Fisher's nerazluchniki: content, feeding, breeding

Nerazluchniki Fisher - this is probably the most colorful and funny parrots of a small size. They come from Madagascar, are also widespread in Africa. In addition to their bright appearance, they attract the attention of a person by the fact that they get used to a person well. Smart little birds will give you many bright moments and pleasure from watching them. By the way, do you know why they are called Fisher indifles? It's very simple - in nature they live in large flocks and choose a couple for life.pharaohs

One or two

First of all you need to decide how many birds you will buy. Of course, they will not perish if they are held one at a time. Fisher's non-lovers are very interesting not only for their strong ties, but also for their behavior. Especially the joint construction of the nest will please you. Males and females do not wear twigs in their beaks, they stick sticks into their feathers. Very interesting is their ability to split thin fibers of willow into fibers and out of them to nest. Another nuance - the birds have very strong beaks, with which they can injure each other, and they are very jealous. However, with their pair, Fischer's infernals live very peacefully.parrots are in love


The size of the birds is very small, from 10 to 17 centimeters. That is, they do not need too large a cage, this is acceptable for a small apartment. Outwardly they are very beautiful, the color of the plumage is bright with a predominance of green color. However, the head, neck and chest are often painted in other colors, due to which the parakeets are like the Christmas tree toys. Often these areas of the body are blue and red, green and yellow. In addition, the fact that the birds are very unpretentious and easy to breed, leads to the fact that breeders are increasingly paying attention to them. Thus, the color palette is enriched with various shades of blue and gray.indissoluble fishers breeding

Bird floor

How do you know if the male or female lives with you? This is an important question: will your pair of Fischer's inferiors create a pair and bring out the chicks. How to determine sex? At home, almost nothing at all. Externally, they are quite the same. You can find out their gender either by observing behavior or by analyzing DNA. But the difference between young and adult individuals can be seen immediately. On the basis of the beak, the young have a few black feathers that disappear with to identify sex


In fact, small parakeets-lovers do not need a lot of feed, which means they will not put a heavy burden on the family budget. These parrots are very fond of soft and succulent grass, so even in winter it is necessary to grow her house in a pot. In addition, you will need seeds of bushes and trees. They are very fond of corn and wheat, at home you can germinate various seeds to diversify the diet of your birds. You will be curious to find out that tiny and charming birds in their homeland are considered dangerous pests that ruin the fields.

The basis of nutrition at home is a mixture of cereals for medium parrots. However, Fisher's parakeet parrot should not eat food for ordinary freckles. Missing elements fill fruit and vegetables. It can be peach and banana, carrots and kiwi, apricot and cherry, cabbage and plum, grapes, and also any nuts. In addition to sprouting grasses (oats), they need to give dandelion and parsley. But the birds do not have to overeat. They need to give for a day 2-3 teaspoons of food.phalanx

Cell requirements

The more it will be, the better your pet will be. However, the minimum dimensions of 80x30x40 cm, this is provided that you will have a single parakeet. For a couple, you need a cage of at least 100x40x50. See Optimum shape - it's rectangular or square. The cage must necessarily be equipped with water bowls and two feeders for different feeds, dry and wet. In addition, you need to put a bath for bathing. Stalls and bells should be placed so that they do not interfere with the flight of the bird. And if you are planning on the appearance of the nestlings, you will need an extra space for nest equipment.parrot

Nesting of birds

The most interesting sight for the owner is the building of the nest. In general, if you live Fischer's unmarried, breeding will be the most exciting hobby. The female herself will begin to build a nest of thin twigs and soft feathers. The breeding season lasts from May to July. In total, the nest will be hatched from 4 to 6 eggs. Three weeks the female does not get up from her masonry, and the male guards and feeds her.

Growing chicks

Crumbs appear in the light of the blind, covered with a rare fluff. Even their beak is quite yellow, and only after two weeks begins to gradually blush, becoming like the beak of adult birds. The fledglings flock in a month and by this time they are ready to leave the nest. But a few more weeks the male will continue to feed his offspring. Around a year they are ready to create a pair and bring out the kids. The duration of their life from 15 to 20 years, so you will have time to enjoy communication with your feathered pet.

Making the final choice

In fact, there are a lot of different breeds of ornamental birds on the market today. Among them there are wavy parrots and large arches, cockatoos and stunning lori. Even the indissoluble marketers dozens of species. But the most intelligent, friendly, bright and stunning can be considered the infernal Fisher. The price of these birds is 1000-1500 rubles. As you can see, the cost is quite affordable.

The manual inseparable is very sociable, he is sincerely glad to the arrival of the owner and is very bored if at home for a long time no one is. In addition, it should be said that literacy is taught. In fact, infertile people talk only if they are not in pairs. But a lone bird with a proper level of communication may well learn a few dozen words. However, it should be remembered that for this it is necessary to acquire a very small chick, not older than a month old. Older individuals will not learn much less. But even in comparison with wavy parrots, the training of inseparers will take about twice as long, so evaluate your pedagogical abilities.

To summarize

Fisher's nerazluchnik is certainly a very bright representative of the feathered family. If you choose a pet for your child, be sure to pay attention to them. These are unpretentious birds, care for them is not at all complicated. Together with this, it should be noted that smart and sociable, they will bring a lot of joy to their master. Particularly happy with this acquisition will be children, a small pet will not become too burdensome, even a first-grader can take care of it. After a certain period of time, the infernal becomes a full member of the whole family.

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