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A report to the Kamyshlov district commissioner from the postal and telegraph official of the Kamyshlovsk post and telegraph office of Ivan Alekseevich Turygin.
“He served as an official in the Yekaterinburg telegraph office. Since the October Revolution, the service began to deteriorate every day and revived my thoughts in revolting against the hated Soviet power. Not having the strength to endure obvious arbitrariness, I was forced to leave the service and on July 17 I fled from Yekaterinburg to pursue my conceived thought to fight clearly against the Bolsheviks. On July 18, he arrived in Shadrinsky district in the village of Atyash, where he met his brother with seven comrades who fled from his village from the Soviet power, which pleased me: I invited them to come out against the Red Army in arms, to which they willingly agreed and appointed me Head of the squad. Hearing that Czecho-Slovaks were going in the village of Krivsky, we hurried there to join them.At the time when we arrived, Krivskoye was already occupied by Czecho-Slovaks: in Krivskoye, we received weapons thrown by the Red Army soldiers during the retreat. In the same place I received an order from the commander of the Czecho-Slovaks detachment to go with my detachment to the attack on the village of Tamakulskoye. On the way to the village of Tamakulsky, my detachment increased to 70 bayonets and had to make a withdrawal from the east, but we still did not have time to make the proposed bypass, as the Czecho-Slovaks from the south opened fire and launched an offensive, and we had to fight in the open. After a seven-hour battle, Tamaku was cleared of the Red Army and was occupied by us. On July 22, with my detachment, I moved towards the village of Martynovskiy, and by our pressure, the Red Army men retreated towards Chetkarin. On July 24, an enemy intelligence was noticed by our guard post, the presence of which was reported to me, and my squad wounded two scouts, and the rest, taking their wounded, ran to their squad, consisting of about two hundred people, half a mile from the village of Martynovsky . After that, under the pressure of my detachment, the enemy retreated towards the village of Skatinsky, which we were pursuing before the Chetcherinsky highway.Then we moved to the village of Chetkarinsky, in order to prevent them from reaching Komarova: having arrived in the village of Chetkarinskoe, the Red Army did not find them there. Along the way, they arrested volost commissioners among seven people. With the arrest of the Commissioner of Agriculture, 700 rubles were selected from Soviet money. The selected money was handed over to receipt by the village headman of the Menukhovsky rural society of the Chetkar parish of the Kamyshlovsky district Ivan Barnyakov, and the latter told me that in addition to the 700 rubles handed to him, he had about 400 rubles of taxes collected from the peasants by order of the commissars. Thus, having cleared the above area, arrived with the detachment in Kamyshlov, where he came to the head of the Office, about which you informed the head of the office in a timely manner.
On the above, I have the honor to inform you.
Kamyshlov. August 29, 1918
Ive Turygin.

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