Bon appetit: bad eating habits of Russians, who enrage foreigners

13-11-2017, 18:08
A couple of years ago, a story appeared on the Internet - a cry of despair about Soviet and post-Soviet eating habits. I must say that since then, little has changed: “Somehow we were forced to write about something that enrages. First, it is sincere. Everyone in this life does not suit something to one degree or another. Someone to pain in the groin, someone to a slight itch.
I, as a person who loves a relatively healthy lifestyle (I call him that, because he does not always coincide with the postulates of healthy lifestyles), is extremely pissed off as some people prefer to eat. I’m not talking now about vegans, vegetarians, fat people and other guys, I’m talking about the general majority of people sticking to bad eating habits that are rooted in the traditional education of the Soviet and post-Soviet times, where minus 100 g of weight in a child was considered a disaster.Of course, all this was actively stirred up by sports, but now only a few people indulge in sports. And then on the couch or in the bar during the Olympics with a glass of foam. This article will focus on bad eating habits that you or your loved ones are desperately holding onto.
“It's impossible to get enough without bread!” - what a nonsense this is, dude! "Eat with the bread!", "Bread to the whole head!" A huge number of people may refuse to eat meat, fish, milk and dairy products, but they are extremely difficult to refuse from bread. In one hand, a spoon, in another piece of bread - so many citizens of the former USSR eat. In some ways, this is also an addiction; without bread, people experience a false sense of unsaturation, which depends on how tightly some of them have crammed stomachs.
Bread clogs the stomach very well, the abundance of carbohydrates and a slight sweet taste in the mouth cause a certain habit of such nutrition. In addition, many people consider satiety a little overeating, and not the absence of hunger. Despite the fact that "bread to the head", most types of bread is not at all useful. In the process of processing, almost everything useful is removed from the grain, even the germ, because the presence of fat in it is bad for storage.
What remains goes on flour. There is whole wheat bread, bran bran, but for a healthy diet it is enough to refuse bread or use very little. I myself refused to eat bread and I know that it is not easy and very surprising people around, but it is effective, and I do not eat bread.
2. Tea, coffee, always with sugar

Sometimes I joke that I got along with my wife due to the fact that tea with sugar does not drink both. This is not true, of course, but such preferences are rarely found in the expanses of our homeland. We sat recently with acquaintances in a cafe, where there was a rich selection of tea, coffee and other drinks, we took specific types of coffee with toppings. Well, one dude with his wife took cappuccino and honey. After that, he added three more bags of sugar to the unbearably sweet garbage. To my logical question: “Will they stick together?” - he was surprised and said: “But without sugar! Tastier so.
Damn, and this is exactly the bad habit that many cannot give up. Sometimes one or two spoons is enough to make something sweet, but some pour in a little more than dofig sugar, which turns the drink into syrup. As in the case of bread, many people marvel at how you can not drink hot drinks with sugar. Experience shows that it is possible.Most good teas and types of coffee do not require sugar, they are good enough by themselves. I don’t drink tea and coffee with sugar for many years, maybe that's why I visit the dentist only for prevention, but I don’t have dental fillings.
3. Eating late at night or just before bedtime on the pretext that you cannot sleep.

What is this bullshit dude? You did not think that your sleep will be disturbing, because the stomach works to digest your last meal? Especially if it was attended by meat, which is traditionally digested longer? It so happened that we are slaves of habits. When our stomach is full at night, we feel more confident. This state of our body takes the norm, in addition, it is believed that this is a normal self-hypnosis.
Since I also suffered from this ailment (and here almost all the points are directly related to me), I can say with confidence that when you retrain yourself not to eat at night, sleep comes in the same mode, at the same time becoming less disturbing. Moreover, when you quit eating after six or eat fast carbohydrates, nothing changes. Self suggestion dude!
4. Multiple meals

This is when you all gather around the table and start eating. The first, second, salad, appetizers, and all this ends with the same dessert. In theory, many have enough of the first, the second with the salad they cram into themselves. But even when you were not satisfied first, the second and the salad will surely fill you. But then, when all traces of the feast are removed from the table, you need to drink tea "with something tasty"! Disgusting habit. You consume in one sitting the calories for a good such “Big Taste” from “McDuck”, if not higher. I assure you, for the normal functioning of the second and enough salad, a little first and second, or just the second.
I do not urge to monitor the number of calories, count them and write. I urge to monitor the amount consumed, because overeating is disgusting. No matter how many times you say that you have hard work, without high-quality workouts you will not be able to beat all these calories. And they will turn into fat layers. You know, when you reduce the amount of consumption, the first time is difficult and you want to eat all the time, but then you get used to it. And once again the problem is that such a meal is inherent in our traditional upbringing,which is also scrupulous about the fact that on the plate there are a few pieces of food that frankly do not climb into the throat.
5. Snack after eating

Often in some catering after ordering the main courses we are asked about whether we want to take something for tea. And many take. In the book "The Naked Monkey" I read that the presence of a sweet element in the meal is important for primates: this means that the meal was successful. This is a rudiment. It can be overcome if you deny yourself this. Consumption of sweet and flour is always worth controlling. But sometimes you really want, of course.
6. Irreducible snacks

When you eat, time passes unnoticed and pleasant. There is - the fastest way to have fun. It so happened that most people consider only full meals for their meals, but snacks seem weightless to us. Needless to say how wrong it is? Because of snacks at work in the form of cupcakes, bagels, nuts, a little more than dofig of calories per day is gained. We even had a post about snacking.

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Bon appetit: bad eating habits of Russians, who enrage foreigners 93

Bon appetit: bad eating habits of Russians, who enrage foreigners 10

Bon appetit: bad eating habits of Russians, who enrage foreigners 56

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