Exercise after childbirth: is your body ready?

When it is possible to begin, with what exercises, and how sport can affect breastfeeding, read our material.

Often during pregnancy, women gain excess weight, which remains after childbirth. But at the same time to drive it by the usual methods that we all use before pregnancy (sports and diet) in the postpartum period will not succeed. Why does it happen, how long after birth you can start to play sports so as not to harm your health, and how to get back in shape, we will now tell.

After what time after the birth, you can start playing sports

As soon as you get approval from the doctor and you yourself feel that not only you want, but you can, feel free to start introducing sport into your life. But still, there is a time limit after which time after childbirth you can start playing sports. Doctors do not recommend exercise for up to six months.

In general, if you played sports throughout pregnancy and suffered healthy vaginal delivery, then light exercises after a couple of days after walking, modified push-ups and stretching will be safe for you.

Just try not to overdo it. If during physical activity your physical activity has disappeared, you should consult with your doctor when you decide to start playing sports again after birth.

when you can start playing sports after giving birth

What kind of sports can you do after giving birth

Exercise after childbirth start with a little aerobic activity, such as walking. As you regain your strength, you can increase the duration or number of walks.

If you have had a caesarean section, you must wait until the body is fully restored and the loads are approved by the doctors. After a cesarean, you will need at least several weeks to heal. And it may take some time before you feel the strength for the sport. However, walking at a moderate pace is always welcome, because it promotes healing and helps prevent the formation of blood clots and other complications.

If you want to joinsomehowgroup training, find a good specialist for training with young mothers. Or simply choose a less intense load class that focuses on maintaining muscle tone and stretching.

Exercise is good, but you need to carefully listen to your body and try not to be zealous with sports during the first few months after childbirth. The body needs time to recover, and you need time to adjust to your new role and establish a connection with the child.

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Sport after childbirth: how to deal with abdominal muscles

because ofincrease in the size of the abdomen during pregnancy and childbirth in many women form a divergence of the abdominal muscles, called diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscle. After delivery, this discrepancy may completely or not completely recover, but in most cases it does not causeanyshort-term or long-term problems.

Therefore, you should not rest on the abdominal muscles and perform traditional lifting or twisting during the first few months after delivery - they are too heavy for the muscles and are not effective exercises to restore the abdominals.

The coach or instructor will show you other exercises on the press that will help him to strengthen. Good postnatal exercises on the muscles of the press should minimize the burden on the lower back and the rectus abdominis muscle, while at the same time help return the abdomen after delivery to the form.

Note about bandages:Some women say that wraps in a bandage helped them to get back in shape faster, after giving birth, but fitness experts often warn against this. Drawing the muscles of the abdomen, we shorten the work of these muscles, and they become weaker, so the bandage is recommended only in cases where the woman has problems with her back.

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Sport after birth during breastfeeding

Does the sport after selling for breastfeeding? No. As long as you drink a lot of water, even intensive and costly exercises will not significantly affect the amount or composition of your breast milk. But it is better to avoid exercises that directly affect the chest.

During workouts, do not wear an ordinary bra for nursing mothers, but a supporting sports bra. And try to feed your child before you start exercising, so that your chest does not create an uncomfortable feeling of fullness.If your chest hurts while exercising, try wearing two fitness bras for extra support.

when you can start playing sports after giving birth

Signs that you started exercising too early after giving birth

If you have already decided that you can already play sports after childbirth, do not forget to monitor your health, the occurrence of pain and pulse rate. Too much physical activity during the first few weeks after giving birth can cause the symptoms listed below.
Immediately contact your doctor if:

  • Allocations from the vagina (lochia) become more red and begin to flow more strongly.
  • Bleeding resumes after you decide it has stopped.
  • You experience pain during exercise, whether it be pain in the joint, muscle or postnatal pain.

Reduce the pace or take a break if:

  • You feel exhausted, not cheerful.
  • Your muscles ache for an unusually long time after exercise, affecting your ability to move normally. Your muscles may also be unstable and shaky during work.
  • Morning heart rate (heart rate) is increased by more than 10 beats per minute compared to normal heart rate.Try to check the heart rate in the morning before getting out of bed - this is a useful indicator of overall health. If it rises above the norm, it is a sign that you are overly stressed and need more rest.

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What sport will help to get in shape and lose weight after giving birth

The best way to lose weight after childbirth is cardiovascular disease, which can increase the frequency of your heart rate. Try to start with a quick walk, running, swimming or cycling.

But before you go to the active stage of weight loss, you should wait at least one and a half months after childbirth. And do not set yourself a goal to lose more than 0.5 kg per week, especially if you are breastfeeding.

If you start eating too soon, it will affect your mood, energy level, and also the inflow of breast milk. If you are patient and attentive to your body, then wonder how much kg you naturally lose.

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