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Clean your comb - nothing is easier


Over time, on any hairbrush appear pollution - dust, greasy raid, the remains of foams, varnishes and other means. Her regular cleansing is an important step in hygiene. If you neglect this, hair even after washing will look untidy.

Why clean your hairbrush

Dust, grease excreted by the scalp, hair flakes and other impurities remain on the comb. From all this you need to periodically get rid of. If you do not brush your comb 1–2 times a week, all the dirt accumulated on it passes to our clean hair.


Hairbrushes - an indispensable tool for creating hairstyles and daily hair care

Types of pollution and how to deal with them

Each type of pollution is removed in compliance with some nuances:

  1. If you need to get rid of loose hair that has remained on the comb, entangled between the teeth and tightly adhered to them, use nail scissors, toothpick, comb with a sharp handle.Do this after each combing.If you allow your hair to accumulate, microbes will multiply on the surface of the comb, because for them it is a favorable environment.
    Hair removal comb

    You can clean the comb from the hair using a comb with a long handle

  2. Dirt is a generalized name for everything that remains on the comb: hair, dust, particles of subcutaneous fat, dandruff, remnants of cosmetics. Wet cleaning with soapy solutions or alcohol-containing products is required here. There is also a simple and effective folk way of cleaning any comb (brush, comb, massage, metal, round, with natural bristles): squeeze out the shaving foam on the hair-cleansed product and leave it for half an hour or more and then simply wash it off.
    Comb with foam applied to the teeth

    Shaving Foam - Universal Cleaner for All Hair Comb

  3. If you notice an unpleasant plaque of white color, you also need to get rid of it. These are particles of fat that the scalp exudes. It actively accumulates and multiplies microbes. It requires disinfectants, disinfectants - solutions with ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.
    Hydrogen peroxide

    In a greasy plaque, bacteria multiply, so to clean the combs use disinfectants, for example, hydrogen peroxide

Purification methods

For each material, you need to pick up your cleaning method to not only deal with the contaminants and prevent their appearance, but also not to damage the comb. On sale you can find metal, plastic, wooden brushes, massage combs, scallops.

Wooden hairbrush with natural bristles

Wooden hairbrushes should be cleaned with care, as they do not like moisture.

Ways to clean wooden hairbrushes

Wood - the most natural material used for the production of comb, which does not like moisture. Therefore, to clean the comb from it, those methods are suitable in which water is present in very small quantities. And it's better to do without it. For this use:

  • vodka;
  • alcohol medical.

Operating procedure:

  1. We wet a cotton swab in the selected tool.
  2. Wipe the wooden teeth and the rest of the surface of the product from all sides.Alcohol-based liquids dissolve dust and grease by cleaning the comb.In addition to the tampon, you can use a cotton swab: it will penetrate into all hard-to-reach places.
Wooden hairbrushes

Wood hairbrushes are cleaned with alcohol or vodka

How to wash a plastic comb

Plastic is one of the most resistant to physical and chemicalexposed to materials. Therefore, when cleaning, they use not only alcohol-containing agents, but also more aggressive substances. Hairbrush cleaned from old hair with his hands or with a toothpick. Then get rid of the particles of fat secreted by the scalp, as well as dust adhering to them. This is done in several ways:

  1. Use a solution with shampoo: in half a glass of warm water, dilute a teaspoon of shampoo, put a comb in it for 30 minutes, and then wash the product under running water.
  2. They prepare a soap solution with ammonia: dissolve liquid soap in warm water (1 tsp. Per cup) and add a small amount of ammonia. Then the comb is placed in the resulting product for half an hour and then washed with clean water.

    Solution from liquid soap and ammonia - good cleansing agent for plastic comb

  3. Purified with baking soda paste: water is added to a small amount of baking soda to a state of rather thick gruel. Toothbrush put gruel on the teeth of the comb, rub off dirt and wash the product with water.
    Baking soda

    Kashitsa soda and water horsho removes dirt from the comb

  4. Using a solution of bleach (the ratio of water and bleach 9: 1) or hydrogen peroxide. The comb is left in these products for an hour or more, washed and dried.
Plastic hairbrush

The plastic hairbrush is cleaned with soapy water, baking soda and other means.

The use of a solution of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide is also a disinfection. Therefore, the method is effective in the presence of parasites of the scalp, for example, lice.

Video: How to clean a comb with baking soda

Brushing metal comb

Dry powders - kitchen or even washing - are well-suited for cleaning metal hairbrushes. Somewhat different ways to use them:

  1. Use of cleaning powder for kitchen surfaces (PemoLux, Biolan, Pemoxol): apply a little of the product onto a wet toothbrush and rub the comb with the resulting paste until all the dirt has left the metal.Such powders are composed of aggressive ingredients that are aimed at the complete removal of fat.Rinse cleaned hairbrush thoroughly with running water and wipe dry with a waffle or towel.
  2. Washing powder (1.5 h.l.) dilute in half a glass of water and leave in such a solution a comb for half an hour-hour. Then rinse with water and dry thoroughly.

Metal is a material to which rust is not indifferent, and therefore it cannot be left wet by any means: the comb is hopelessly deteriorated.

Metal comb

Hairbrush metal requires thorough drying after cleaning

Care of the product with natural bristle teeth

Natural bristles are the same hair, and therefore you can wash them with shampoo:

  1. After clearing the hairbrush from the remaining hair on it, distribute shampoo over the whole bristle.
  2. Leave on for 10–15 minutes.
  3. Place in a glass of warm water and use a plastic comb or toothbrush to remove shampoo and all contaminants from the bristles that will easily go away with it.
  4. Rinse the comb under the tap and leave on a towel until it is completely dry.

It is recommended to dry a hairbrush only a bristle up. Other positions may deform it.

Comb with natural bristles

Comb with natural bristles is easy to clean with shampoo

How to clean a massage comb

Massage called volume comb, the teeth of which are firmly fixed in a rubber or nylon insert. These products have a complex shape.Cleaning them is not always convenient.

  1. Toothpick or hands clean the comb from the hair remaining on it. You can also use a plastic comb, toothbrush, or even another massage comb.
  2. We are preparing a cleansing solution: in 1 liter of warm water we dilute 3 tbsp. l 9 percent vinegar, add 2 tbsp. l shampoo, mix thoroughly until enough foam is formed.
  3. We process the product.We do not soak: the glue on which the rubber with teeth is planted does not tolerate immersion in water, and even then it is almost impossible to pour it out of the internal space of the comb.
  4. Rinse with clean water and send to dry.

For massage comb use another solution:

  1. In 1 liter of water add 2 tbsp. l shampoo, 1 tsp. hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.
  2. The resulting tool wipe contamination.
  3. Wash and leave to air until completely dry.
Massage comb

Massage combs can not be soaked in water

In any cleansing solution for combing, you can add a few drops of essential oil or a mixture of them to give a pleasant aroma. Suitable oils of grapefruit, bergamot, lemon.

Essential oils

Essential oils will give the comb a pleasant aroma after washing

Since it is not possible to soak the brush on batteries, but you need to wash it regularly, you can use a simple way: pull out the batteries and remove dirt from the teeth with an old toothbrush with dishwashing detergent. To rarely have to do it, after each use you need to remove all the hairs.

Massage comb on the batteries

Remove the batteries before cleaning the electric massage brush.

How to clean a round shape comb

  1. Get rid of hair with a toothpick.
  2. We prepare one of the solutions listed above.
  3. Immerse the comb in it at the time indicated in the instructions.
  4. We get it, wash it, dry it.
Round hairbrush

A round hairbrush, like everyone else, needs cleaning.

Hair care rules

There are several basic recommendations for comb care:

  1. Clean products at least once a week.
  2. Do not rub the teeth much or their attachment to the frame: you can just break them.
  3. Good drying of the comb after cleaning is an important condition for long-term use of the hairdressing tool.
  4. To get rid of the hair on the brush every time after using it.
  5. Every 3 or 4 months, change the comb.
  6. So that the brush or comb, which you always carry with you, do not lose their shape and do not attract unnecessary dirt - get a protective cover for them.
    Hairbrushes in the case

    The cover will help preserve the shape of the comb and protect it from dirt

Observe the rules of care for hairbrushes and properly clean them. Choose a method according to the type and material of the product. So your hair will shine with a new force, dust and dirt from unwashed brushes will not settle on them.

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