Evgenia Feofilaktova: biography and personal life

Evgenia Feofilaktova became known after participating in the popular TV show "Dom-2". A beautiful and graceful brunette from the first days on the project many guys fell in love with her. Fans waited with interest for news related to the dark-haired stranger. Today, Eugene has become a popular person. But many interesting facts of her biography are safely hidden. Who is she?

Children and school years

In 1985, a girl was born in the simplest and most ordinary family in a small urban-type settlement of the Kirov region. She was called Zhenya. Then no one could have imagined that, having matured, she would be one of the most popular personalities of the country. But it will be later. In the meantime, little Eugene grew up and played with her peers. At school, she studied diligently, at the same time she played the violin and studied drawing. She was very talented and intelligent, eager to gain knowledge. She speaks three foreign languages. And this is not all the talents that Evgeny Feofilaktova possesses. Her biography is very interesting and eventful.

It should be noted that at school the girl was a prominent student.And not only because she studied well and was a favorite of teachers. She stood out among her classmates with her desire to look better than the other girls in school, and always dressed in the latest fashion. For example, Zhenya shocked everyone when she first came to school, wearing flared jeans and shoes on a breathtakingly high platform.Evgenia Feofilaktova biography

Certified specialist

After school, she became a student at a university in St. Petersburg and began studying tourism and hotel services. A red diploma in higher education was almost in her hands, but she didn’t hold out a bit to graduate with honors. It should be noted that this is not the only diploma that Evgeny Feofilaktova has. Her biography tells that she is also a certified choreographer, a home hairdresser, and a violinist.

Find your favorite job

Eugene was looking for work that would have liked her. In 2008 she got a job as a manager and was engaged in advertising. After selling souvenirs and tiles. A year later, she got a job as an administrator in the Moscow salon “Amuazh”. Although there she also worked briefly.

Everything changed after the TV show “Dom-2”, in which Evgeny Feofilaktova took part. The biography of the girl became interesting to many fans of this television project.

Photo by Eugenia Feofilaktova

First novel

Eugenia has long met with a very wealthy man. He owned many shops throughout Russia. The girl was younger than him by 13 years. He needed a beautiful doll next to him, and the young beauty liked the rich man’s courtship, which created comfort and coziness around her. By the way, it was during this period that he made the first plastic transformations with his face, Yevgeny Feofilaktov. Before the operation, as the brunette herself said, she did not look so attractive and sexy.

After long meetings, the rich man makes a proposal to the beloved and gives him a ring. At that time, Zhenya did not already have deep feelings for him, love fell away. Their tumultuous romance lasted only a short time afterwards. She left the man in love with her twice, but still returned. Once, having understood that he would not like to see him as a spouse and father of his children, he decides to leave Yevgeny Feofilaktov. After the project “Dom-2” she will often tell that it was not love that was in her young heart, but a feeling of deep respect for this man in love.Evgenia Feofeliktov before surgery

Participation in the project House-2

In February 2009, she becomes a member of the project "House-2".Brunette beauty came to build a relationship with Gena Jikia. Their novel was not destined to be. From the very first days of the girl fans appear. She tries to fall in love with almost all the guys on the project.

Even in childhood she dreamed of becoming a singer Yevgeny Feofilaktova. The biography tells that the girl at school studied vocals. On the TV project, Eugene has the opportunity to fulfill his dream and try himself as a singer.

Together with her friend Dasha, they sang and recorded a song about the carefree life of the beauties of the glamorous world called “Tru-la-la”. By the way, the nickname for his wife was given on the project is the same as the name of this song. Probably not by chance. Later, after Daria’s departure on maternity leave, Evgenia will solo perform and record several more songs.

Once on the project, she first settled in a common room with Nikita. No one then believed that the brunette nicknamed "Tru-la-la" really has feelings for Nik Kuznetsov. After all, Eugene frankly made eyes of A. Cherkasov. Nikita's patience once burst, and he grappled in a fight with Andrew - the secret boyfriend of his girlfriend.

At that time, they often appeared on social networks and on the pages of magazines photos of Eugene.Feofilaktova decided that the extra advertising of her person and the scandals of the guys with the struggle for her love would stand in good stead, making her more popular. Of course, the girl really liked that such events develop around her and rage passions.

After she becomes a girl Ilya Gazhienko. And it should be noted that the guy really woke up to her feelings. At first they became one of the strongest couples, but quarrels and disagreements upset the relationship. Ilya often raised his hand to Zhenya. That is why the guy and kicked out of the show. The girl after his departure experienced uneasy feelings. She also wanted to leave the project. But her friend Dasha persuaded to stay.

Spartak by the name of Sergienko became the next boyfriend of the girl. Perhaps he would have managed to make the beauty fall in love with him, but due to his early departure he did not have time to reciprocate Yevgeny Feofilaktov. The biography of the girl is full of interesting events. After Sergienko, many guys in love with a brunette wanted to build a relationship with her as part of the project, but the girl refused almost all of them. None of them could conquer her heart.

Evgenia Feofilaktova after the project

Breast plastic surgery

By plastic body updates with special love Eugene Feofilaktova.Prior to breast augmentation surgery, she considered herself not beautiful enough, although surgeons had already corrected her face and body. In general, Eugene remembered the whole country for a long time the breast augmentation surgery to the 3rd size. All trips to the consultation, the plastic itself and the rehabilitation period were held under the close attention of the cameras. This did not embarrass the project participant. When it was all over, she returned to Dom-2 to show off her renewed body. The envious photos of Eugenia were very criticized. Feofilaktova was indifferent to the public opinion.

Literally right away, Eugene starts a new affair with A. Zadoynov. Although she had been saying for a long time that there was no love, after all, the boy won her heart. Relations developed very interesting. There were quarrels, and parting, and many pleasant moments. This pair has become one of the strongest. Over time, they moved to live in the city. At first they lived in perfect harmony. But the dream of creating a family has not been fulfilled. Eugene left him. One of the reasons for parting - Alexander's hobby for gambling.Wedding Eugenia Feofilaktovy

First wedding

Separated from Alexander, she did not long survive Evgeny Feofilaktova. After the project, she is already in the arms of A. Gusev.After 3 months, the guy makes an offer, and they announce a quick wedding. As it turned out later, the beauty was already in a piquant position already at the registry office. After the marriage, the young went to celebrate the event in a restaurant. The banquet ordered was chic, as, incidentally, the wedding of Eugenia herself. Feofilaktovy and Gusevy were not present at the wedding. As the newlyweds themselves declared, their parents did not want to shine in front of cameras of photo reporters and journalists.Son of Eugenia Feofilaktova

The birth of the firstborn

After the wedding, the newlyweds wanted to go on a trip to enjoy each other's company. But we decided to postpone it. The reason was the study of Anton. Although journalists assumed that the honeymoon trip was postponed for a completely different reason.

In December 2012, the son of Eugenia Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev was born. Almost immediately after the birth, photos of little Daniel appeared on social networks.

Eugene, becoming a mother, returned to the project "House-2" with her husband and son. For some reason, Yevgenia does not leave her grandchild on grandmothers. Until now, nowhere to find any photos or information about who the parents of the star couple. Although there were rumors that the mother of the famous beauty still came to meet the baby, but after a few days she left the modest country house.

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