Finger theater made of felt: patterns, master class. Felt dolls

Finger theater made of felt (you can draw patterns for dolls with your own hands or take the ones suggested below) you can play with both babies and older children. And small needlewomen can even help make the characters of any felt tales. Already at the age of five (and some young artists have been before) a child can draw a pattern of a bunny or a chanterelle and cut a piece of fabric.

Lesson is not only exciting, but also useful. First, during the game (performance) the child can try on the role of absolutely any fairy-tale hero, and secondly, the finger theater is a good simulator for motor functions and speech, develops artistry. Thirdly, an older child will develop in several directions, not only during the game, but also while making dolls for presentation with his mom or dad.

finger theater teremok

Felt features

It is very simple to work with felt, this material:

  • does not need processing of cuts, is not showered;
  • pleasant to the touch, soft, warm and shaggy;
  • keeps an accurate edge when cutting with curly scissors;
  • the material has a wide choice of colors, bright and saturated;
  • holds its shape well, is durable and does not wrinkle;
  • It does not have a wrong side and a person, the same on both sides;
  • it is possible not only to sew, but also simply to glue;
  • does not change color after washing or while being in the sun;
  • does not form pellets and does not get shattered in the process of sewing and use.

Tale "Teremok"

In order to play the Teremok fairy tale on the stage of an improvised finger theater, you need to make a mouse, a hare, a frog, a fox, a wolf, a bear and the teremok itself. It will take several sheets of thin felt of different colors, glue, scissors, a needle and thread. You also need a pencil and several sheets of paper to draw patterns for future toys for the finger theater.

To make the Teremok finger theater, you will need nine colors of felt: two shades of green, white, black, gray, pink, orange, brown and beige.

Fairy tale characters

Let's start making toys for the theater with a frog.You need to draw on paper, and then cut out of felt only seven parts: two green bases, one frog tummy (you need another shade of green, lighter or darker, depending on what was the main one) and four parts for eyes (two circles from white felt and two, but smaller, of black). First, with large stitches, sweep the tummy to the front of the frog and glue the eyes. A smile can be stitched with a “back needle” seam or simply drawn with a black marker. Then it will only be necessary to sew the front and back sides together, but so that there is a place for a finger at the bottom.

finger theater scheme

To make a mouse, you need to cut two bases of gray felt, gray tail and white tummy. Details for the muzzle (nose and eyes) can be cut from black felt, or you can simply draw. It will be easier than trying to carefully glue the small details. You can add the mouse pink semicircles on the inside of the ears. Then it remains only to sew all the details, and then sew the two halves of the toy together, leaving a hole for the finger.

Bunny make their own hands a little more difficult because of the greater number of small parts.In addition to the base of white felt, you need to cut out the pink cheeks, the same tummy, white tail and oblong pink ovals for the inside of the ears. First glue or sew all the details to the parts of the toy, draw the eyes and the nose, and only then sew the bases together.

To make a chanterelle sister, you need to carve out of orange felt two body parts, a tail and a muzzle, a white tail tip, a breast, almond-shaped eyes and a black nose. First, sew the breast and muzzle, tail, then glue the rest of the details. As in the previous cases, further fold the two details of the fox and sew together with a stitch seam.

Now it only remains to make a gray wolf and a bear. For the wolf, cut out two parts for the body, the tail, the muzzle, the white eyes, the breast and the tip of the tail, the black nose. The technology is the same - sew up larger parts, and those that are smaller - glue to the base. Then sew the front and back of the body together.

For a bear, you need to cut out two body parts from brown felt, a tummy and a muzzle of felt with a lighter shade, two white eyes (draw pupils with a marker). Embroider on the muzzle with black floss thread or draw a nose and mouth with a marker.Sew to the base of the muzzle and tummy, sew the two halves of the base.

Masha and the Bear Finger Theater

From the remaining felt, you can make a house with pockets for all the characters - teremok.

Masha and the Bear

In the finger theater, you can play the fairy tale "Masha and the Three Bears" or several episodes of the popular children's animated series "Masha and the Bear." Bears can be done as described above, and for Masha will have to prepare other patterns. So, to make Masha, you need to draw a base (two parts) - the silhouette of a girl in a sundress and with a scarf on her head. Also separately you need to prepare two details of the scarf (front and back), hair, two details of a sundress (also the front and back). For the sundress, you can additionally cut jewelry, for example, flowers or buttons. All parts are quite large, so you can do without glue, and draw a face with a marker. Brown Masha can be ordinary blush or pastel chalks. Finger theater made of Masha and Medved felt is ready!

Tale "Turnip"

Fingerprints of the finger theater can be self-made using felt felt for the “Turnip” fairy tale based on images of ready-made toys.But dolls for such a presentation are more difficult to make than the characters of “Teremka” or Masha from the fairy tale “Masha and the Three Bears”, but you can choose simpler options. All you need to make seven toys: grandmother and grandfather, granddaughter, dog and cat, mouse and, of course, a turnip. Finger toys are made in the same way as for other fairy tales: details are attached to the base, which will make this or that character recognizable. For example, a braid for a girl, a kerchief and an apron for a grandmother, a beard for a grandfather. Turn the turnip too with a finger toy - it will be more convenient to show the performance according to the fairy tale.

finger theater made of felt patterns


For the fairy tale "Gingerbread Man" you need such felt dolls: grandfather and grandmother, bun, bunny, wolf, bear and chanterelle. We have already learned how to make all these characters in the description of the schemes of the finger theater based on the fairy tales “Teremok” and “Turnip”. It only remains to make a bun. To do this, you just need to cut a circle out of yellow felt, draw eyes, nose and mouth for it, stitch it so that there is room for a finger.

Other characters can be done as already described, or use other patterns. Making your own finger-made theater out of felt is a creative process (both during the creation of toys and during the performance), so variations are possible.One of the options bunny pattern, for example, below.

hare pattern

"Three piglets"

Dolls of felt for the fairy tale "Three Little Pigs" can be made in different ways. Toys can be both complex, detailed, and simple. One of the options pattern for finger theater of felt with his own hands (pig) below. But the pig can be drawn and schematically. A toy can consist only of a pink base, a tail, ears and a stigma - the presence of even these elements will already make the doll recognizable. Of course, the show will not do without the house of three pigs.

finger theater patterns

"Hen Ryaba"

The patterns for the finger theater are made of felt (it is very simple to make toys with your own hands) according to the fairy tale "Kolobok" below. You can, of course, draw characters and a little differently, add or remove some details.

If you work on the proposed pattern of finger theater, you need to transfer the pattern to felt and cut out all the details. There will be a lot of them, so it’s better to make the toys alternately: first grandmother, then grandfather, then Ryaba chicken, then mouse (or in a different order). Here you can give vent to fantasy, because the clothes of the old people and the Ryaba chicken itself can be of various colors.

felt dolls

Most of the smaller parts will be more convenient to glue to the base.But the shirt, pants, apron, sleeves, chicken wing and some other elements for the fortress is better to sew.

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