Effective conspiracy to return money: list, text and reviews

Desperate to shake out of the debtor what was earliercarelessly given, people often turn to magic. To solve the problem, special rituals are needed, in which conspiracy to return money is used. Today rituals and incantations are no longer a mystery. However, it is difficult to find effective and effective. Let's figure out what conspiracy to return money, how to read it, so as not to be disappointed afterwards.


How does magic work and who does it all work out?

Magic, like any science, has a theoretical part. As a rule, beginning magicians miss it, which leads to negative consequences. After all, what are the plots for a refund? Do you think you will utter the right words and everything will be formed by itself? This is not true. This is a magical effect on another person who has a certain (sometimes powerful) defense. To reach it, it is necessary to have an appropriate level of energy. All this is just the basics. You know, if a person does not give money, although he understands that his action causes, to put it mildly, discontent, then he is already stronger. By performing rites, reading conspiracy to return money, you change the balance, raise your energy level to what your debtor has (or more). Only so the ritual will bring the result. And you need to remember this when you get yours. Otherwise, you will remain with nothing and you will still scold the one who advised the rite.

conspiracy to return stolen money

Eternal question: what to do?

It is necessary to prepare for any ceremony. To do this, methods are used to increase their own energy level, magicians do this regularly. They recommend practicing fasting, asceticism, meditation. More often sorcerers use the influence of nature on a person's aura. Phases of the moon, for example, tides, wind, lightning and other elements. We with you, that the plots for the return of money (debt) acted from the first time, it would be good to determine the method of influence on a person. If you want to use white magic, then you should prepare accordingly. In this version, fasting and prayer are suitable. In the case of the use of black spells, energy is increased by campaigns to the churchyard, by other special rites. It is strictly forbidden to apply to religion. But you can use music, dance and other physical exercises.

What are the plots to repay the debt

Situations when you are not given a loan vary in terms ofcontent. Some gave money to relatives, others - to strangers, third goods were provided with the condition of a subsequent payment. In all these cases, an appropriate rite is needed. We will list a few of the most popular. Namely the conspiracy to repay the debt:

  • on a coin;
  • broom;
  • a candle;
  • the grave;
  • poppy.

It should be borne in mind that the black ritual leads toto the fact that the victim receives damage. Naturally, it is undesirable to conduct it in relation to relatives. Negative energy will somehow strike a wicked wizard. Be careful. But the conspiracy to return the stolen money may well be black. Why should a thief be sorry? Let him be responsible for his actions.

conspiracy to repay white magic

Conspiracy to return money: white magic

If the irresponsible borrower was closea person who quarrels with whom you do not plan, then choose the ceremony carefully. And it is even better to use conspiracies and prayers for a refund at the same time. Experts recommend going to the temple. But first, forgive his friend for his frivolity. It is not necessary to weave negative energy into magical activities. In the church put a candle in front of the icon of St. Nicholas. Ask him for support. Another candle for the health of the debtor. Without this, the rite will not work out. The essence of it is to cause that reproach of conscience, and not to bend his will. On the first day of the new moon, find a white coin in your purse the newer. Go with her to the tree or pine. Bury a coin and say a magical word. They are: "I'm paying a Christmas tree for a favor. If you conscience my friend. Let the Lord slave (name) is harassed, while with the debt will not be straightened. Amen!"

a strong conspiracy to repay

Ritual with a broom

Many are looking for a strong plot to refund money. Effective rituals require contact with the object of influence. For this it is necessary to buy a brand-new broom, without taking change. Break off the twig from it. Still find an old whisk, preferably dirty and greasy. Also, cut off a small twig. Go with them to the debtor's door. By the way, the rite is suitable for "knocking out" the wage arrears from the employer. Drive a branch from the new broom to the doorjamb and say these words: "A good broom sweep money home!" The conspiracy must be pronounced three times. Then hit the second branch on the door handle and say: "I threw a thorny broom, I cry to the conscience of the Lord, the servant (name). Let it hurt, and the fate of his fate. He must lose a hundred times, and he will never know whom to thank! "Drop the branch from the old broom at the threshold of the debtor, and bring a new home. It should be burned when the money returns.

debt repayment schemes

Ritual for a candle for the bestowal of a debt

In hopeless cases, another ritual helps. It uses the church candle acquired during the Friday morning service, and a new box of matches. This conspiracy to return money from the debtor is also considered white, so it is only carried out after you release the offense, forgive a person. Also prepare a saucer and a white handkerchief without a pattern. Guess the time so that you can revive at the full moon. So the force of influence on the debtor will be maximum. Sit in the evening at the table facing the window (you can use the sill). Do not close the curtains. Burn the candle from the old box, and not the one that is prepared for the ritual. Say a prayer, ask the Lord for help. Then, pull out the box from the store by a match and light it from the candle. Hold in your hands while you can, then put it on the saucer. All this time, say these words: "I'm talking fire to help. May the Lord servant (name) return the debt. His soul burns with fire, he calls for peace. Until he returns what he is obliged to, he will be punished forever. Amen! "As one match goes out, take another. And so all the boxes spend. Ashes and candle stump wrap in a scarf and hide.

conspiracy and prayer for a refund

Black ritual in the pogost

This ceremony is conducted in a situation where the debtor does notsimply does not give money, but also mocks. Take any thing that this person touched (or his personal). On Thursday, go with her to the churchyard. Take with you a mention. Choose an old, not well-groomed grave. Put a mention. Next, put a stockpile. Say thus: "Spirit, go out, go to the servant (name of the debtor) to the Lord. Cory it and curse, but about taken, remember. Sleep and eat do not give up, close the way to heaven. Let him hurt until the debt comes back to me! "These words are spoken aloud. As soon as the last sound from your lips breaks, go home. Do not talk to anyone on the road. And when the money is returned, then again go to the grave. Thank the deceased, remember to bring it again.

conspiracy to repay money from a debtor

Ritual with poppy seeds

Black rituals are not recommendedbeginners. It is better to revive on the basis of natural forces, then do not receive a return. For example, buy a poppy in the store on a rising moon. Do not take delivery. In the morning, open the pack, hold it to your lips and read the prayer. The words are: "Lord Jesus! Forgive me a sinner. Help me cope with poverty and want, let the wealth come to me home. I change my sinful debts for happiness modest, poverty bitter - for free. Who robbed me with fraud to give it all away. My will return to me, and someone else's trouble will turn. Amen! "The poppy should be sprinkled on the debtor's path.

Influence through its energy

You know, when a person is hurt, it can be initself. The reviews are advised: before turning to debt repayment, you need to check your own energy. If you have spoiling or the evil eye, no rituals to repay the debt will help. First you need to get rid of the negative. Conduct a simple ritual with salt, and then look at the behavior of the debtor. It is likely that his greed is caused by the black energy working in your field.

By the way, that debts always come back, you canUse the old tradition of oriental merchants. They never just parted with gold, they definitely read a special formula. She created a protective field for a man. No one could jinx or curse him. So the following conspiracy to return money works. When you pay, the merchants said, it is necessary to say these words in your mind: "What's mine, it will not go away, but it will remain in the house. Never with me zlato with silver will not part! "This formula is used whenever you give something away. It is quickly remembered and becomes a habit. Such a simple ritual creates the conditions for people to be honest with you and return the taken.

conspiracy to repay reviews

What are the results of magic?

Often complaints about the ineffectiveness of conspiraciesare caused by the fact that people do not understand exactly how magic works. Inexperienced magicians are in naive confidence that the debtor will necessarily bring money. In fact, everything is more complicated. Do not make plans for how to return the borrowed funds, if you use a conspiracy to return money. The testimonies of practicing wizards say that real miracles happen to them. Money comes from the most unexpected sources. And the amounts coincide with those employed. This is a pretty subtle point.

Before the rite, decide on theintention. If you want to get your money, this is one thing, and when the goal - to punish the offender - is different. The magical energies themselves determine how to correct the situation. You took one person, for example, and they organize so that this amount will come as a result of winning. But this does not mean that the debtor will not suffer. He will lose as much, but perhaps in a completely different situation. When you trust, trust magic and do not decide for it exactly how the money will come. If you want to punish an unscrupulous borrower, then use a black conspiracy. But note, it can be double-edged. The person on whom the ritual is performed has his defense. You will not be able to break it, get yourself into trouble. As a rule, an unsuccessful rite leads to even greater losses of means.

How to strengthen the plot

Do you know who a real magician is? This is a person who is able not to dwell on the result of the rite. According to the feedback, that everything happens as you want, and quickly, you need to be able to get distracted. Specifically, this means that we should forget about the ritual, as if it had already worked. Do not wait for a second result. Attention is energy, which hinders the work of magical powers. It is best after engagement to do something interesting, so as not to think about duty at all. The better you get to switch, the faster you will get the result. Sami try and write in the comments, as it turned out.

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