Break the routine

Surprisingly, sometimes, to have a good time, you just need to change the routine. And I mean not only the routine of working days, our weekends are so often filled with habitual actions that they cease to bring the intended effect of disconnecting from that very working routine. For example, A. and I start every weekend with breakfast somewhere on the waterfront or in a cozy Spanish bar with a patio. It would seem, to whom this can get bored? Those who do it 2 of 7 days a week :)
Today we left the house, and the day was so new, sunny and easy that we decided to make it different. Do what we have never done. And then they remembered that for 5 years now we were going to try a pleasure boat, going from our town to neighboring Benalmadena. We'll have breakfast there!

And on board vibes of happiness of satisfied tourists, the smell of sunburn, camera clicks, Spanish music. You want - you do not want, and at once you are loaded with mood!

I was peeking all the way to the dolphins, and the two sweetest merry ones didn’t hide from my gaze, yohu! It was not possible to capture them, as while I showed them to all our licorice plants, the fish jumped.Therefore, I photographed passing ports.

And then we sailed to the wonderful Purto Marina, and in order to get nothing left of our routine, we decided to have breakfast with miso and sushi. Why not? Moreover, the views in that port inspire all sorts of dreams and discoveries.

And then walk, chat, dream.

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