Elena Isinbayeva: biography and personal life

Elena Isinbayeva - one of the most titled and famous athletes of our time. Her specialization is pole vaulting. In Elena's money-box there are two gold and one bronze of the Olympic Games. Isinbayeva repeatedly became a world and European champion with record results, was recognized as the best athlete in 2007 and 2009.

Her career is a solid struggle with obstacles, overcoming the impossible, an incredible will to win and a craving for justice. Until now, one of the records set by our famous athlete, no one in the world can beat. About the biography of Elena Isinbayeva, personal life, children will be discussed in the article. And also about what the athlete had to go through in order to become truly legendary.

Brief biography of Elena Isinbayeva in her childhood

The future athlete was born in early June 1982. Her parents are ordinary people who had working professions. His father came from Dagestan, worked as a plumber, he is a Tabasaran by nationality.The biography of Yelena Isinbayeva began in Volgograd, where her father had moved before the creation of his family. The athlete's mother, Natalya, is Russian, who worked in the boiler room. Lena together with her sister Inna were raised in strictness. Both girls in childhood were interested in sports. The mother gave them to the gymnastics class at one of the local youth sports schools. Natalya herself was engaged in basketball in her youth, but she could not tie up her career with big-time sports. She was not taken to the Institute of Physical Education.

Yelena Isinbayeva

Lena was 5 years old when she first attended classes. Sister Inna soon abandoned training. Now she is far from sports, she married a famous circus acrobat, lives with her family in America.


At the age of seven, Lena went to study at the lyceum, in which classes were formed according to the technical direction. After 3 years, the parents gave their daughter to the gymnastics section to coach Alexander Lisovoi. He at first did not see potential in a thin girl. But in terms of flexibility and grace, she had no equal.

Elena Isinbayeva training

After graduating from the Children and Youth Sports School, Lena was taken to the Olympic reserve school, from which, however,some time later they were kicked out because of their "futility". It would seem that this would end the biography of the athlete Elena Isinbayeva. But Lisova came to the rescue.

Pole vaulting

Alexander accidentally saw on the TV performances of athletes with poles. He immediately thought about Isinbayeva - after all, her height and athletic physique were quite suitable for this sport. Fox agreed with the pole vault coach Yevgeny Trofimov, who agreed that he would look at the abilities of 15-year-old Lena.

Many years later, Isinbayeva would thank Alexander Lisovoy for buying a three-room apartment in an elite area, and it is recognized that he made her the one who she is now. And her duty to him is much greater than just buying a home.

Start of sporting career

Since 1998, began the formation of the sports biography of Elena Isinbayeva. Personally, under the mentorship of Trofimova herself, the girl was engaged in jumping up to 2013 with short breaks.

Elena Isinbayeva championship

The first significant victory for the young athlete was the championship at the World Youth Games, which were held in Moscow. Then, being a sixteen year old girl, Lena jumped to a height of 4 meters. A year later, Isinbayeva became the first among juniors already at the World Championships held in Seville.The initial result was surpassed by 10 centimeters and turned out to be a world record.

With the onset of the millennium, Elena took part in the second world championship. Here she surpassed not only her rivals, but also herself, beating the last record. In 2000, the pole vault discipline was included in the Olympic program. What has become a real window to Europe, opening up new opportunities for athletes.

Records for records

After another year, participating in the Junior European Championship, the athlete outperformed all her competitors with a record of 4.40. And in the same season as part of the international ISTAF festival, Elena left no one a chance to catch up with the new figure - 4.46 meters. Only in 2005, the German Silka Spiegelburg was able to break her record by two centimeters.

Elena Isinbayeva with an award

For the first time about Elena Isinbayeva as a great athlete started talking after the 2004 Olympic Games, held in Athens. At the pole vault competitions, the girl set a world record, despite the fact that she also surpassed herself - 4.91 m. She deservedly won the gold medal.

New season

A year after the triumphant victory at the Olympics, Elena signed a contract with coach Vitaly Petrov.It is known that he was once a mentor of the legendary Soviet athlete Sergey Bubka. The great athlete at some time even acted as a consultant to Elena. Thanks to him, she developed her own tactics. Each of the three jumps divided into three types: warm-up, victory and record. Under each of the stages the poles were chosen at different heights.

Elena Isinbayeva outside sport

Isinbayeva submitted in July 2005 to a five-meter height. At the press conference, she told the whole world that this was not the limit, but only the norm. A month later, at a competition in Helsinki, she proved that she was not throwing words to the wind - the record was increased by 1 centimeter.

Beijing Olympics and the bitterness of loss

By the 2008 Olympic Games, Elena came fully armed and again with a record of 5.04 meters. And at the competitions themselves, the athlete raised the bar by 1 centimeter and again became inaccessible to her competitors.

A year later, the troubles began - within the framework of the World Championship held in Berlin, Elena blocked all her attempts. In the comments she told reporters that she fell in love and was mentally distracted. Sports analysts also stated - Isinbayeva had no one to compete with, the world championship was not interesting for her.

Elena Isinbayeva in position

Annoying trouble spurred the athlete to new challenges.She drew certain conclusions and began to train more than before. But taking new peaks was not so easy. As part of the new World Championship in enclosed areas, Isinbayeva again failed miserably. The athlete announced a career break.

2012 Olympic Cycle

Before heading to London for the Games, Elena set a new record for pole vaulting indoors - 5.01. Great hopes were pinned on her, but she could not justify them. Isinbayeva climbed to the podium, but only with the third result. However, given the extremely unsuccessful last three years, Elena called her third place a quite good result.

In the same period, the desire to leave the big sport came, especially the 30-year-old girl thought about her personal life, her husband and children. Biography of Elena Isinbayeva in sports was very successful, but in private life is not quite. And she decided to wait a little - announced a break.

Scandal Olympics 2016. Completion of sports career

After giving birth in 2015, Isinbayeva decided to return to the sport, but at the same time stressed that the Olympic Games would be her last. However, the beautiful did not work out.Russian track and field athletes in full composition were suspended from participation in the world championship. A real scandal happened - the anti-doping association did not want to allow Russian athletes to compete.

Neither long trials nor appeals to the International Athletics Association brought any results. In the middle of August 2016, Elena completed her career, saying that the athlete, who will take the first place in the pole vault, will be only the second for the 2016 Olympics.

Personal biography of Elena Isinbayeva

The athlete has always admitted that she grew up in a simple family of workers. And she herself was never arrogant or suffering from stellar disease. You can quietly walk up to her on the street and talk, she is open to her fans, never refuses to take photographs, she is happy to give out autographs.

After the first Olympiad, Elena became a regular at various television shows, she was invited to a photo shoot, the athlete appeared on the covers of glossy magazines many times and not only in sports sections. Gradually, the girl turned into a real lady. No wonder the fans called her the "queen".

Elena Isinbayeva is pregnant

Her position was sought by many men, and Elena herself fell in love with a young man, who is 8 years younger than her, - athlete Nikita Petinova. The young man also comes from Volgograd, is also an athlete-athlete.

Young people met in their hometown. However, they did not immediately realize that they were made for each other. At some point, Elena trained in Monaco, so it was not possible to meet with her lover - communication was mediated. Their relationship grew into a serious stage in 2011, when the girl returned to her hometown. The public became aware of their romance only when the athlete became pregnant.

Childbirth took place in Monaco, where Isinbayeva once lived and trained. Young parents were born girl Eve in late June 2014. And in the winter, her parents decided to have a wedding. They didn’t begin to originate - they celebrated in their native Volgograd. There were few guests, the celebration itself was held in a modest setting. The newlyweds did not want to attract public attention.

At the age of three, baby Eva first appeared in public. Elena took her daughter with her to the all-Russian athletics competitions.

In August 2017, there was a tragedy in the family of the Isinbayevs - Elena's mother died. At this time, the athlete was already in position. The second child, a boy, gave birth to Isinbayeva in mid-February 2018.

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