, it seems that it is covered with ice. In fact, this is not the case at all. This effect is created by bright salt crystals that glare in the sun.Bogdinsko Baskunchak Reserve beautiful photos

Experts say that the composition of the salts Baskunchak no worse than the famous Israeli Dead Sea. For healing properties of the lake is one of the first places in the world. Sometimes it is also called the "salt of the earth." The reservoir received such a name for a reason, because about 80 percent of the country's salt is mined on its banks. Baskunchak has amazing properties, which is confirmed even by medicine. According to experts, healing water can cure 50 ailments. By the way, not far from the reservoir there is even a sanatorium, where people with various diseases come to be treated.

Lake Tour

Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky reserve (beautiful photos are given in the article) - an amazing place. If you are on its territory, you can ride on a salt lake in a truck. It is unlikely that somewhere else you will be able to ride on the water. But while traveling through Baskunchak, it seems as if you are driving on the water. In fact, the wheels of the car travel along the bottom, which is so dense because of the salts that the car simply can never load. In the middle of the lake you will see rails laid right in the water. It is along these trains that deliver salt from here to the factories for further processing.Bogdinsko Baskunchaksky Reserve Astrakhan region interesting facts

Extreme motorists have long ride on the amazing lake. The record was set in 1962. Ilya Tikhomirov was able to accelerate his car through the pond to 311 kilometers per hour. But now it is simply impossible to break the record, since the surface of the lake has changed because of salt mining.

Recommendations to tourists

If you intend to visit the reserve, then you should know its postal address: md. Melioratorov, d. 19/1, Akhtubinsk, Astrakhan region. Considering the route of your journey through the protected area, pay attention to the recommendations of tourists who advise you to visit the salt lake without fail to see how salt is mined on it.The process involves trains and special combines. Surely you have never seen this, because the cars are right in the lake.

In memory of the journey from the shore of the lake, you can take along therapeutic clay. Its incredible here. If nothing more is allowed from the territory of the reserve, which the staff warns, it does not concern the clay.

Also worth a stroll through the woods and listen to his sounds: the singing of birds, the rustling of leaves and the sound of water. But do not forget that in the territory of the reserve live a variety of animals, including predators. For example, on the shores of Lake Karasun, wolves regularly hunt, watching birds. Awesome sight!

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