Chiara Ferrany: biography, career, personal life

Italian Chiara Ferrany is known not only as a model and business woman, but also as an advanced blogger. The girl gained world fame thanks to the personal content of The Blonde Salad.

Some biographical information

Chiara Ferrany was born in 1987, on May 7, in the family of a dentist and a writer. The motherland of Italian is the city of Cremona (Lombardy).

Chiara's mother, Marina Di Guardo, was born in the north of the country - in Sicily. In addition to Chiara, the spouses of Ferrañi raise two more younger daughters, Francesca and Valentina.

Slava caught up with Chiara, an Italian business woman and a man recognized as one of the most respected fashion specialists in 2011, two years after her personal fashionable content The Blonde Salad appeared in the Global Network.

A talented blogger girl, a law student at Boccon University, was noticed by New York agents, recognizing her as the star of the so-called street style clothing. At that time, about a million users had already shown interest in Chiara’s personal blog.

Today, Chiara is called a person who has managed to take the blogger to a new, much higher level. A small electronic diary created at your leisure has become the most discussed content today.

Blogger Chiara Ferrany

chiara ferrany

After another two years, in 2013 and the following years, Chiara’s personal electronic diary received new titles:

  • Blogger Chiara Ferrany was proclaimed the most widely read author on Instagram: according to Teen Vogue, in 2013 content subscribers were estimated at 1,600,000, and in 2014 this figure increased to 2,900,000.
  • Chiara Ferragni’s blog was recognized as one of the most branded - the opportunity to collaborate with a popular blogger interested designers of such famous fashion houses as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior and Max Mara.

Other achievements by Chiara Ferrany

chiara ferrany personal life

The name "Chiara Ferrany" appeared in the magazine Forbes, namely in the list of prominent entrepreneurs who have not yet reached the age of thirty.

Twice - in 2013 and 2015 - Chiaru was included in the list of the five hundred most influential people in the fashion industry.

Chiara Ferrany appeared on the cover of the first Spanish Vogue, and later - on the pages of at least fifty other fashion publications.

In 2010, the world market has its own collection of accessories Chiara Ferrany.

The face of Chiara Ferrany was borrowed by the producer of Barbie dolls - the company Mattel. Now we are aware of two new types of dolls with Kiara's face: in the first case, Barbie, dressed in jeans, a T-shirt and a leather jacket, flaunts “a la Chiara Ferrany” shoes (shoes are another income item of a young business woman), and the second type of “preferred” outfits from the firm “Chanel”.

Interesting details

chiara ferrany parameters

Today, Chiara Ferrany (girl's parameters: height - 177 cm, weight 55 kg) is the ambassador of the Pantene brand (a company specializing in the manufacture of hair care products), as well as the face of Amazon Fashion advertising leaflets.

The uniqueness of the creative blonde, whose revenues (derived mainly from the sale of shoes) in 2014 were estimated at eight million dollars, pundits from the Harvard Business School became interested. Now, the success story of Chiara Ferrany is part of the curriculum.

Having starred in the Spanish version of Vogue, Chiara made her way in the editorial office of other well-known publications. However, the young entrepreneur places her main hopes on her website.

Many celebrities, with pleasure informing the world community about their achievements in business, keep silent when it comes to personal relationships. Chiara Ferrany also belongs to this category of people.The personal life of a business woman "fits" in a couple of simple sentences. There is an Italian man in Chiara’s life. His name is Federico Leonardo Lucia. In creative circles, he is known as rapper Fedez.

Like any other successful entrepreneur, Chiara Ferrany has not only admirers, but also opponents, accusing her of mediocrity and doubting that the girl has her own style. The main argument of the envious is the wealth of the parents of the famous girl-blogger, without whom there would be no achievements.

Exclusive shoe maker

chiara ferrany shoes

Chiara Ferrany is known not only as a blogger and model, but also as the creator of her own shoe brand. Chiara's income is 10-12 percent of each pair acquired through her online store. However, commissions, experts believe, can "fly up" up to 50 percent, provided that the girl is engaged in direct sales.

Shoes, studded with sequins and decorated with the fruits of the designer’s fantasy of its creator, are already sold in boutiques in many countries of the world, and for some time now it has become available to Russians. To order samples of the next collection (which Chiara launches one after another), it is enough to place an order on the website belonging to the Chiara Ferragni brand, and then find your purchase on one of the shelves of the No One chain of stores.

blogger chiara ferrany

No One stores will soon be filled with new models of various colors and styles: sleepers, slip-ons and espadrilles. The only detail that unites all the products is constant sparkles and "winking eyes."

Chiara Ferrany eyes of the astrologer

Chiara was born in the year of the Red Rabbit and, like all representatives of this astrological symbol, she is intelligent, diplomatic and always positive.

In addition, people born under the auspices of this animal, behave as if they know where the golden mean of everything is. Barely born, they already have a well-developed intuition and willpower.

The rabbit is restless, cheerful, but dependent on its environment. He rarely brings to the end once the work started: without seeing the result, he breaks everything and redoing it anew. But it speaks more about the desire to achieve the ideal than about laziness.

The negative qualities of the astronomical Rabbit include irritability and intransigence.

Chiara Ferrany was born on May 7 and, according to the zodiac horoscope, is under the protection of the astrological Taurus. Representatives of this sign, fascinated by some business (or person), devote all his free time to him.

Taurus, born on May 7, values ​​material wealth, but considers spiritual development to be the main purpose of its existence. Money is not the ultimate dream for him - he is much more interested in things that can be obtained by having enough money.

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