Caucasian weddings, their traditions and customs

Wedding is called one of the main and significant events in human life. A new family is being created, the race is extended. Each nation has historically developed certain customs associated with this day. Caucasian wedding traditions are no exception. This topic is very extensive, since each region and nationality has its own unique customs. That is what we will discuss in our article.

Caucasian weddings: photo and description of customs

Under the pressure of time, many of the originally Caucasian wedding traditions are becoming more and more adapted to modern society, some of them have sunk into oblivion. And this phenomenon can not be called the whim of the younger generation. There are many reasons why the once beautiful Caucasian weddings lose their flavor. The fact is that the original traditions are carefully preserved mainly by the villagers of old age. Whereas young people in search of a better life and greater opportunities are striving to move to urban areas, which makes its own adjustments.As for the very fact of marriage, so far some peoples have traditional prohibitions, especially in the villages.

Caucasian weddings

For example, the boy and the girl fed by breast milk of one mother cannot create a union. Priority have older. In the family, the first son or daughter first marries, after which permission is given to the youngest. These and many other customs are still transmitted from parents to children. But at the same time a large number of ceremonies are no longer taken into account by the younger generation. Another weighty argument for this is the high cost of organizing a traditional wedding. For example, many Caucasian peoples, such as Avars, Azeris, Lezghins and others, usually hold two celebrations in turn: first on the bride's side, and then at the groom. The number of invited guests is usually in the hundreds.

Previously, the wedding and did walk strictly separated. At the same time, the men celebrated the creation of a new family in the groom's house, and the women - in the dwelling of the bride's parents. At the same time, the face of the marriage girl was covered with a dense veil throughout the entire celebration. The bride was shown to all the guests only on the second day after the separate celebration and, of course, after the first wedding night. Over time, the tradition has changed a bit.However, so far in many regions, two festivities are organized. So this is a very expensive undertaking, and for this reason, many refuse to celebrate such a magnificent celebration. However, the cultural heritage is still honored by newlyweds, while preserving their essence. All the traditions of Caucasian weddings will never disappear. They can simply adapt to modern society, showing the characteristic features of the nationality to which the bride and groom belong. And even after hundreds of years, descendants will carefully pass on fragments of old customs to their children.

Unusual in wedding ceremonies and celebration

Caucasian weddings have long been famous for their unique flavor. However, there is something unusual in them. For example, the custom of wedding hiding is a separate celebration of the celebration by relatives, loved ones and other guests from the side of the groom, as well as the bride. Activities are usually held in different houses. And the young for several days during the celebration have no opportunity to see each other. These customs have some differences among themselves depending on the locality.

caucasian wedding photos

This is how the Caucasian wedding traditionally begins.Customs further relate to the entry of the future wife in the house of her husband. At this moment there is a main rule that should be followed without fail. The face of the bride must be covered with thick cloth, which, according to custom, will protect her from the effects of dark forces, envy and the evil eye. The future spouse must necessarily enter the groom's house from the right foot, and with the first step she should break the tea saucer inside. Before this action, a good sheep skin is laid on the threshold of the dwelling.

Wedding and show: is it possible to combine?

For Western people, Caucasian wedding ceremonies are more like a staged show program, and it is hard to imagine that even distant ancestors married in this way. Each action of the celebration is very spectacular and has a certain meaning. Almost all Caucasian weddings, photos of which can be seen in the article, are united by one custom. With him, in fact, begins the celebration. This, of course, is about the appearance of the young. The key figures of this celebration, they pass into the hall to the thunderous applause of the guests, who greet them standing. At the same time, the southern nations have their own tradition of musical accompaniment.If the sounds of “Vagzaly” are heard at the celebration, it means that the bride and groom will appear soon. There is no person who likes this tune. She has a unique beauty. This tradition has been honored by the nations for several centuries.

Pleasant ceremony at the gala event

Caucasian weddings are very colorful, and have a rich storyline. For example, with wishes of well-being and material well-being, a young man is showered with candies, as well as coins, so that life is sweet and rich. Further, when the bride is considered adopted by the new family, young people get the opportunity to see each other, as well as retire in the same room. This action is considered to be the beginning of the joint life of spouses.

The final action in the series of Caucasian folk rituals is the complete lifting of the restrictions and prohibitions that are imposed on the newlyweds in the process of a wedding celebration. For example, from this moment there is no need to hide from prying eyes, as well as from relatives on both sides. Now the hoops have all the rights to be together.

traditions of the Caucasian wedding

Gifts for the bride and groom

Caucasian weddings are celebrations in honor of the young, who create a new union, but they themselves, as a rule, do not actively participate in many rituals.Until now, it is imperative to respect the tradition, which concerns the mutual gifts of families, which were related through the marriage of their children. Of course, the gifts are more symbolic. For example, the male side of the family side of the young wife presents warm knitted socks made of natural wool. In ancient times, the bride really had to prepare the presents manually and independently. This gift is a symbol of good abilities of the young hostess in needlework.

Preparing a solemn event

Organization of a Caucasian wedding begins with preparation. Traditionally, the date of the celebration is determined by close relatives, as a rule, parents from the groom. Of course, it is also customary to take into account the wishes that the family of the bride has. Previously, all events had a routine. For example, if matchmaking took place in the spring, then the wedding itself was walked in the fall. To date, the time frame is somewhat shifted. Celebrations are usually arranged in the summer. Previously, the date, place and other details were taken to agree the parents of young without the knowledge of the children.Now this state of affairs is not accepted by modern society, and therefore the custom has practically disappeared.

By the way, the bride's parents can see the daughter only a month after the wedding. But, of course, they can communicate with the bridegroom's relatives, through whom they receive news from a young family. This tradition is observed to this day at many weddings.

Bride kidnapping: how does a similar rite happen?

Caucasian wedding organization

A Caucasian-style wedding has a ritual similar to the other nations. This is, of course, the abduction of the bride. This custom, incredible in its beauty and color, is as follows. The bride on the eve of the wedding, as a rule, is kidnapped and taken to the groom's parents, as a rule, within a few days. In the house, the young are surrounded by care, honor, and all sorts of privileges so that she does not have a desire to return to her home.

The groom appears in this rite as a brave man. It happens that the wedding is complete without theft. Then the groom is in the house of the bride, surrounded by his close relatives, as well as friends. It is a symbol of unity and cohesion of the clan, its viability and strength. Then a girl is offered a feast.In some regions, the abduction of the daughter from the parental home is considered a low act, so they invented this type of ransom rite. This is a more respectful manifestation with respect to the father and the young mother.

The bride is not called anywhere: why is this happening?

As for the future young wife, it is not customary to joke at a real Caucasian wedding and call her to participate in any competitions. After all, she personifies humility and modesty. In the Caucasus, very respectful of women. Only older men who are relatives on both sides have the right to dance with the young. Tradition is the performance of lezginka. Although other dances are also relevant during the celebration.

Caucasian style wedding

Guests at the gala event

Caucasian weddings are usually characterized by the presence of a huge number of guests. Moreover, absolutely anyone can come to the celebration. If he is not a relative or friend, then a certain gift for the newlyweds is due from him. This tradition was formed at the time when people lived in villages and had many relatives.If there was a celebration, it was customary to invite everyone. And when they forgot to call someone, it was fraught with serious and long-term resentment. Therefore, we tried to avoid such errors.

Caucasian wedding greetings: what do they wish for the young? What toasts choose guests?

A special place among the whole series of rites is, of course, feast. When all the guests are assembled, the groom and the bride sit at the head of the table, it is customary to say toasts and pronounce traditional Caucasian congratulations for the wedding. The most important words and teachings are heard, first of all, from parents on both sides. Although in the wise teachings on such festivities there is a bit of humor. Parents, as a rule, wish the newlyweds to comprehend the happiness of being together, to train with strength and patience to carry their love through life and to translate it into their own children, to see their grandchildren and to fully know true wisdom. Also, the toasts of similar content say older relatives. A special place at the huge table is given to grandparents, and possibly their parents. After all, it is from them comes the race, which will continue in future children.

Caucasian wedding greetings

Parable at the wedding

Among the toasts and greetings, the Caucasian parable to the wedding is often heard. As a rule, it carries a deep meaning and life wisdom. For example, a student asked a wise ruler how he manages to keep peace in his state. He told the guy that when he is angry, his people are calm, and vice versa. Further explained that the ruler and his people always form one whole. So, one calms the other and vice versa. The deep meaning of this parable is that the family is very similar to the state. Then you should raise the glasses for a similar method of maintaining peace and tranquility in the new cell of society.

Accessories for the gala event

Accessories for a Caucasian wedding in many ways resemble similar attributes in other nations, with the exception, perhaps, of dresses for young people. Traditionally, the future husband and wife appear at all ceremonies associated directly with the wedding, in colorful national costumes. Recently, however, this custom has become increasingly less respected by the newlyweds. Wedding procession, consisting of two dozen cars, sometimes accompanied by additional beautiful horses.Both cars and horses are traditionally decorated with ribbons, flowers and other similar wedding paraphernalia.

Caucasian parable on the wedding

Small conclusion

Caucasian weddings are an incredible kaleidoscope of beautiful rites and old customs that amaze with their color. Probably, at least once in life, each person is obliged to attend such a solemn event. Without a doubt, the impressions of this celebration will remain in memory for many years.

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