Books about love that are read in one breath: modern and classic

Spring is coming - time that literally breathes love! This huge feeling comes in different guises, appears in the most unexpected guises, comes out to meet when we don’t expect it at all, and turns the whole world upside down. What, if not love, to write (and even more to read) books? We offer you a list of books about love, showing a variety of aspects of this strong feeling.

"Mrs. Sinclair Suitcase"

I knew you needed me at all times and when time disappears.

This book about the love of Louise Walters was published in 2016 and immediately won the hearts of millions of readers from around the world! The novel tells about family secrets, soul mates and missed opportunities. Two parallel stories shared by a huge period - 50 years! All these years are full of mysteries, lies, self-sacrifice and love.

Events begin to unfold in modern England.Robert, who is crazy about old letters and books that she finds in the books, receives from her father a suitcase with books belonging to her grandmother. In one of them, the girl discovers a mysterious letter that excited her immensely. These lines were written by Roberta’s grandfather, whom she had never seen, because all her life she had been told that he had died in the war. The date makes the girl think - the letter was written later than the grandfather died in battle ...

"Mrs. Sinclair Suitcase"

The author takes the reader to 50 years ago. The Second World War. Dorothy is unhappy in a marriage with Albert, who is now at war. Once on the field, which is located behind her house, a military plane crashes. That is how Dorothy meets Jan Petrikovski, the squadron commander. Romantic feelings flare up between young people. It would seem that everything should be as well as possible. But in the life of Dorothy something happens that will excite her granddaughter ... On the pages of this book about love two worlds intertwine at once. One of them was destroyed by secrets, and the second - the truth.

"Three Comrades"

I walked down the street where Pat lived. The wind intensified, all the windows in her house were dark, the morning was sneaking on gray paws along the doors.Finally, I came home. “My God,” I thought, “I think I am happy.”

This book about the love of the classic Remarque book lovers from around the world is considered one of the best works, telling about a strong feeling. It is read with pleasure even by those who cannot bear love novels. Perhaps the whole point is that Erich Maria Remarque is surprisingly truthful: he leaves no illusions, but at the same time speaks about the most important thing so heartfelt that a revaluation of values ​​cannot be avoided ...

The events described in the book take place in Germany at the end of the 20s of the last century. Three comrades - Robert, Otto and Gottfried - have a small workshop where they repair cars. The main character, the auto mechanic Robbie, meets an amazing and beautiful Patricia. Despite the fact that they are people of completely different fates and social strata, mutual feelings appear between Robert and Patricia. Will love break through the crisis of those years? ..

"Singing in the thorns"

I will never forget you, until I die, I will not forget you. And I will live a long, very long time, it will be my punishment.

There are quite a few books about love in which events that have become textbook occur.You can re-read such stories again and again, experiencing the same storm of emotions. These books include the song “The Singing in the Thornberry,” the author of which is Colin McCullough. Events begin in 1915 and continue for half a century! This book is about love is divided into 7 parts, each of which reveals the character traits of one of the main characters. This is the saga of the Cleary family, which has come a long way from the poor of New Zealand to the managers of Australia’s largest estate.

The Thorn Birds

“While I'm alive”

“I love you,” he whispers angrily in my neck. - My heart is breaking, but I still love you. And do not dare to object to me that this is not true. Never say that again!

Special attention deserve books about love for teens. We advise you to pay attention to the work of Jenny Downham entitled "While I am alive." The main heroine of the book - Tessa Scott - only 16 years old. She is just starting to live, she wants to try everything! To not miss anything, she writes a list. It is worth noting that in this list there are not only innocent desires - Tessa wants to try drugs, break the law and become famous. The reason for such strange desires is not licentiousness, but a vital necessity, because the girl has very little to live - she is sick with leukemia.In recent months, the girl spends with the first and only love - a guy named Adam. It is he who fills Tessa’s life with incredible happiness. This modern book about love tells not about how terrible it is to die, but about how great it is to live.

Wild Dog Dingo

If a person is left alone, he, of course, can get on a bad road: he can run along the tracks, like a dog, and jump over the fence, and like a fox, peek out from behind the bushes behind others. But if a person is crying alone, then it is better to leave him like this: let him cry.

The tale of first love, written by Reuben Frayerman in 1939, and today occupies a worthy place in the list of books about love for teenagers. This touching story tells readers about growing up and first love. The main character, a girl named Tanya, suddenly realizes that her childhood is irretrievably gone. Changing thoughts, dreams and aspirations. Of course, looking back, Tanya is a little upset, but at the same time she understands that it is necessary to go forward - into the future. The writer tells exactly about this moment - transitional and turning point, and he does it incredibly shrill and truthful.

"P.S. I love you"

There are worse sins in the world than learning to be happy again.

Speaking of books about love, which are read in one breath, one can not say about this work of Cecilia Ahern. The girl wrote it when she was only 23 years old. The book immediately became a bestseller. And this, say the book lovers and critics, is not accidental: sometimes you can hear the opinion that “P.S. I love you ”can be prescribed as a so-called“ shock therapy ”, when it seems to a person that it simply cannot be worse.

"P.S. I love you"

After losing her husband, Holly Kennedy falls into a state of depression. Despair leads her to the point that she ceases to leave the house and communicate with people. In the most difficult moments of her life, Holly receives a packet with letters. You can print only one letter per month. Who is the author of these messages? The man who brings Holly intolerable pain is her husband. Shortly before his death, he decided to help his wife cope with disaster, learn to live further. Every month, Holly opens the next envelope and carries out her husband's instructions - she buys new clothes, goes to karaoke, goes to the sea ... True love is stronger than death - you will believe it when you read this book about love!


It remained in the past, as the city remains behind, which the train passed by. He has not gone anywhere, he continues to exist, you can go there to make sure of this. But why?

Critics call this story one of the most difficult ones telling about duty and love. The author, Bernhard Schlink, speaks in this book about love that erupted between a teenager who just turned 15 and a mature woman named Hannah. A touching and beautiful romance is interrupted when the mysterious lady disappears from the city - of course, without warning. Eight years later, Michael (that is the name of the main character) again meets Hannah. True, the circumstances of this meeting are capable of shocking the reader: it occurs during the demonstration process over the overseers of Auschwitz. Hannah is among the defendants, but Mikael is a law student ... It is worth noting that in this interesting love book, Bernhard Schlink does not just talk about feelings. He raises such difficult questions as Nazism, illiteracy and the question of guilt.

Book "Reader"

"See you"

I'm not saying that you should jump from tall buildings, swim with the whales, and so on,although in my heart I like to introduce you to these activities. Just live bright. Customize yourself. Do not stop there. Wear striped stockings with pride. And if you want to settle with some ridiculous guy and settle down, do not forget to hide some of the money. Knowing that you have a choice is a luxury. The knowledge that I have given it to you is my consolation.

Looking for a love book that is read in one breath? Pay attention to the work "See you." The author - Jojo Moyes - talks about difficult relationships. It is unlikely that the main characters of this novel would have begun to look for a mate. The trivial vital necessity drives them - Louise needs money, and Will needs the services of a carer. The fact is that a young man is confined to a wheelchair because he suffers from quadriplegia. The disease becomes a cause in order to commit suicide. Of course, you might think that such a plot is an excellent platform for creating a romantic book about love, full of clichés, but do not rush to conclusions! Moys managed to create an amazingly believable love story with a light, life-affirming touch.

"Blackberry Winter"

A true friend is not one who can come to you when you feel bad. Anyone can do this. A true friend is one who can appreciate your happiness, rejoice with you, even if he himself is not too fun.

Speaking of modern books about love, it is impossible to keep silent about this edition. From his pages Sarah Gio is trying to answer a variety of questions. For example, what to do if you change? How to understand that this person is your destiny? What if one day life puts you in front of a choice? The main heroine of the book is Claire Aldridge. Recently, she lost a child, family life is full of insults and claims, and the work of a reporter suddenly ceased to be fun. Claire's life changes in just one night. The summer city unexpectedly covers the snow storm. Exactly the same as 80 years ago, when a three-year-old kid disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It is Clare who begins the investigation, which is full of strange coincidences and mysteries.

"Blackberry Winter"

On the pages of this interesting book about love, the reader will know the laws of relations between people, reveal the secrets of passion and teach you to give your heart to another person, while remaining yourself.

"Anna Karenina"

Respect was invented in order to hide an empty place where love should be.

This book about the love of the classic of Russian literature by Leo Tolstoy is piercing and tragic. What is she talking about? About happy and unhappy people, that not always love is a blessing and joy, but always a great miracle. This novel turned out to be just as great. What is he talking about? About the all-consuming passion, because of which a woman can leave her husband contrary to the opinion of light, morality and her own conscience. “Anna Karenina” was screened three dozen times, put on the theater stage, the music for the ballets was written by Shchedrin and Tchaikovsky. In the movie, the role of Anna was played by such incredible actresses like Keira Knightley, Greta Garbo, Tatiana Samoilova, Vivien Leigh and many others!

"Anna Karenina"

We are sure that this book is much more than a novel about tragic love. This handbook tells about life, society and family.

"Gone With the Wind"

Has it ever occurred to you that I loved you as much as a man could love a woman? And if you would only let me, I would love you so dearly, so carefully, as no man has ever loved.

If you need a book about love and hate, turn your attention to the only novel written by Margaret Mitchell ”-“ Gone With the Wind ”.Book lovers from different parts of the world agree in their opinion that this novel is growing up with its reader. Read in his youth, he is completely differently perceived by man in his mature years. There is more war, more history. A lot of in the book of wisdom and, of course, vitality.

"Gone With the Wind"

The novel of the American writer covers events taking place over 12 years. The main character of the book is the young beauty Scarlett O’Hara, whose special gift is the ability to fascinate all men without exception. The girl is convinced: absolutely everything is crazy about her, including Ashley Wilks. Suddenly, however, it turns out that Ashley is already engaged to her cousin. Scarlett is sure that everything that is happening is a ridiculous misunderstanding, she should only talk with Ashley and he will immediately offer her hand and heart. A deeper disappointment awaits the beauty - Ashley admits to her mutual feelings, but he cannot be with her. The lovers' conversation is overheard by Rhett Butler, a man whose reputation is thoroughly tarnished ... What will happen to Scarlett over the next 12 years? Can she conquer Ashley's heart so much that he will leave his wife? And generally speaking,Will he need Scarlett after all that she will survive? Mitchell talks about this and many other things in his amazing novel. By the way, if the final of the book seemed too unhappy to you, read the novel "Scarlett", the author of which is the writer from America Alexander Ripley.

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