Argentine fan made a video with a young Russian woman. In this video, the girl repeats the following phrases for a 45-year-old man: "Hello, Argentines! Come here. I want to suck * ui."
The act of a scoundrel causes disgust. 15-year-old girl looks like a real child, over whom this freak outraged.
But today I have a question not for him, but for the girl’s parents.
Where were your eyes when your child, having tricolor painted cheeks, got into a herd of drunk sheep?
What should be in the minds of people who allowed a teenage daughter to walk in a crowd of football fans filled with alcohol and testosterone on their very brows?
When a girl in a language unfamiliar to her declared that she wanted to suck, where at that moment were her father and mother? Watched the World Cup? House 2?
My teenage years have fallen - sorry for the cliche - to the dashing 90s. In the city where I grew up, the 90s were especially dashing. The bandits dragged the girls into the cars and raped just like that. Gopota dragged the girls into the basements and let in a circle.
I avoided this experience. Do you know why? Because my parents did not shit where I am and what I do.
Recalling myself at the age of 15, I cannot imagine a situation in which my wavering among men would, in principle, be possible. The only place where I regularly wobbled was called the forgotten word “library” today.
While the girls were walking with the boys, sipping from a bottle of "Baltic 9-ku", I read books. It was possible to read me, and it is not known with whom it is impossible to wander through the streets.
My parents were responsible for me in the truest sense of the word. I was not a weed for them, which was supposed to grow somehow myself. That is why, and only because of this, I did not become weed in life.
Today, your daughter will repeat a phrase for an Argentinian gopnik, the meaning of which she does not understand, and tomorrow, not drinking, will take it into his mouth. And with this, I assure you, it will begin its fall into the abyss. At the bottom of this precipice are women, who piss on their heads men.
Get out. At least for the sake of their daughters.
Take care of the children, and do not chew snot your unhappy personal life.

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