How do authors of love novels live?

How do authors of love novels live?

Reading out another novel about love, we imagine that behind these frank lines lies a languid writer - the prototype of the main character.

Want to find out who actually created the cult novels about seething passion and fatal love?

Cecilia Ahern

36 years old, Ireland

Novels: “P.S. I love you "," With love, Rosie "," Gift "

How do authors of love novels live?

The personal life of the writer is no less romantic than the plots of her books. As the daughter of a prominent politician, former Prime Minister of Ireland Bertie Ahern, the girl took the choice of candidates for husbands seriously. Becoming elected Cecilia lucky British actor David Keogan. In 2010, two great joyful events happened in the life of an actor and a writer: they had a daughter, and after six months the couple got married.

Stephanie meyer

43 years, USA

Novels: the series “Twilight”, “Guest”

How do authors of love novels live?

Stephanie Meyer met her future husband Christian as a teenager. Mayer is a mother of many children (she and her husband have three children), a parishioner of the Mormon church and a housewife — somehow had a dream about a girl and a vampire.Inspired by this story and the songs of the Muse group, Meyer spent several hours a day in the cozy cafes, where she developed a little story to a full-fledged book. Although novels about vampires existed before Stephanie Meyer, Twilight remains the most popular ghoul saga.

A. L. James

54 years old, USA

Trilogy "Fifty shades of gray"

How do authors of love novels live?

Erica James has been married to screenwriter Niall Leonard for many years. The couple have two sons. In an interview with E. L., James often says that it is the husband who is her ideal man. But, despite the happy marriage, before the birth of “Shades”, Erica's life was monotonous and even boring. She spent all her free time from work and household affairs reading romance novels, in particular, the same Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The future writer was experiencing a mid-life crisis, she wanted new sensations, and James found an outlet in writing first fan fiction on Twilight, and then full-fledged novels. Before publishing Fifty Shades of Gray, E.L. James turned to Stephenie Meyer for approval. She did not find any similarities between the heroes of James and her own and gave the go-ahead to the release of the book.

E.L.James is different from other housewives writers with a domineering character. During the filming of the film version of the first part of the trilogy, E. L. James was in conflict with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. After Sam said in an interview that from such a book it was very difficult to make a worthwhile movie, but their team tried their best. The director refused to work on the second part, explaining that by “excessively active participation” in the shooting of the writer. It is worth noting that the place of the screenwriter of two films on the book of James was given exactly to her husband - Niall Leonard.

Danielle steele

70 years old, USA

Novels: “From now and forever”, “Come back, love!”, “Forbidden love”, “At the behest of my heart”, “Forgive me for love” and so on and so forth

How do authors of love novels live?

Despite the fact that the famous novelist Danielle Steele is 70 years old, she can boast a stormy personal life. The fate of the writer resembles a whirlpool of events no worse than the content of her own books. As soon as Steele turned 18, she married a fellow student, banker Claude Lazard. The marriage lasted for nine years, and after the divorce, Steele released the first novel “The House”, in which the writer and her ex-husband hid under the masks of the main characters: “How it all became difficultthese days! Everyone has their own ideas about how to build relationships and in general how to live. Every problem. It's complicated. Relations between people are governed by some kind of insane conditions that sometimes work, then do not work, and perhaps never will ever be able to work. ”

The second time Danielle married Dani Zughelder, the marriage with which was short. The novels “The Promise of Passion” and “Remembrance” about the love of the protagonist to the addict reflect the relationship of the writer and her third husband William Tot: “She spoke out loud and smiled through tears, wiping her face with the edge of her nightdress. It seemed to her that Lucas was smiling at her too. Wherever she is, he will be everywhere with her, warming her. And she will smile at him. He will always be with her. ”

How do authors of love novels live?

Difficulties in personal life never frightened Daniella. In 1981, she marries again. Daniella Steele and John Train gave birth to five children and adopted each other’s children from previous marriages. In 1993, the public learned that John Train was not the real father of his son Steele - Nick. Once in the center of the scandal, the teenager committed suicide. The couple could not overcome this tragedy and decided to leave.

How do authors of love novels live?

For the fifth time, the writer married the financier Tom Perkins, but this marriage was short-lived. After another divorce, Daniella Steele released the novel “The Clone and Me”, which she dedicated to Tom. Now the writer lives alone and devotes herself to children and creativity.

Cassandra clare

44 years old, USA

Novels: the series "The Instruments of Death" and "Hellish Mechanisms"

How do authors of love novels live?

Cassandra Clare is a creative pseudonym for Judith Rumel. Unlike E.L. James and Stephenie Meyer, Claire is a professional journalist who worked for The Hollywood Reporter. She was inspired by Manhattan to write "The Guns of Death". There is a certain similarity between the writer and the main character of her novels: the girl's name is Clary, she also has red hair. The writer participated in the casting for the main male role and personally approved the handsome Jamie Campbell Bauer. Fans are convinced that in the novels Claire has created her own utopia: the perfect self and the image of the beloved of her dreams. Now Cassandra Claire lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats.

Elizabeth McNeil

1940—2011, Austria-USA

Novels: "9 ½ weeks"

How do authors of love novels live?

The author of the cult novel Ingeborg Day (real name) was born in Austria into the family of an SS officer.In 1957, Day went to a student exchange program in America, where she met her future husband, the priest Dennis Day, from whom she had two children. After the death of her younger son, Ingeborg fled with the artist Tom Shannon to New York. Like the heroine of the novel, Ingeborg worked as an editor for the magazine and played a dizzying novel for exactly 9 ½ weeks. After parting with the artist, she wrote an autobiographical book under the pseudonym Elizabeth MacNeil. Two years later, Ingeborg released another autobiographical book, but on a completely different subject - the writer reflected on the theme of her Nazi father.

In 1991, the writer played a wedding with a man who was 14 years older than her. Ingeborg died in 2011 - Day committed suicide at the age of 70. After 4 days, her husband, who did not survive the loss, passed away.

Charlene Harris

65 years old, USA

Novels: Vampire Secrets series

How do authors of love novels live?

Charlene Harris is the author of the Vampire Secrets series of novels based on the series True Blood. Charlene was married twice. The writer married her second husband, Hal Schulz, after the second date. The couple have two children.Charlene Harris can be attributed to the number of women who lack the thrill, because all her novels are imbued with gothic motifs. In addition, the writer is not shy in expressions, describing the tense situation in the novels.

How do authors of love novels live?

She wrote about 45 books about vampires, corpses and killers, the main themes of which are passion and despair: “You have all your lips in blood! - With these words, he wrapped his arms around my face with both hands and kissed me. If a master of your business kisses you, it's hard not to answer.

Ann and Serge Golon

Couple, France

Novels: a series of Angelica

How do authors of love novels live?

Under this pseudonym, the spouses Simona Shanzhe and Vsevolod Golubinov wrote one of the most popular love sagas - novels about the 17th century adventurer Angelica. The prototype of Geoffrey de Peyrak was exactly Vsevolod, Simone's husband. The success of the first book was amazing: 320 publishing houses, 63 countries, more than 150 million copies sold! After the triumph, the spouses had no doubts whether to continue the series or not (altogether 13 books were published). In 1964, the book was screened. The image of Angelica, which was created by Michel Mercier, made the novel even more spectacular, because after the release of the picture, Angelica could only be imagined as Mercier.

In the late 70s, Simona lost the copyright to the book, only Serge Golon became the author of Angelica (at that time he was already dead - Golubinov died in 1972 from a stroke). The writer sued the publishers who printed books without her name. The main argument was that it was Simone who wrote the novels, and her husband collected historical material.

Writer Simone Change, known as Ann Golon, passed away this summer, she was 96 years old.

Jojo Moyes

48 years old, United Kingdom

Novels: “See you”

How do authors of love novels live?

Joe has always been a workaholic. Excellent study at school, a grant from the publishing house The Independent to study at the university, work in publishing and an irrepressible desire to become a writer. Her novels not only found recognition, but were marked by serious literary awards. And after the release of the film “See you” with Sam Klaflin and Emilia Clark, Jojo Moyes’s novels began to be snapped up from the book stalls, like hot cakes. What is the secret of Moyes? The writer herself says: “Today there is very strong competition in the book market. It is not enough just to write a book. It’s important that each book is the best. ” Here is a careerist attitude to writing love stories.

Belle de jour

41 years old, United Kingdom

Novels: “Diary of a call girl”

How do authors of love novels live?

The real name of the writer, who was hiding behind the pseudonym Catherine Deneuve from the 1967 film - Brooke Manyanti. Attempts to disclose this name turned out to be a real sensation not only for the English society. Excerpts of the novel, which was originally published by a certain Belle de Jour in his online blog, told how the main character works as a prostitute and leads a double life. The most interesting thing is that the plot of the novel was based on the personal experience of Brooke Manyanti. Not being able to pay for her studies, she worked as a call girl. Later, when the situation improved, she continued to do it for her own pleasure. Now Brooke works as a neurotoxicologist and studies the epidemiology of cancer in children, lives in Scotland, is married, but the writer prefers to keep her husband's name secret.

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