British illusionist Stephen Freyn: biography. Stephen Freyn's Foci

Who is Stephen Freyne? Where does this name come from in Russia? After all, even by pronunciation it is clear that this man comes from Britain! Perhaps, it is the person with the most inconsistent responses. Part of the audience is sure of his skill as an illusionist, but the other part is set up negatively and considers Stephen's tricks to be a swindle and a television game. Is it so? Is it possible to confirm any point of view? Try to understand and clear the reputation of Freyn.

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Guy with wild dynamics

In 1982, the light appeared very mobile andsmart boy, it was Stephen Freyn. His childhood Steven spent in one of the districts of Bradford with a very unpleasant reputation. It is no exaggeration to say that the boy's childhood was extremely difficult; Stephen Freyn of those times was an outcast and often found himself in the middle of fights. To spare himself from the attacks of adolescents, he decided to switch their attention and began to show tricks. Surprisingly, the trick worked, because already at the age of 11 the boy was very knowledgeable in art. The first lessons Stephen Freyn received from his grandfather, who showed basic techniques and tricks. Grandfather was and remained a source of inspiration for the guy.



Is illusionist Stephen Freyn? What determines the popularity of this name? It seems that he demonstrates magic. The guy violates all the laws of physics, and he does not like classical tricks. He comes up with a fantasy for his program, because he is burning with the desire to surprise others. The guy gets money right out of the air, reads thoughts and lets things through the glass. From the snow he makes diamonds, and if desired he easily passes through the window. Stephen Freyn's foci is so diverse that you can not take your eyes off during the show. Without much difficulty, he pushes the mobile phone into a bottle with a narrow neck, and the phone does not deform. If this leads the audience into raptures, then what about Stephen's unconstrained extraction of candy from his own throat with a chain ?! The spectacle is amazing, albeit a little strange. What can we say about numerous tricks with maps! It was the virtuoso performance of those that made the guy an unwanted person in most gambling establishments.

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Talent or deceit?

Incredible illusionist Steven Freyn differits originality. He thinks up all his tricks on his own, and so they feel the style. His program is constantly being improved, which attracts the attention of the stars. In the numbers of Stephen, Natalie Imbrulia, Lindsay Lohan and many others took part. Even being near, they can not understand how he can stop the work of the heart, lift a bar weighing 155 kilograms. Maybe it's magic? Indeed, more recently, Stephen demonstrated the really impossible - he walked on the water. Many people around the world are trying to recognize the secrets of the skill of Dynamo, looking for a video with revelations. Of course, some of his tricks are very transparent, but most illusions seem impossible. So people start to believe in a miracle. Is it possible to call a deceit what causes the audience so many emotions? After all, Stephen does not claim his magical power, but calls himself a magician.

Steven Freind Disclosure

It's like God ...

Focus with walking on the water really causedfurore. British illusionist Stephen Freyn realized it on the River Thames in front of the Westminster Palace in London. The stricken passers-by did not believe their eyes, because the guy walked calmly along the water to the middle of the river, and then climbed onto the approaching boat. Immediately after the demonstration of the focus, the fans of the illusionist analyzed the shooting in detail. But this is the trick! So what is its salt? Stephen himself, of course, kept silent about this. Soon the audience understood and understood that the whole thing is in a massive non-moving platform of transparent material - Plexiglas. She was previously anchored off the embankment. If such a focus show in the pool, everything would be obvious, but the water in the Thames is very dark and cloudy, so the platform was hidden.

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Fan Party

Steve has many fans, among them there arefamous personalities. This includes Will Smith, and Pi Diddy. Jay Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton and many others joined the ranks. Performer and musician Tainey Temp Dynamo impressed by the fact that he missed through his own neck chain, and for Demi Moore magician pulled a swallowed thread from his belly. Fragments of Freyn so impressed the billionaire Richard Branson that he knelt before the illusionist. And Lindsay Lohan was shocked when only the power of thought Dynamo made her go up in the air.

Technique of work

Why was he named Dynamo? It was a holiday in honor of the anniversary of Houdini, which was held at the Hotel Hilton. Frain spoke before the illusionists Aaron Fischer and David Blaine. Peers in the workshop appreciated the work of the young guy, and someone from the audience in a fit of emotion shouted out that this is not a man, but a dynamo! So the nickname grew. Quite young Dynamo was impressed with hip-hop culture and street dances. A similar approach to work, he used in his tricks, adding an element of surprise, proximity to the people. His plan he began to implement in 2004, when he moved to London. Here Stephen acted directly on the street, passed behind the scenes and worked for staff. Gradually, he came out from behind the scenes on stage, he was often invited to perform at their concerts. In 2007, he received an award in the field of charity and at the same time shocked Will Smith with a candy focus. In 2011, Dynamo joined the "Magic Circle". This is a respected community of British illusionists. In addition, Dynamo continues to write, and in 2013 he released an autobiography, which he called "There is Nothing Impossible".

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No restrictions

Even becoming popular, Freyn continues to go out in thepublic places and show tricks to ordinary citizens. On the beach in Miami, Dynamo was able to physically move the tan line on the girl's hand. The conjurer admits that life seems to him an illusion, and this allows to come to the conclusion that everyone can create his own reality. Here is a man Stephen Freyn. The exposure of the tricks does not bother him. After all, this is primarily a job, so there is nothing to worry about if the old trick is unraveled by the viewer. In the media, they talked for a long time about one of the last tricks of the master - levitation next to a double-decker bus. Freyn drove through the city, outside the bus and holding his palm over his roof. At the same time, he freely chattered his legs and his free hand. The audience had the opportunity to make sure that not a doll was hanging near the buses, but a real living person. What is the focus? It turned out that Freyn was not the inventor of this trick. He "borrowed" it from the German illusionist Johan Lorbir, who, however, did not ride around the city, but simply hovered on top. The secret of the focus in a special design made under the human hand. To the arm is attached a frame-saddle in the form of pants. So the magician could feel absolutely comfortable in this position.

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