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Can't you remember what woman was dressed in? So she was dressed perfectly. These words belong to the famous creator of a little black dress. Rude mistakes in the choice of colors and styles of clothes really cut into the memory. The ability to harmoniously dress by nature is not given to every woman, but this can be learned. Today we look at melange - one of the most unique and interesting colors.

What color is it - melange?

This is a French word that translates as "mixture." The word has a wide range of uses. As the term is used in cooking, geology, chemistry, rocket science, needlework. Even in the coffee industry, melange has found a use: this is the name for an espresso-based coffee drink with the addition of milk and cream.

In fact, such a shade as melange does not exist. Under this color most often refers to melange yarn, consisting of multi-colored fibers.

Melange yarn is a combination of similar in tone colors that look quite harmonious together.By the way, they visually slim a figure, especially dark tones, therefore they will suit women of magnificent forms.

Melange yarn can be cotton, wool or artificial. The texture also varies. Currently, stores offer a large selection of blend yarn of various shades. You can make it yourself, dismissing old things.color melange is what color

Today, in the assortment you can find melange clothes of the most different styles and colors. Often it is free to cut knitted things, cozy and harmonious, which keep their shape well. This list includes cardigans, coats, jumpers and even accessories. For example, scarves.

There are also melange dresses. Most often they are designed to create a casual look. They are preferred by those women who love to look feminine and elegant, even in gloomy everyday life.

Melange gray

Color melange - what is the color in clothes? Most often, this definition refers to gray with dark patches. Its other variations are blue and blue, green and green, brown and beige, etc. Such combinations look non-standard and completely harmonious, so melange is actively used in the manufacture of clothing.And, of course, it is relevant in interior design. Similar colors add to the room coziness and uniqueness.

Absolutely universal is the color melange. What is the color, we found out above.

Gray melange is a discreet, classic shade. It is harmoniously combined with almost all colors, gently and unobtrusively shading bright clothes. Pure melange looks elegant and spectacular, as it combines several shades. It is perfect for both everyday and business image. The versatility of the melange makes it suitable for both young girls and mature ladies.

Color history

After discussing the color of melange (what color it is, we have already figured out), we turn to its history. Once gray and its derivatives were considered the color of the clothes of the poor, who can not afford to wear other colors. The governess wore him, so he was considered dull and uninteresting. But later he was appreciated by many famous designers, including Christian Dior and Andre Courrege.color melange is what is in clothes

Elegant restraint is in fashion today. Girls choose comfortable, harmonious images. Now on the podium are popular numerous shades of gray - smoky, pearl, silver. But how not to turn into a gray mouse under the influence of melange? Consider the popular combinations.

Gray melange and other colors

Choosing clothes of similar colors, make sure that they do not merge with each other. Your image should consist of light and dark tones. Deep dark gray in this case is one of the most advantageous options. It is also called anthracite. Remember that it is better to follow the rule "light top, dark bottom." Or vice versa. In this case, you will not turn into a gray spot. Such a casual look is suitable for work and study, it is successfully complemented by black shoes.

Particularly interesting is beige in combination with melange, but only with a properly selected tone of clothing and accessories of a different, third color. In general, any combination of melange, light shades and black is a winning option for a fashionable woman who does not have a natural sense of style. color melange is what is in clothes

Pastel shades and gray melange

In this case, melange acts as a background against which any pastel gamma will look harmonious. Dark melange perfectly complement those colors that are cool - pale pink (the most successful combination), pale blue, mint, lilac.

Light gray melange looks great in combination with pink, pale yellow, peach, light green.

Everything can be combined with gray melange.You can combine it with red, yellow, pink, green. The main thing is to make sure that the shades look harmonious on you. This is an excellent option for meeting with your beloved or walking with friends. Melange goes well with jeans.beige melange color is what

The color beige melange is what?

In English, the word nude means both nude and beige. Therefore, it refers to all the tones, close to the color of the skin. In the world there are about 1,000 shades of beige.

Heterogeneous beige fabric combining different beige tones is also called melange. There is a huge group of beige tones, each of which is combined with specific colors. For example, gray-beige is in harmony with fuchsia, amethyst, ruby, emerald, brown, silver, azure.

Light beige melange - what color is it? It is visually similar to dairy, refers to the classic along with black and white, combines with almost all colors.light beige melange what color is it

Pinkish-beige, sometimes called powdery, warmer, and most importantly - universal. It is suitable for office and for a romantic date. The most advantageous will look with lilac, brown, gold and silver.

Anthracite melange is what color?

The word translated from Greek means "coal."Therefore, anthracite melange is a deep and dark shade of gray. Sometimes it is called a touch of wet asphalt.

This color is most suitable for strict dresses in a business style. However, pure anthracite melange may look somewhat gloomy, therefore it is usually diluted with other, brighter shades. For example, red.

An evening look can also be created with anthracite melange. In this case, it can serve as a background for other colors. Anthracite also shade brightly the jewels.

To combine anthracite melange with dark, deep shades need to be careful, because the image may be too gloomy. You can try to look from several deep shades of different colors, but this solution may be appropriate only in the cold season. If you choose deep colors for summer, then they are recommended to be diluted with a light print or bright accessories.

Almost all shades are well combined with anthracite melange: pale pastel, white, beige, malachite, black and, of course, lighter shades of gray. If you like anthracite, but you are afraid of choosing the wrong pair, feel free to combine it with lighter shades of gray. Do not lose! anthracite melange color is what


Today on the Internet resources you can find color charts. Familiarize them, it will help you to choose the right colors of clothes, you will learn how to create a beautiful and harmonious image.

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