Famous and popular brands of handbags: description, list and reviews

Fashion is an integral part of the modern world. Millions of people are willing to spend incredible money, even if they do not have it, on the most famous brand things. And with the arrival of blogs and glossy magazines in our life, it is much easier to follow fashion. Not being aware of her latest trends has become a real crime for some.

Style is not only beautiful clothes, it is the right choice of accessories. Such an essential attribute of any image are women's handbags. No brand from the luxury or mass market is complete without creating stylish handbags.

What are the bags?

In the world there are many varieties of women's handbags, each of which has its own purpose. The most popular of them are the following:

  • The classic version is undoubtedly the part of the wardrobe that will always be in fashion. Most often in the consumer market is represented the basis of the classics - leather bags under brands of well-known manufacturers. This accessory is worn daily for work, study.The bag must be of optimal size so that it contains all the necessary things.
  • A clutch bag is a small bag with or without a long strap. Most often used to go to celebrations, and designers like to decorate such products with rhinestones and various decorative elements. Evening version usually involves the absence of a strap and worn in the hands, everyday - on a thin strap.
  • Backpack - the most convenient element of the wardrobe, which is worn on the back and has a variety of forms. You can find a backpack of any size, design and shape. It is worn with sportswear and elegant clothes, and any bag will envy the spaciousness and practicality.
  • Travel or sports bag is always very large and durable. You will not take it with you to the cinema or to study. It is designed for travel, business trips, trips to the gym and so on.

These types of bags are the most popular, and there are a huge number of their subtypes. No fashionista can do without a stylish accessory that will not only emphasize the image, but also beautifully complete it.Usually bags are made absolutely from any fabric, recently the fashion on leather bags has even been extinguished, brands try to replace this material with high-quality kozhzam in support of animals.

Choose the right model afford it will not be difficult. Someone is ready to give thousands of dollars for a well-known brand, someone will spare ten. It remains to determine the best of the best. Value for money is an important category in choosing a brand of bags.

gucci bags

The most famous low-cost brands

We all know for a long time that expensive is not quality. Someone is ready to give a lot of money just for the fact that Chanel was written on the bag, and someone will choose a worthy analogue in the mass market and will not regret a bit. Even the most expensive brands sometimes save on quality materials and do not follow the technology. Fortunately, there are relatively low-cost trademarks that you can no doubt trust in choosing the right handbag.

Inexpensive high quality women's handbag brands - what else can you dream of?


Fossil is an American brand whose bags are manufactured in China. Conquer accessories fashionistas around the world at first sight.Interesting design, bright elements that are skillfully combined with a sufficiently high quality of the material used and sewing technology. At Fossil you can choose accessories absolutely for any image, you can find the most incredible colors and fabrics. Basically, the brand specializes in clutches and backpacks, which are more suited to the style of “casual”, with the classics everything is a bit more complicated. But if you are a big lover of experiments, then in the Fossil stores you will definitely find something to your liking.

After analyzing the reviews, we can conclude that in the brand of modern fashionistas attract primarily fashionable colors and stylish design, the company always keeps up with the times. In second place goes a good price and convenience bags. The only drawback is the average wear resistance.

american brand fossil

David Jones

French brand David Jones is famous for the fact that the world is absolutely any options bags, whether it is a clutch bag for the evening reception or travel bag for trips to the country. In the shops you can find the most fashionable variants of bags, and strict classics. But the most pleasant is the relatively low price.

One has only to go to the store once, and it will be love forever.First of all, attracts an unusual design. Bags are available in absolutely any format, size and purpose, from the skin of the classical type, monochromatic, as well as the brightest, with a combined fabric. In stores David Jones, you can choose an accessory for any purpose.

Many women point out such advantages of the brand: style, variety of designs and colors of products, acceptable cost, high durability. According to the reviews, the brand has no shortcomings.

shop david johns


One of the most famous domestic manufacturers engaged in the production of stylish accessories for over forty years. And during this time, the Medvedkovo brand has managed to win the love and trust of many women throughout the country. Contributed to this excellent quality and high wear resistance of manufactured products. We know little about the Russian brands of bags, but Medvedkovo deserves attention only because it provides a wide range. Here you can find small handbags, huge backpacks, and even shopping bags. Find a suitable option and young girls, and ladies in age.

Most women celebrate such positive aspects of products from this manufacturer,as a variety of assortment, decent quality, reasonable prices, natural materials. Disadvantages, if you believe the reviews, not detected.

The most famous global brands

The modern fashion industry gives the world every day more and more new and talented designers who delight fashionistas with the most incredible ideas. They create trends, shoot and also quickly go out. That is why the real fashion lovers prefer the true classics - these are bags of famous brands that are always on top and do not lose their relevance in spite of everything. They have been at the top for more than a decade, and there is no person in the world who has not heard about these companies. It is these brands, copies of bags that fly like hot cakes, belong to the most legendary and recognizable fashion houses.

louis viton bag

Louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton is recognized as the most recognizable brand in the world, the country of origin is France, and the cheapest bag costs more than 30,000 rubles. Absolutely every girl who follows the fashion, recognizes the colors of Louis Vuitton, and brown leather with a corporate ornament is considered a real symbol of style. The brand produces not only bags, but also clothes, accessories, which are of unprecedented popularity.The wide range includes absolutely any kind of bags: elegant clutches and even suitcases for travelers.

Bags are made from natural materials of the highest quality, and are worn for decades. Reviews say that they buy these products not only for their fashionable appearance and popularity, but also for excellent quality, high wear resistance. Lack of bags one - the high price, but if you believe the fashionable women, it is worth it. Women's leather handbags brands Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton - the dream of each.

Vitton bags


Number one among women's Italian handbag brands - Gucci. Classic and sophistication perfectly reflected in each collection of the brand. Each bag is a work of art, the design of which employs the most talented professionals. The range presented by the brand is very diverse. These are clutches, bags, bags, and huge travel bags. Every consumer will find an option to his liking, the main thing is to allow financial opportunities. However, the money spent is worth it, because you don’t have to worry about the durability of accessories. A bag bought yesterday or ten years ago will be equally relevant.Italy and women's handbag brands are inseparable.

bag gucci


Women's leather bags brands from Italy are very popular around the world, and every girl who knows at least something about the fashion world will definitely want to get a Prada handbag to her collection. The highest quality, which Italy is famous for, is tailored to the right technologies, using the best materials and equipment - all this together provides a long period of wear, and every year designers delight their fans with the most unusual solutions. But despite this, the Prada brand never forget about the classics. Genuine leather, basic forms make the products as versatile and comfortable for everyday wear. Women say that they are attracted to Prada with their expensive look and stylish design. Of the shortcomings, only the high price, which is fully justified by the quality.

prad bag

The most fashionable and popular brands

Classic-classics, price-price, but there are manufacturers who present the most fashionable accessories to the world, setting trends. Their handbag brands have firmly established themselves in leading positions,enjoy unprecedented popularity among the most avid fashionistas, from year to year they delight girls with novelties that are of high quality and quite reasonable price. These stamps are recognizable by logos, and every second lady is familiar with them.

Francesco marconi

Italian bag brands are not limited to Prada and Gucci. Francesco Marconi is not inferior to its luxury countrymen. The brand is famous for its classic forms and decent quality features. Extravagant personalities will also find a bag to their liking, because designers use completely different materials, shapes, colors and patterns. The brand also has its own recognizable style, and customers note the high quality of tailoring, atypical design, and a wide assortment, which includes not only classic, but also completely extraordinary pieces. Defects in the bags of women were found.

bag varieties


Everyone knows that the best brands of bags are made in Italy. And no one else has such a wide range as the Italian brand Furla. This brand has long been a leader in the global market, and the cherished logo does not appeal to ladies as much as Prada. The cost of bags is several times lower.You can even find the perfect option for yourself for 5000 rubles.

Beautiful geometric shapes, following the latest trends, a wide range - all this about products from Furla. Any fashionista dreams of getting a bright handbag to her collection. Some models have a fairly high cost, equal to the price of luxury brands, and this is perhaps the only negative. The advantages of modern girls include exclusive design, long-term wearing, reliability and excellent quality. Furla handbags and accessories are loved by all the stars who follow fashion. Products are always designed in elegant femininity and delicate beauty. Such accessories will be the highlight of any image.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

American brand, the price of bags which can vary from 3,000 to 80,000 rubles. Number one among the most popular available bags can be considered Michael Kors. The brand is so recognizable that copies of the brand’s bags lie in every second pavilion on the market.

Michael Kors is a real trend among modern fashionistas. Geometry, own style and quality - those indicators that distinguish it from its analogues. That is why the brand is difficult to confuse with any other.Despite the fact that the prices for bags are different, all products are made using the latest technology, made of high quality materials. Modern ladies to the important advantages of the brand include the fact that accessories Michael Kors - this is a real trend of our time, they are recognizable, while always stylish and high quality.

However, the fact remains that, despite the different financial possibilities, each consumer will be able to choose the ideal option from the brands presented above for any image.

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