Hotel Les Pyramides 3 *, Tunis, Hammamet: reviews

Among the popular countries that have chosen our fellow countrymen as seaside resorts, is Tunisia. The exotic region attracts tourists from all over Europe. About the famous Hammamet heard, probably, all lovers of the beach and the sea. But this is not the only resort in the country, worthy of the attention of tourists. In our article we want to tell about the hotel Les Pyramides 3 *.

A little bit about the resort ...

Les Pyramides 3 * is located in the town of Nabeul, just ten kilometers from Hammamet. Many resorts of Tunisia are popular among our fellow citizens. But not all tourists are ready to go on vacation in a noisy Hammamet. In the immediate vicinity of it you can find wonderful places for holidays, among them is the town of Nabel, which the locals call the capital of potters. If you are looking for a calm and measured rest, then you definitely here. Here, the inhabitants, like many centuries ago, lead a quiet and peaceful existence. Life flows from season to season. Not so many hotels have been built on the territory of the town, and therefore there is no hustle and bustle here, which are typical of large resorts.And at the same time, Hammamet is very close, so you can always go to him by bus.

les pyramides 3 tunisia reviews

Nabel hotels offer a more budget vacation compared to other famous resorts. Local hotel complexes offer a measured rest, warm sea and good food. There are practically no sights in the town, and there are no entertainment either. They will have to go to Hammamet. And yet a small cozy town is popular with a certain category of tourists.

Getting to Nabeul is easy. The town is approximately the same distance from the airports in Enfida and Tunisia. Which one you will arrive at depends on the chosen airline. Shuttle buses, trains and buses run from each city to Nabeul.

About the hotel ...

Les Pyramides 3 * is located 800 meters from the center of Nabeul. It has a long history and has been taking tourists for many years. The hotel was built in 1972, the last major renovation was carried out in 2014. Tourists note that the hotel complex is focused on holidays with children. Its total area is 50 thousand square meters.

Les Pyramides 3 * is one of those hotels, about which tourists leave very controversial reviews.Some believe that the institution does not correspond to the declared level of three stars, while others, on the contrary, are very pleased. But let's talk in more detail about all the disadvantages and merits of the hotel.


Les Pyramides 3 * (Tunisia) is one of the cheapest hotels in its category. Many tourists choose it because of more than attractive prices. For example, a tour for seven nights for two costs about 76 thousand rubles, and for 14 nights - about 86 thousand. We brought the minimum cost, during different periods the prices for accommodation may differ. Such an acceptable cost of tours is explained quite simply. Firstly, the hotel is away from discos and the center of nightlife, and secondly, it has only three stars on the signboard. One of the main advantages of an institution is silence. Here you can sleep with children and not be nervous because of the loud music that comes from the street. Of course, it is good to live close to interesting places, but sometimes it creates a lot of inconvenience, especially if you are relaxing with the kids.

les pyramides 3 nabeul reviews

Les Pyramides 3 * (Tunisia) is built on the coast, on the first line. Next to the hotel begins a pedestrian promenade, along which all the tourists walk in the evenings.The center of the village is very close, unhurried pace can be reached in just twenty minutes. On certain days in the city there is a bazaar, which all the guests are trying to get into, because such places are filled with real oriental flavor. In addition, many products can be profitably purchased on the market.

Number of rooms

Hotel Les Pyramides 3 * (Tunisia) offers its guests a fairly large number of apartments. In total, there are about 375 of them. But at the same time, they all have a standard category, which is quite understandable, since in the economy class schools there are no luxury apartments. It makes no sense. At the same time, the elegant rooms have all the amenities and are equipped with heating, a minibar, a safe, a work desk and a TV. Only part of the apartments overlooks the sea.

les pyramides 3 Tunisia

The entire hotel complex consists of the main building and a variety of bungalows scattered throughout the territory. When booking a room, pay attention to exactly where you want to live: in a high-rise building or cottages.

In the hotel, bed linen is changed once a week, and towels are changed daily. Cleaning is also done every day.


Les Pyramides 3 * (Nabeul) offers its guests a wide selection of food options. You can stay on the concept of "all inclusive", or pay half board, or breakfast. In general, the choice depends on your preferences. According to reviews of tourists, we can say that most of our compatriots still prefer “all inclusive”, especially if people go on holidays with children. This food option can be called optimal. The dining area of ​​the hotel’s main restaurant is divided into two parts: a lounge with tables and a buffet. Facility's menu even has vegetarian dishes.

les pyramides 3 nabeul

The hotel has two bars that offer a variety of drinks.

Facility infrastructure

According to reviews, Les Pyramides 3 * has a well-developed infrastructure. On the territory there are all the main objects that are present in such places. Guests have access to an outdoor pool, equipped with a separate children's area. Near the reservoir is a recreation area with awnings and sun loungers.

At the hotel, you can rent a bike, enjoy a massage, relax in the hammam or sauna, or take a course in the spa. The territory has a laundry, beauty salon, dry cleaning, night club,gym.

For guests are available such entertainment: billiards, rental cars and bicycles, water sports, tennis and more. Most of the additional services provided by the hotel for a fee.

For children during the high season there is a mini-club with animators. Entertainment programs for adults are also available. Activities work unobtrusively, but still lure guests to aqua aerobics classes and other entertainment. Off season animation programs are missing.

Beach holiday

Hotel Les Pyramides 3 * is located on the first line and has its own beach. The coast near the hotel has a sandy surface, apparently, the sand was brought here artificially, since the entry into the sea, though gentle, but in some places is rocky. But at the same time near the coast is shallow, and therefore it is convenient to swim with children. The distance to the coast from the main building is quite small. A little further will have to walk in the event that you live in a bungalow, which are scattered throughout.

les pyramides 3 reviews

The coast is equipped with awnings and sun beds, the number of which is not always enough for all guests.

Reviews of the number fund

Continuing the conversation about the hotel, let's turn to the reviews.Les Pyramides 3 * (Tunisia) is of interest for those tourists who are not looking for fashionable establishments, but prefer to rest in more budget places. After all, not all people need a wide range of services and rooms of increased comfort. If you consider yourself to be an economical tourist, then Les Pyramides 3 * (Tunisia, Hammamet) can be considered as one of the possible options.

The hotel is represented by ordinary standards with the only difference being that you can book apartments in two-story bungalows or the main building. In principle, there are no significant differences in the configuration of the rooms. Many tourists note a very poor quality of cleaning. In the presence of a tip, towels are changed daily and provided with toilet paper. As for wet cleaning, its quality is significantly lame. According to tourists, the apartments in the main building are a bit newer and cleaner. But the bungalows need a serious update. In the cottages vacationers are faced with insects. There are no tea sets and refrigerators in the rooms. On TV you can watch only one Russian channel. Wireless Internet is weak throughout the territory, it is practically absent in the rooms.The best signal is only in the reception area.

hotel les pyramides 3

In principle, hotel rooms are quite acceptable for budget travelers. If you are accustomed to good conditions, then you will most likely not like Le Pyramid.

Nutrition Reviews

The controversial reviews of Les Pyramides 3 * (Nabeul) do not touch the food at all. According to many tourists, good food is one of the advantages of this establishment. For a hotel, three-star meals are organized quite well. The main restaurant offers visitors a buffet. The menu is always present pastries, salads, a good selection of fish, there is meat and salads. In the mornings, pancakes and pancakes are most often offered. Experienced tourists recommend to choose the concept of "all inclusive", because it allows you to take any drinks in unlimited quantities. And it's not about cocktails and alcohol. The fact is that in Tunisia it is always very hot, especially for our compatriots who are not used to such high temperatures. And because you always want to drink. Buying water in the shops is quite expensive, so it is better to take advantage of the "all inclusive". Alcohol lovers also remain satisfied with its quality.

But in the barrel of honey still have to add a spoonful of tar. According to reviews of tourists who have rested at this hotel more than once, it can be judged that in recent years, the administration of the establishment has been actively selling vouchers to residents of Algeria. Some races are literally overflowing with Algerians, the neighborhood with which does not always please the rest of the tourists, because at such moments there are always lines at the main restaurant. The waiters and with less filling the hotel does not always cope with the work.

Hotel les pyramides 3 Tunisia

Previously, guests did not notice this trend. The rest of the food in the hotel is quite decent. However, this does not mean that you expect luxurious dishes. The food is consistent with the level of the hotel. Especially tourists praise the grill dishes.

Overall impression

According to vacationers, “Le Pyramid” is an institution that has its pros and cons. The hotel staff is notable for goodwill. But the quality of service leaves much to be desired. A lot of complaints arise regarding the cleaning of rooms and the work of waiters. Also not distinguished by the cleanliness and territory of the hotel. It is very beautiful, but sometimes there is a lot of garbage around: either a lot of holidaymakers, or few staff.

But the coast deserves all praise. The sea is always very warm and beautiful.Unfortunately, there are very few sun beds on the coast, they are clearly not enough for so many tourists, although the territory itself is very spacious. A gentle entry into the sea is very convenient. The only negative is that there are sharp stones in the water, children are often injured by them. On the shore a lot of water entertainment, in which you can participate.

Instead of an afterword

Summing up the conversation, based on guest reviews, we can conclude that Le Pyramid is a hotel for those tourists who understand certain disadvantages. If you want to enjoy the rest in full, and living conditions and service are also important for you, then you should look at other places.

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