Chic hair for a few hours

It's no secret that long hair is a symbol of femininity. But, unfortunately, not everyone can boast. However, progress does not stand still, and every wishing girl, if there are no contraindications for that, can easily and quickly acquire a chic head of hair with the help of extensions — natural hair for extensions.

Contraindications: 1. Hair loss caused by taking antibiotics, hormones, or after chemotherapy. Alopecia (full or focal) .3. Too short hair (hair length is shorter than the extension requires) .4. Sensitivity of the scalp. Prejudice (many people think that hair possesses energy and influences a person’s fate, and also that hair is cut off from corpses and mentally ill people for hair extensions). Stages of hair extensions: 1. To get started, you should familiarize yourself with all methods of extension and, with the help of a specialist, choose the most suitable for you. Extension technologies: 1) Italian technology - keratin is warmed up using special tongs and clamped, connecting your strand and expandableas a result, a transparent capsule is formed. 2) Spanish technology is more suitable for blond hair, since white glue is used at work. 3) Extension with small metal clips, due to which strands are attached. Then you should choose hair for extension - natural or from chemical fibers. To select hair as close as possible in structure and color to yours. The number of strands (from 100 to 300) depends on the thickness of your hair. Before building, the head is washed, since this procedure is performed only on clean hair. Building up - the process is time consuming and lasts from 3 hours or more.

The master, slightly receding from the roots, fastens the strands in turn so that the accrued strands are hidden from prying eyes under a layer of their hair. After this is done the necessary haircut and styling. Then the master conducts a short briefing on hair care and advises when it is best to make a correction. Care for hair extensions

1. To wash hair, only having inclined the head back in order to avoid confusion.

2. Apply shampoo gently. After washing, be sure to use a balm.

3Hair does not rub, but only get wet towel

4. Braid a braid for the night.

5. Comb your hair with special combing with wide teeth. In order not to comb the hair out of the strands, you should start with the tips.

6. Blow-dry your hair with a minimum temperature. Do not forget that the procedure of building up is rather expensive (from 300 dollars and more). Correction is also not free. Therefore, if you want to become the owner of thick and long hair in a matter of hours, you can close your eyes to the price and surrender to the will of the senses. In any case, to grow hair or not is up to you.

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