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From 01.07.2018, a new era begins in Russia or, in other words, a full-scale struggle against the self-employed population and additional incomes of citizens. Someone would have thought that the legislation had changed, but no, the legislation remained the same. Just now there is a technical opportunity to keep track of your finances.
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Previously, such checks were pinpoint, in cases where someone pounded on you in the tax or just randomly.
Now the bank plays the role of a snitch, merging absolutely everything and everyone. And then the car reveals regular transfers and large sums.
Now, the income will be considered everything that you received on the card not from your relative, until you prove the opposite. First of all, those who receive the same and regular payments will get into the field of view of the tax authorities, and also if the amount of the transfer exceeds 600,000 rubles.
Worry is worth those who:
- receives a gray salary
- receives income from renting an apartment
- deals with money laundering or withdrawal
- sells goods via the Internet or social networks
- provides all kinds of services

In this case, the signature to the electronic payment will not matter. What you write to your buyer:"Debt repayment"will not cancel the tax audit.
In other words, almost any translation can now become a reason for verification by the tax authorities and you will have to prove that this is not income. And if your arguments are not convincing in the stash, prepare to transfer to the treasury13%from revealed payments. Otherwise, there will be arrears in your personal account and upon the expiration of the tax period you will be subject to sanctions: fines, fines, restriction of departure, up to the arrest of your property.
I repeat that technically everything is already ready for this, but I think that the first victims will appear no sooner than in a year or even two. By itself, the countdown of the debt will start from 01.07.2018.
And how it will work in practice - time will tell.
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