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This person skillfully and competently combined two professional roles: journalism and, moreover, he established himself as a communist of a new formation, since, even in the Brezhnev era, he declared the need to reform the structure and policy of the CPSU. At the same time, according to colleagues, Gennady Seleznev is also a “stagnant journalist”. And this characteristic is easily explained: the ex-speaker of the State Duma of Russia spent a significant part of his life on journalistic activities that fell on the years of the reign of Leonid Ilyich. And over time, Gennady Seleznev became the owner of a valuable quality: he was able to skillfully disguise his own point of view on what is happening and delicately adapt to the existing realities. What was remarkable about his biography? Consider this question in more detail.

Years of childhood and adolescence

Seleznev Gennady Nikolaevich - born in the city of Serov (Sverdlovsk region).He was born on November 6, 1947. Gennady was left without a father early, and his upbringing lay on the shoulders of his mother, who decided to return to his homeland in the Leningrad region. But until he was 11, he was brought up in the village by his grandmother, because his mother had to earn money in the city.

Gennady Seleznev

In his youth, the future politician loved to go to the stables, located in the vicinity of his house. Whenever possible, Gennady climbed on a horse and drove at full speed. For a while he even attended an equestrian school.

Moving to Leningrad

When the mother received a room in the “city on the Neva”, she took Gennady to her place. At school he was distinguished by diligence and diligence.

Having received a certificate, the young man entered a vocational school. After graduation, Gennady Seleznev was employed at the compressor plant as a turner. Soon after, the young man entered the Moscow Higher Frontier Command School of the KGB (town of Golitsino, Moscow Region). However, later it turned out that Gennady Seleznev could not master the curriculum, since he had some health problems. He was forced to leave college.

Gennady Seleznev biography

A few months later, the young man received a summons from the recruiting office.

Change of priorities

After serving the required two years, Gennady Seleznev, a biography, photos of which were published more than once by the Russian press, passes entrance exams at the Leningrad State University. Zhdanova, deciding to become a professional journalist. He is selected and becomes a student at the above university.

It should be noted, and the first steps of Gennady Nikolayevich in promoting the "party line". At the age of 21, he becomes the secretary of the Komsomol vocational school committee in the regional structure of the Komsomol. Then he is appointed head of the Vyborg district of the Komsomol, and then the assistant head of the regional committee of the Komsomol. And the party career did not interfere with studies at the faculty of journalism. In 1974, Gennady Seleznev, whose biography is of great interest to political scientists, receives the coveted diploma.

Start of employment

A graduate of the Leningrad State University decides to apply this knowledge, finding a job in the newspaper “Smena”, which was structurally and ideologically connected with the Leningrad regional organization of the Komsomol.

Gennady Seleznev biography photo

For six years, up to the beginning of the 80s, Seleznev occupied leading positions in Smena.

The continuation of the party career

In 1980, the party career of a promising journalist from the Urals was also developing. The functionaries are transferring him from the regional regional committee to the apparatus of the Central Committee of the Komsomol. Gennady Nikolaevich in the new structure began to be responsible for "agitation and propaganda." Such work opened up bright prospects in moving up the "party ladder". And yet, the journalistic profession at that time was closer to Seleznev than work in the Komsomol, although he equally spent time on both. The journalist decided to succeed in his chosen profession and very soon became the chief editor of Komsomolskaya Pravda. On the pages of the newspaper, Gennady Nikolayevich often missed material in which the need for change in the state structure of the USSR was felt.

Failed first secretary

In 1988, Seleznev had great chances to get the post of first secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee. However, this did not happen. And all because shortly before his appointment, a graduate of the Leningrad State University approved an article in print concerning the identity of the editor-in-chief of Kommunist magazine Kosolapov, who was a member of the disgraced Grishin’s team (one of M. Gorbachev’s main competitors). Naturally, after this, Gennady Seleznev, whose photos were regularly published by the press in the 90s, could no longer dream of being the “main educator” of the Soviet youth.

Gennady Seleznev personal life

But he still remained in the cage of the "party nomenclature" and the leadership of the CPSU prudently offered him another place of work. From 1988 to 1991, Seleznev held a senior position in the Teacher's Newspaper.

Era of change

In the early 90s, Gennady Nikolayevich received membership in the Central Committee of the CPSU. But in the new quality he did not feel long, because the Communist Party was soon abolished and Seleznev’s career in her system also collapsed. Fortunately, he remained a favorite profession. In the last month of the summer of 1991, he took over the reins of government with the Pravda newspaper, which for decades had acted as the ideologue of the communist system, and Gennady Nikolayevich had to change this attitude and give it a new format. However, with the collapse of the USSR, Pravda lost funding, and this problem had to be solved immediately. To avoid bankruptcy, the newspaper was reorganized into Pravda International. Gennady Nikolaevich took the post of vice-president in the reformed print edition. Pravda began publishing articles denouncing the communist system, as well as anti-Semitic information.And this was a good reason to “close” the newspaper. The authorities have warned that Pravda will reappear on the media market if the newspaper’s management writes a letter of resignation. Soviet politician Gennady Seleznev eventually agreed to this.

Political career in new conditions

In 1993, the former head of the Pravda newspaper joined the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, headed by Gennady Zyuganov. Through her, he became a member of the lower house of the Russian parliament. Enlisting the support of the left forces, Seleznev nominated his candidacy for the post of State Duma Speaker.

Gennady Seleznev photo

The leader of the LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the former chairman of the State Duma, Ivan Rybkin, and the “apple”, Vladimir Lukin, were serious competitors to the journalist. But the majority of parliamentarians voted for Gennady Nikolayevich. However, some time later, he had disagreements with his comrades on the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, who in 2002 lost their majority in parliament, and he put his membership card on the table. But he remained the chairman of the main legislative body of the country for a while.

Ambitious plans

In the fall of 2002, he created his own platform - the Party of the Renaissance of Russia.He intended to make his brainchild a powerful force on the political Olympus of Russia. And after that, politician Gennady Seleznev wanted to try his hand at fighting for the presidency.

In the winter of 2003, he leaves the post of chairman of the State Duma, but, at the same time, he continues to be engaged in legislative activity. Gennady Nikolaevich for some time was a member of the committee in charge of construction, industry and high technologies.

Some time later, Seleznev announced that he plans to take part in the presidential elections scheduled for 2008. But political analysts evaluated his chances low and, in the end, the ex-speaker of the State Duma rejected the idea of ​​presidency.


In 2007, the Russian Renaissance Party was reorganized: its ranks are replenished with soldiers-internationalists and the platform of Seleznev is renamed “Patriotic Forces. For the Motherland. The institution of the “co-chairing party” was also introduced.

Soviet politician Gennady Seleznev

In 2007, Seleznev signed a document on the formation of the Motherland-Patriots of Russia electoral coalition, and some time later announced the termination of party membership and the final transition to the Russia movement.

In 2007, Seleznev is running for the State Duma from the Patriots of Russia party, but her members receive a low percentage of votes. After this, Gennady Nikolaevich left big politics.

In 2010, he became the head of the executive body Mosoblbank. In recent years, he has written books on political topics, participated in the work of the International Film Forum “Together”, and helped with advice and recommendations in the Council on Russian Public Television. Seleznev is a holder of a number of prestigious government awards.

A family

The former speaker of the State Duma of Russia was married once. Gennady Seleznev, whose personal life was best developed, was a public person, therefore he did not dedicate outsiders to his family affairs.

Politician Gennady Seleznev

It is known that with his wife, Maslova Irina Borisovna, he lived for more than 40 years, which turned out to be happy. In marriage with her he had a daughter, Tatiana. Also Seleznev twice became a grandfather. He has two granddaughters: Catherine and Elizabeth.

In recent years, the politician was seriously ill. Doctors diagnosed him with cancer. Two weeks before his death, he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of an oncological hospital. But the doctors did not hide the fact that Gennady Nikolayevich did not have long to live.He died on the evening of July 19, 2015. Seleznev was buried at the Troyekurovsky cemetery of the capital.

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