How do I continue to live?

In the life of everyone happens a black stripe. Home problems, at work and in school too. It so happens that everything is piling up at once. Hands down, but in my head the only thought: what to do, how to live on? Read this article, maybe in it you will find the answer.

How to deal with problems

  • First of all, it is necessary to remember the well-known rule for everyone - we must look for positive aspects in everything. Try to look for positive moments after every trouble. If you can’t see the pluses right away, over time it will become clear that they did exist.
  • Next, you need to allocate time. Think about all your unsolved problems and make a list of them. If necessary, divide it into stages. Cases are deleted from the list as they are completed. Thus, it will be possible to track your progress, and it will be noticeable that problems are solved.
  • All these problems and experiences can lead to insomnia. You are trying to fall asleep, and thoughts of failures and problems interfere with falling asleep and depress. The result is fatigue and irritability.The recipe for a good sleep - you need to ventilate the bedroom, lay a warm blanket and provide complete silence. It is advisable to make a promenade on fresh air before bedtime. If all else fails, you can take a light sleeping pill.
  • Problems need to be solved as they come. The main thing - in no case give up. If you give vent to fate and give up, then everything can quite likely end up the way you came up with in your most unpleasant fantasies. But this is unlikely to please you. Therefore, to gather and tune in to win is necessary. Perseverance will surely bring success.
  • Try to perceive what is happening with humor. You need to learn to laugh at your problems and at yourself in these problems. Laughter will help to save nerves and easier to transfer difficulties.
  • Remember all the time: sooner or later everything ends. It will pass and it will become easier.

Algorithm for solving psychological problems

  • Need to take. Accept and stop reject. For many in trouble, the reaction is the same - unwillingness to accept, rejection of the obvious. But it is with the acceptance of difficulties that their overcoming begins. Psychologists offer one effective way - you need to write down what happened. Phrases should not be vague, but clear and definite, unambiguous.
  • Must be.We need to live on. To exist in the present tense, in the moment that is happening now. At the moment of unhappiness, it is not easy to realize this because of abstraction from the world, stress and concentration on one's own feelings, obsessive thoughts and negative perception. This state is nourished by your emotions, such as jealousy, fear, anger, guilt. You need to feel life. Feel what is happening at the moment.
  • Need to act. Stop talking: I do not know how to live. It is necessary to realize and understand yourself that the time has come to take action. Set the goals to which you aspire, what you want to achieve and go to them, moving farther and farther from the unpleasant situation.
  • Forgive. Negative emotions generated by resentment, defeat, prevent to perceive the world around us objectively and move on. Instead of bitterness and hatred, try to tune in to openness and friendliness.
  • Change your life, integrate, fill an empty space with something new. Now, the main thing is to believe that this is the way to victory over troubles, misfortunes and problems.

If you have problems and tormented by the question: how do I continue to live? - then after reading this article, you should become easier, you will be able to outline a plan for getting out of trouble.And remember that there are no hopeless situations and you should never despair. Life, in any case, is incredibly beautiful!

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