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Today we will talk about the game Final Fantasy XIII.Passage in Russian is a rarity for this project, but we will try to fix it. Here you can find unique characters and excellent animation.


We look at a number of scenes that are a prologue toFinal Fantasy XIII. Passage begins in a train filled with prisoners. The vehicle suffers a catastrophe, after which several prisoners (among them there is a girl acting as our hero) manage to escape. Subsequently, the slaves take the train. The girl beats off the attack of the advancing opponents.

final fantasy xiii

Passage of the game Final Fantasy XIII continuesbattle with Manasvin Warmech. Due to its tail, this character resembles a scorpion. To defeat him, it is often enough to choose the function "Auto". For each battle in the game we will receive a certain rating. To achieve the maximum score, we will proceed as follows: we start the battle with the advantage, do not allow attacking from behind your character, as quickly as possible, destroy all the opponents.

After the defeat, the opponent does not give up.He picks up the composition with circular saws, tearing it apart. Carefully jump down. Soon the enemy will return for a second strike with even more amount of vital energy. We apply non-stop attacks without using the treatment. This time the finally defeated enemy will explode and crash into the abyss. Together with a small group of survivors, get down from the road, go to the road. We move forward.

We meet the point of preservation, access to the store, andalso a group of soldiers. We get the first trophy - Instrument of Fate. We pass the procedure for saving. We attack the soldiers, using the moment of surprise. Moving on, jumping over garbage on the way and destroying groups of opponents. We will meet the chests. They have the form of hovering round objects. They are not difficult to consider on the way.

The first chest holds Potion.The situation will soon change. To help soldiers from special virtual portals will come mechanical creatures. On the right side of the road there is a staircase. We rise on it and select 2 Potion. Next, we are waiting for one more point of conservation, which we are applying. Nearby there is a staircase leading to the left, side platform. We rise on it.

Find a chest with an accessory called IronBangle. This element adds 50 units to the characters to the maximum level of vital energy, so we use it for our heroine. We jump off the platform. We examine the angle with metal boxes. The further way will be blocked, since it will be exploded by an accidental projectile before our eyes. We return back to the side platform. We are saved.

We start the activation of the platform.The next battle is with PSICOM. The enemy is supported by a pair of soldiers. They are our first goal. Then you can start the battle with the main enemy. After the battle, we will be introduced to Snow - another main character of Final Fantasy XIII. The passage will continue in the next chapter.

"My beloved sister"

We look around and find a new weapon. We fight off the monsters, for which our squad is uninvited guests. After the battle we will have access to the accessory store. We get a trophy called Instrument of Dissent. We go to the destroyed motorcycle. To the left we find a flying ball. Use the save ahead. We look in a special store of objects. We climb the stairs. We find the ball to the left. We eliminate monsters, which will be especially active to attack. We proceed to the opposite part of the room.

final fantasy xiii 2 walkthrough


On the special magic, which is endowed with the damned L "si,we will be told at the beginning of a new chapter of Final Fantasy XIII. The passage begins with a heated discussion of the focus. So, after all the videos move forward to the fork. We are kept in a special point. We check the store, there appeared several new items. Along the way, we eliminate all enemies and gain as much experience as possible. We turn left. We check the impasse. Find the weapon Pearlwing Staff and add it to the inventory. Further we move along the right path.

lightning returns final fantasy xiii

Further developments

We get a new trophy - Instrument of Flight. We pass a little forward after Hope and Lightning. The bridge from the gravity of the generator collapses. However, there remains the path to the left. We follow to the chest, we overcome the enemy. We are saved. We are visiting a new store.

final fantasy xiii passage in Russian

Version 13-2

Also, it is necessary to tell a little about the game FinalFantasy XIII 2. The passage of this version will be briefly considered below. We enter into battle with the first winged enemy, while managing to manage the horse at full speed. Next is a spectacular duel with swords. In the future, simply move forward, destroying the opponents to complete victory. The main plot is straightforward.


Now we will talk about the third game from onecycle - Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII. The passage in this case is based on the history of a girl named Lightning, which we have already met in the past. There is also a main plot and additional tasks.

The final fantasy xiii

A girl awakens from a dream and gets an assignmentcollect before the approach of the end of the world a lot of souls. In return, she is promised the resurrection of her dead sister. 13 days are assigned for the execution of the assignment. The plot line is very complicated. Here we will meet new characters, as well as acquaintances of the previous parts. The heroine is given 7 days to overcome all the main plot that unfolds in four dimensions of the game universe. You can get extra time for additional missions. However, it can not exceed 13 days. Do not be distracted by the study of the universe and side missions.

So we figured out the main features of Final Fantasy XIII. The passage of the most difficult moments was described above.

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