Hair ties

Such a decoration measuring 12 x 12 cm is made in the style of kanzashi from satin ribbons 2.5 cm wide with buds on a cord.
satin ribbon hair ties

For the manufacture of gum will need materials:
- Satin ribbons 2.5 cm wide dark and light pink.
- scissors.
- glue gun.
- a needle with a thread in the color of ribbons.
- Satin ribbon 1 cm wide green shade.
- a hair tie of medium size.
Three shiny beads.
- two wooden balls with a large hole.
- big needle for tapes with a big eye.
- a little dense tissue in tone colors.
- lighter.
The decoration consists of two roses with a diameter of 5 cm and two buds hanging on the cords, and they are 3 cm in diameter. We will begin work with the bud. We take a satin ribbon of dark pink color and cut off 5 strips of 5 cm. But green ribbons take 4 strips of 5 cm. And for a cord we cut off 30 cm. You can use a ribbon of 0.5 cm in width for it.
will need materials

We take a pink strip, spread out along the length, face down. Fold back the top edge of a little, push down with a needle. Now we need a large needle, place it on the top corner with a hem, inclined at 45 degrees.
Berm pink stripe

And starting from the very corner, scroll the tape along the needle until the upper corner of the twist is in the middle of the strip. We take out the big needle, and small in color of a tape, we fix twisting on the bottom edge by small stitches. In the opposite corner do the same twist.
scrolling the ribbon on the needle

scroll the ribbon along the needle

Pulling the thread, we slightly connect the resulting two bundles to each other, fasten it.
connect the resulting

Unfold the resulting petal on the front side and smooth out a little.
for a rosebud

In this way, we sew 4 petals for a rose bud.

The fifth petal is twisted differently. We have a strip along the length of the seamy side. And the upper edge of the fold to him across the diagonal stripes.

And we twist the entire length, and fix the resulting tube.
we fasten the tube

Such a billet in the form of a tube is used as the base-middle of the flower. And with a needle and thread, we begin assembling the bud. Apply one petal to the middle and fix it.
begin assembling bud

We continue to unite the petals sequentially, placing them in a circle, fixing them with a needle and thread.
begin assembling bud

continue to connect the petals

But do not forget that our decoration has two buds.
continue to connect the petals

Now we begin work on roses. For one flower, we take ribbons in 2.5 cm, but you need 10 pieces of 5 cm in length for 5 pieces of dark and light shade of pink. They are twisted like petals for buds.We make the middle tube dark.
continue to connect the petals

We begin the assembly. A tube and 4 petals of a dark shade will be used first. And then sew the rest of the bright petals.
continue to connect the petals

In this way, we got two roses.
two roses

It's time for green ribbons. For two buds, the mode is 8 strips with a length of 5 cm. And for two roses there will be 8 pieces of 6 cm. First we make individual leaves in the kanzashi style. Take a strip and fold in half, face inside.
we make separate leaves

Fold the stripes are located on the left side of themselves, and begin to cut on the right side. We start from the bottom corner, directing to the opposite upper corner, not reaching a bend of 3 mm. And we connect this cut with a lighter.
we make separate leaves

Turn it to the front and get a little kulek with a small hole in the bottom corner.
we make separate leaves

Now fix the 4 leaves together for the bottom of the kulichka thread into the color of the ribbon.
we make separate leaves

And on the seamy side we sew the lateral edges of the peels of the neighboring leaves.

The result is a workpiece sewn in the middle on the wrong side and with four sharp corners.


We take the bud and connect it to the harvesting of leaves with a string, leaving the tail on the front for further work.
make lace

We also make a lace for the bud.We take a thin ribbon 30 cm long and a wooden bead.
twisting fingers

We wrap the bead with a green ribbon with a needle for ribbons, leaving two tails in one direction.
twisting fingers

Alternately, each remainder of the tape is twisted with your fingers in one direction. Then we twist both twigs together, relax a little and they twist together with each other, make a beautiful tourniquet.
sew to the bud with leaves

This blank is sewn to the bud with leaves left by the thread. Now the bud on the cord is completely ready, but do not forget that we have two buds.
sew to her a small strip

Now we take a hair tie and sew a small strip of thick red fabric to it.
satin ribbon hair ties

For the complete assembly of the decoration, all the blanks are assembled. It remains to add 2 circles of dense red fabric with a diameter of 3.5 cm. And three more shiny beads, as well as several triangles cut from the green ribbon for the leaves.
satin ribbon hair ties

Let's start the assembly. We take one red circle and fasten two buds to the edges of the cords to it with the help of a glue gun. And the places of gluing are closed with green spots.
satin ribbon hair ties

Then glue two roses, directing them from each other. The buds should hang, on the one hand, between these rosettes. And in the interval between the roses we glue 3 shiny beads.
satin ribbon hair ties

Gum with stripes glue to the second red circle.And it remains only to connect both circles - the basics together.
satin ribbon hair ties

satin ribbon hair ties

And on this our decoration is ready. Good luck to all.

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