How do mermaids give birth and is it possible?

In various tales of different countries of the world, mermaids are described as girls living in water. Somewhere it is told that they have a tail instead of legs, and somewhere - that they look like an ordinary person. In some narrations it is said that these are terrible vile creatures, absolutely not similar to people, only the image resembles human features.

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Mermaids from Russian folklore

In Russian fairy tales and stories, for example, in Gogol, mermaids are described as the souls of drowned girls. They are beautiful, they have shiny transparent skin, gorgeous hair. How do mermaids give birth to children, if they are ghosts that do not have a skin shell?

In all the Russian legends, you can read that mermaids replenish their ranks, luring into the water beauties, who on the night of Ivan Kupala let wreaths of flowers along the river. Drowned women begin to tell them how well they live under water, there are neither sorrows nor sorrows. After the girl agrees to their persuasion, the mermaids dissolve her hair, comb and lead her to the bottom.That is why in Russia girls were strictly punished not to walk on the river at night alone, fearing that the souls of the dead would take someone with them.

Also in Russian folklore there is a belief that after the feast of the Holy Trinity comes the week of mermaids. These days and nights drowned women play in the fields, they dance. And if a man catches their eyes, they grab him, start tickling and torturing him, and then drag him into the water behind him so that he can serve them later. In these fairy tales, the question of how mermaids give birth is not even posed, because these are no longer living girls, but insidious ghosts that cannot reproduce.

how mermaids give birth to children

Disney's Mermaids from the cartoon

All girls like the famous cartoon about the beautiful Ariel - a mermaid who fell in love with a man. The sorceress, who lives in the kingdom of Triton - Ariel's father, gave her a potion that could turn the tail into legs, and in return took her voice. In this cartoon, mermaids have children - little mermaids. How do mermaids give birth if they have no legs? Perhaps they multiply like fish laying eggs, after which they take care of it and wait for the baby to emerge from the egg?

Tales of experienced sailors

Many sailors, leaving for a long time at sea, love to talk about how they managed to see a real mermaid.Some say that it was a girl indescribable words of beauty, who sang sweetly, sitting on a rock, or even climbed the ship. Others argue with them that the girl was not beautiful, and indeed she was not a girl at all, but a terrible monster who drew something. As mermaids give birth - stories about this, too, can be learned from the navigators. There were cases when they found a sailor missing from a ship or a fisherman who did not return from the fishery. They told that they were led away by a mermaid. According to them, it was possible to understand that in this way evil spawns, because no one has ever seen a male mermaid.

how mermaids give birth

How mermaids give birth - children know

If you ask a child how new mermaids are born, most of them will answer that they are created from sea foam. According to the versions of other kids, pearls that grow in shells turn into mermaids. There is another option: when a mermaid eats starfish and jellyfish, then the baby begins to grow in its tail. When it comes time for childbirth, the mermaid simply dumps its tail, from which the baby emerges, and in a few days a new and more beautiful tail grows for the mother.On the question of how mermaids give birth, children always have interesting answers. After all, they do not even think about the fact that a mermaid is a ghost or a dead woman who cannot have children. Also, it does not seem strange to children that a mermaid can give birth without having legs. And in general, the child will answer the strangest question that an adult cannot answer. Just children believe in miracles and the impossible.

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How do mermaids give birth and is it possible 80

How do mermaids give birth and is it possible 81

How do mermaids give birth and is it possible 63

How do mermaids give birth and is it possible 83

How do mermaids give birth and is it possible 85

How do mermaids give birth and is it possible 51

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